What Kinds of Thoughts are we Entertaining?

A post on Facebook from a fellow Christian Scientist:

Once long ago, I was having a physical problem that was amongst other things, painful. I was working with a practitioner and I commented to the practitioner that when I was active and doing things that the problem didn’t seem to bother me so much and I wasn’t aware of pain. In explaination to my comments he basically said, “That’s because when you are busy doing things, you are distracting mortal mind.” I’ve kind of hung on this concept for a long time and frankly, I’m beginning to question the correctness of the metaphysics. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments they would like to share about this…”distracting mortal mind”?

My response to the post:

As I understand Christian Science, this comment about distractions is quite true. This analogy came to mind:

As an analogy, think of human selfhood as being the landlord of the entire human consciousness. That consciousness is comprised of two houses – the suppositional house of mortal mind, and the real and valid house of the divine Mind. The good human landlord knows that that this house of mortal mind is a decrepit, old, and inappropriate place for anyone, and his goal is to have that house eventually razed. Mortal mind is where the low life, refugee squatters go to freeload. There are too often all sorts of enticing and tempting mortal goodies left in there for them by the careless landlord. The landlord finds out by experience that his human existence is healthiest when he removes the mortal goodies and keeps the mortal mind house swept, cleaned, and locked up, free of uninvited guests and squatters.

The poor landlord pays little attention to who comes and goes there in the old falling down structure, and he often takes pity on these freeloaders, even stopping by to entertain them and make them more comfortable, even bringing them mortal snacks. The freeloaders have no other place to go, for they have been permanently excluded from the infinitude of the house of immortal Mind. Little does the poor landlord yet understand that welcoming them in and entertaining them is not at all in his best interest. He thinks he is being nice. Lies and deceit are the only types that hang out in this mortal house, and they find their way in when the door is left unguarded. One freeloader, a big and significant false claim, finds his way in, and the unwary and naive landlord feels sorry for him. He stops by to entertain him. He seems like a nice fellow at first, so he takes the time to make him comfortable. But soon he discovers that this freeloader is a really unwelcome troublemaker. The landlord is paying a lot of attention to this troublemaker, but meanwhile some of his buddies slip in the door. These are the distractions. They seem like much nicer fellows, but unbeknownst to the landlord they are really in cahoots with the trouble making fellow. But since they seem so nice, our landlord turns his attention to them instead. They seem to appreciate his attention more, even if they are freeloaders and cheats.

Meanwhile the trouble making freeloader is still sitting there in mortal mind’s living room, soaking up the hospitality, enjoying his drink, and patiently waiting for his attention from the landlord while the new guests are entertained. All the while, all of these freeloaders are feeling more and more welcome here.

The good landlord knows that the real solution to maintaining the grounds of human consciousness is to eject the freeloaders, bar the doors to this despicable old structure, put up a guard, and spend his time entertaining over in the house of Mind where all of the guests are really welcome, invited, valid and decent. The freeloaders must be denied any more sustenance, shown the way out of consciousness, the old house cleaned up of all its mortal attractions, and the door kept locked and guarded. Thereafter, all thought entertained would be only valid thought, and the the only entertainment taking place would be in the real realm of the house of immortal Mind. I.e., the human mind stop entertaining all of the false uninvited beliefs who have claimed their stake in mortal mind. And once removed, he must then post a guard to ensure that no other false claims are readmitted, including the troublemaker already ejected. Once mortal mind is cleared of all of its freeloaders and the door secured, false beliefs no longer have access to a place to be entertained. The old house must REMAIN empty and guarded. Jesus described well the consequences of leaving that job incomplete in his parable in Luke 11:

24.  When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.

25.  And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

26. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

The first evil spirit was the initial claim. The seven other spirits more wicked than himself might be likened to distractions. Maybe my analogy does not match Jesus’ illustration perfectly, but it is made along the same lines.

I’m not sure if that addresses the point you wished to discuss, but that is what came to me immediately after I read the post.


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