Working Out the Problem of Defeating Evil

Working out the problem of defeating evil goes much deeper than ignoring it!  In this post I have traded the traditional roles of text and video, and given the preponderance of content to the video.  In it,  I outline the need to address evil not only as a false belief, but to address the false belief responsible for its own entertainment – namely, animal magnetism.


Here is the approximate text of the video presentation:

The Allness and Onlyness of God

In Christian Science we learn of the infinite Allness and Onlyness of God.  All presence.  Filling the entire universe.  Without an opposite.  Imagine the entire universe, extending to infinity.  No edges.  All filled with God.  That’s God’s spiritual reality.   That’s the consciousness that students of Christian Science are seeking to gradually realize.

Where could evil be in that infinite reality filled with God?  Evil could not even be valid in this infinite universe!  Sound wonderful doesn’t it?  It is!  That’s the kingdom of heaven!  But it sounds like a pie in the sky concept to human beings.  But Christian Science teaches us that, this kingdom of heaven perception of God’s reality and presence is available to us, here and now, if we only would learn how to consistently feel it!

Human Life Disagrees!

Our human life is sure that this is wrong!  Why, we are surrounded by evil and things out of whack every single day!  So, how can Christian Science make this humanly outrageous claim:  that evil is not valid?!!

Christian Science stands behind that claim with its 140 year record of Christ based healing.  It’s a spiritual system that finally gets to the bottom of Christ Jesus’ healing work.  It treats Jesus healing wonders as logically explainable and repeatable.  And it repeats those wonders in the name of the Christ teachings!  The evidence of healing that consistently takes place in human experiences as a result of Christian Science thinking, is commonly questioned and doubted by those just learning about Christian Science.  But when we allow ourselves to begin to think outside the traditional mental box, it becomes possible for many many humanly questionable things to become tangible experience.  Christian Scientist or not, progressive and positive thinkers from various cultural walks through the ages have repeatedly shown the untapped power of man’s mental potential.

How can evil’s presence be explained in our human life?

Well if we are going to make this claim that evil is invalid and not even real, how do we explain its appearance then?  What is it that makes that allegedly false claim of evil into such a tangible reality in our human lives?  Well it’s a factor of human thought that’s only been scientifically dealt with in recent history.  In the past it has been called animal magnetism, and in more recent times it has become known as mesmerism, or hypnotism.  It’s the seeming power of false belief, of absolute conviction in mentally suggested conditions.  It’s only the belief in the suggestion of something that makes that something into a virtual but untrue reality to the person under its influence.  The study of CS reveals that our everyday human experience overflows with experiences rooted in mesmeric suggestion.  And in order to find the mental kingdom of heaven, it is these evil mesmeric suggestions that must be cast out of our thought.

This is a starting idea to some! But once we prove it for ourselves, we begin to find that all is really well!  God IS in control!

Then why can’t we just ignore it if it is unreal?

But it’s also often asked….If evil doesn’t even exist and there is only one Mind, and that is God/s perfect Mind, then why should we give evil a second thought?  Why not just dismiss it?  Let it go?  Doesn’t our treating at something just falsely confirm that there is an evil attacking us?  Where does this thing that Christian Science calls animal magnetism come from, if there is really only one Mind?

Well, the problem is that when evil comes to our experience, it’s only because we have already allowed ourselves to be mesmerized by it.  It’s this mesmeric belief that we have to defeat, and not the makeup of the evil itself.  The hypnotic belief is also evil, and is just as much nothing as the evil.  So we have to think in a fashion that exercises our natural authority over it.

An analogy in mathematics

That is not too clear without an example, so we are going to go through an example using everybody’s favorite subject from school …. Mathematics!   And remember before we get into this example , that we’re going to realize that God must operate in a consistent and principled fashion… fixed and universal and consistent in operation as is the law of gravity.  No hand of God reaching down from the sky to fix things on earth…just the eternal operation of the Principle of Love.

Picture yourself solving a complex mathematical equation.  You understand how mathematics is supposed to work, but for some reason, every time you try to solve this problem, you keep arriving at the wrong answer.  How will you find the correct solution?

You will find the correct solution by poring over the principled steps you took in solving it, until you finally find the error in principle that was falsely understood and applied.  Only then will you both find the correct solution, and understand how it was found, by changing your understanding.  And when you solve the problem by applying principle, it becomes solved in your consciousness.

In the mental realm of mathematics, the problem was always solved.  Your job in the human realm was to see the solution in your human consciousness.  When you did so, you then clearly understood the nothingness of that error.  You saw clearly then that you were coming to a false conclusion because you were overlooking some misunderstood principle.  The error then became nothing to your consciousness, and you understood why.  But until you found the fault in your reasoning, the error continued to be presented to you as something.  And it was appearing to you in your human consciousness as a something.  So, you know that error is nothing.  That is a plain obvious fact.

But, what if you were to adopt the attitude that:  Since you know that the problem really is already solved in the consciousness of perfect mathematics, and that the error is not real, you can simply overlook it,  and that you should never need to give it a thought?  Will that point of view find the solution to this mathematical problem?  No, it never will!  The problem will remain unsolved to your human sense of consciousness, while it will at the same time remain forever solved in the realm of mathematics.  The attitude that you can leave the error alone will simply leave you with the (very true) assurance that you know that the solution exists because you trust mathematics. But it will never bring you the solution!

This is what Mrs. Eddy meant when she said (page 3 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures):

“Who would stand before a blackboard and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem?”

 Applying this thought to human problems

Then we must ask ourselves “Who would stand in awe of a claim of sickness, discord, sin, etc., and pray that God solve the problem? ”  God has solved the problem!  Our job is to see and understand the solution, which already exists in divine consciousness, in our own consciousness.   Our job is to correlate the human with the divine.

But, to see and understand error as nothingand then to fail to work out the problem through denial and application of knowing God’s principle, is akin to standing before the blackboard and asking mathematics to solve the equation.  It is the purification of consciousness we are dealing with in Christian Science.  The solutions are all worked out for us.  We have to do the hard work of seeing them in consciousness.




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6 comments on “Working Out the Problem of Defeating Evil

  1. I think I never read something so clear.
    Anyway I still have a question : To see the solution in our conciousness as you said in the end means just an understanding that we can get by reading, knowing, meditating, thinking, over and over again the subject ? Or how ?

    • Thank you for the response and for the opportunity to expand on this subject further. How are we supposed to find the solution in our own consciousness?

      Preliminary (not necessarily essential but helpful) Observations

      Before directly addressing that question, let us make some related preliminary observations. The common human point of view generally defines physical operations, the manipulation of things materially tangible, as constituting the accomplishment of what we call human tasks. And that point of view should not seem surprising in consideration that human life is generally believed to be operating in a purely physical realm. It is also generally believed by the majority that consciousness is secondary to, and even is caused, by physicality.

      From the standpoint of divine Science, this assumption is completely inverted. In divine Science, physicality is seen to be an element of human perception. It is not the actual building block of being. In its highest sense, life is mental, spiritual, not physical. Physicality is merely a mental shell, the vehicle that brings ideas to us and makes them tangible to human perception. Until we begin to ponder life below the surface of physical presentation, humans are more likely to generally consider physicality, rather than thought, to be the basis of their reality. And until the advent of Christian Science practice, this had been the general medical approach to healing – the manipulation of matter falsely believed to be governed by its own laws. Christian Science asks that we look deeper into realism, into the thoughts and ideas which are the foundation of the things we experience as physical.

      Why this preliminary comment? The solving of an equation is seen by human beings to be work. But like other forms of intellectual work, it is mental work and does not include the manipulation of matter, thought its results bring about tangible changes in human experience. For instance, all of the mental work that goes into the engineering of a great engineering design is the very foundation of the thing itself.

      Consider an automobile for example. The real substance of the automobile is in the engineering thought that comprises its design. Had that thought never been exercised, and had not thought been continually expanding and improving upon itself in man for the past 100 years, we would see no automobiles made manifest in our lives. We would still be driving horse drawn buggies.

      In the same vein is spiritual healing mental work, as it does not include the manipulation of matter. But its accomplishment brings about tangible improvements in human experience. The tangible results of solving problems of human being are made manifest in improved and apparently healthier lives.
      Even if that point is not yet clear in the reader’s mind, it is not a prerequisite to understanding a direct answer to the question. It is only provided as a springboard to aid in diving into a simple answer.

      The response to the question

      So, to address the question, let’s first return to the consideration of how you solve an intimidating factoring problem in algebra, because that is exactly how you are going to solve the issues of your human life. Logically, step by step.

      Let’s assume that you have studied all of the properties involved in the science of algebra. In order to solve a factoring problem, you have to know how to flawlessly apply the identity principle, the distributive principle, and the associative principle to various statements in the equation. If you make the step of adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing any number or expression in the equation, you must take mental care that the operation is properly applied to both sides of the equation, in order to maintain true equality.

      Just knowing how these properties work, and understanding the science behind their principles is of no help to you unless you can apply them to your problem, knowing how and when to apply each one. You can study the properties over and over, but unless you are accomplished at using them to solve problems, you will not be able to solve problems. This you learn by practice, by solving the homework problems over and over again, beginning with the simpler ones and progressing to the more intimidating ones gradually, until it becomes clear in your mind which principle to apply to certain kinds of presentations of numbers and variables.

      This is mental work. Its result is your better understanding of how mathematics operates. In the case of engineering designs, it becomes manifest as improved products. Nothing physical was involved in deriving the ideas behind the improved products, except possibly the pushing of your pencil. But the work was completely mental. We focus, we concentrate, we apply principle, and the solution comes to our consciousness as a result of understanding how to apply mathematical principle to mathematical problems.

      This is exactly how we learn to solve problems of life through prayer. Prayer is the operation of divine thought. Every principle of God reviewed in your thought is God in operation. We pray, we focus, and we apply what we know to be logical principle to a human issue. We start from the beginning with the simplest facts of which we are assured. We begin to approach a life problem by considering principle of God that relates to the issue at hand. Then we apply it mentally, and we review and check it until we are convinced we have not made an error in assumption. This step mimics taking a deliberate step in solving an equation. When we are convinced that our new statement of the problem is correct, and no doubts of its correctness linger, we move on to the next step, and we apply the next logical principle that fits the needs of the problem.

      In the mathematical problem, we reach a final and checkable solution. We are assured of its correctness by substituting the answer back into the original equation and verifying its equality. In human life, the final solution is made manifest by the witnessing of the coincidence of the human situation with harmony. Healing is the balancing of the equation that states the equality of our being with God. As long as there is an inequality, appearing as some discordant situation, there is still work to be done in reaching the mental solution. To be sure we have finished, we mentally verify our own equality with God. Then we are assured that the work is done.

      I hope this has been a satisfactory answer. Please don’t hesitate to continue the discussion! Thank you again.

      • Wonderfull !!!
        Very clear. I studied this post in correlate with “Stilling the storms of error” which is also very practical
        Would you give an example ? Perhaps a desease or a discordant situation as run out of work, money, etc.?
        Thenk you very much. Your teachings have brought to me a lot of understanding. I found real peace and confidence.

  2. I would be happy to recount a bodily experience as example. In the recounting of the experience, the thought process focuses on the application of principle and its ensuing results. In Christian Science healing, our task is to reconcile the human presentation with the divine reality. The human situation presents a broken or sick body, while we know that in the divine reality, body is eternally whole and unbroken. One might liken this comparison to an equation. On the left side of the equation, we might say that the appearance of a broken or sick body is operated on by a corrective mental principle, and the result of that mental operation is the perception of perfect body, seen on the right side of the equation.

    Keep in mind that this example is only a means to explain a logical thought process, and is by no means intended to be a representation of how healing should consistently come to anyone. Mind is infinite in its manifestations. Different sorts of mental realizations appear to various individuals. But, this underlying logic is beautiful, repeatable, and always present regardless of the situation, regardless of whether it was necessary for the individual analyze in this much detail in order to recognize the healing. It should be noted that, the more accomplished is a mathematician, the more instantly does he perceive the solution to a problem without the need to repeat his toil. Solving the problems of human life works the same way. The more accomplished is one as a metaphysician, the more clearly does one immediately recognize the mental path to a solution. The application of divine logic is the work of divine Mind. To illustrate this logic, let’s consider a simple algebraic statement:

    Let us use a simple randomly chosen equation.

    In algebra, our task is to find the value of x. When we apply the correct value of x to the number three, using the principle of multiplication, we see that its only possible and true value is 6. All the while we are searching for the value of x, we hold the product of the number 6 clearly in mind. We are assured that we have the right value for it when we apply it to the number three and see clearly that we get 6. Let’s translate that thought process to life.
    In the life problem, our task is to find the corrective view which will show us our equality with the perfect model of man. The falsely appearing sick or injured body might be represented by the number 3. That is what human sense sees, and it calls it injured or sick body. We will use the number 6 to represent the perfect man. Just like we kept holding on to the number 6 as the value to check our solution with in our quest to solve the algebraic problem, we must hold on to the perfect spiritual man as the value to check our solution with in the life problem. If one would try to separate 3 from its multiplier, x, it obviously manifests less than its full value, because 3 does not equal 6.
    The equation stated in human terms is this: What truth and principle should I apply to this picture of a discordant body (in algebra, 3 operated on by x, using the principle of multiplication) in order that I might see the true representation of body (in algebra, the number 6)? The truth we are seeking in algebra in this example is the value of x, the number 2. The truth we seek in a life problem solution will be some solid divine fact, which is as fixed as is the value of the number 2. Of course there are as many issues in human life as there are possible equations! We have to be prepared to solve them all!

    Let’s follow this process through an experience of bodily healing.
    About 10 years back I experienced a motorcycle accident. I had a collision with a deer that darted out of a hidden place. I was travelling at about 60 to 65 mph. The deer struck me squarely in the left chest area and knocked me off of the motorcycle. It did not survive the impact. I was under my own Christian Science treatment from the moment the accident was experienced, and when I arrived home a couple of hours later, I was able to contact a Christian Science practitioner.

    I was badly bruised, and an x-ray taken the following day showed that my left clavicle (collar bone) was broken and split into two clearly separated pieces. On the advice of a friend who was a Christian Science nurse, two days after the accident I went to an orthopedic doctor to consult about temporary physical options for the broken bone. He declared when examining the bodily evidence that he was frankly surprised that the severe blow had not immediately killed me or caused severe internal damage. He provided me with a sling which I was to wear to help to keep my body in a position that would allow the broken halves of the bone to touch.

    Let us recount how such a situation is handled with Christian Science thought. Resolving our human life into the spiritual is much like continuously solving a never ending series of interrelated presentations of inequalities, and finding the truth needed as the problems come into view. The first thing that came to mind in this experience was the thought of accident itself. Had the claim of accident been clearly enough seen, it would have been found completely powerless from the onset.

    A clear understanding of God’s identity principle and a practiced ability to continually apply it prevents the human experience of accident. The algebraic identity principle says that any number multiplied by one is equal to itself. It says essentially that every number retains its distinctive value as long as nothing is put to it or is taken from it. God’s identity principle says that man is the identity of God, and he remains that identity because nothing can be put to it or taken from it. The mathematical nature of spiritual being is reflected in the words of Eccl. 3:14

    “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it:”

    As soon as such an accident comes to human experience, if one is practiced enough at knowing his identity principle with God, there will be no effects. Mrs. Eddy writes on page 397:12

    “When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real.”

    Being still quite human in my sense of self identification, I allowed myself to fall victim to the claim of accident and to the belief of potential effects from it. So I was then faced with the consequences of the false but quite human conviction that I was susceptible to the after-effects of an accident. This was the primary concept which my practitioner focused upon with me: To come to the realization of God’s identity principle as it applies to me. Like a number, my value and existence to God is eternal, and therefore unchangeable. That was the underlying focus of the entire treatment.

    Then together we reviewed each separate mortal claim, and sought the solution of truth to each one, step by step, as well as simultaneously. We began with the concept of collision. In God’s eternal harmonious action, there are no collisions. Collisions only appear in human experience as God’s law of adjustment – an adjustment from a state of belief of discord into the natural appearance of an actual state of harmony. That can be likened to solving the equation again. God’s harmonious action is represented by the action of a motorcycle moving along in a peaceful environment. That is the representation of the true action. The mortal belief in a collision, operated on by the truth of the impossibility of collision in God’s infinite and universal realm, brings to consciousness the realization of the falsity and invalidity of collision.

    The major piece of evidence presented by mortal mind was the evidence of a physically broken bone. That is to be contrasted with the spiritual fact of God’s eternally perfect body (recall the number 6 in our algebraic example). We applied to the physical presentation of broken bone (recall the number three in the algebraic example) , the spiritual principle of “adhesion, cohesion, and attraction” (x in the algebraic example). Nothing which is eternally substantial can come apart or can become internally separated from itself, because it is eternal and perfect. On page 124 Mrs. Eddy writes “Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind. “

    The application of the understanding of this truth continually applied to the model indicating a broken bone, resulted in the appearance of the perfect model. During the entire process, the model of perfect spiritual body was held to as the objective, just as the number 6 is held to as the objective and answer while we are striving to find the value of x on the other side of the equation.

    The healing correspondingly did come. I had been told by the orthopedic doctor to expect to need to wear that sling for a minimum of three months. By the time the end of the second week of Christian Science treatment had passed, I felt the solidity of the bone and was able to remove the sling. I might also add that I never missed a day of work through this whole experience.

    It is my hope that the example was an aid in understanding the concepts I hoped to bring out in the article and the video. Thank you again.

  3. I enjoyed this article immensely, along with the testimony of healing by application of divine law. I recall Mrs. Eddy saying not to answer the door to error but then, it makes perfect sense to treat it so there is no dispute it is unreal. As long as you write, I will read your works. Thank you!

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