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Today was the the fifth meeting of our new local Bible study and discussion group founded on the scientific practice of Christian healing called Christian Science.  It was quite inspiring!  There was time enough to discuss a variety of topics.  Among the topics discussed was the creation of a repeating format always inspiring to all in attendance.  A top priority of our group is to orient our weekly  meeting  towards meeting the spiritual and healing needs of the new visitor — to bring  the activity of the ever present healing Christ directly to the awareness of every participant.  Such activity is literally the planting of the seeds of healing in human lives.  Certainly many in our community are searching for the healing Christ power, and our job is to live, breathe, and demonstrate that Christ power.  More than a discussion group, this must be an interactive healing event!
Accordingly , we came to the following conclusions:  The time slot of 2 to 4 pm will be continued.  This allows those who visit local church services, be they morning or evening, or both,  to continue to do so.  This group aims to supplement and not to replace the spiritual activities of every attendee without interrupting any established Sunday worship activities.

Commencing next week we are adopting a new format.   Much like the format of a Wednesday Christian Science testimonial meeting, we will open the meeting with a short (10 to 15  minutes maximum) selection of Scriptural readings and correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook.   The responsibility for these opening readings will rotate weekly on a volunteer basis.  Following a short time for prayer, the floor will then be open for questions, discussions, testimonies  of healing and gratitude, and presentations of related materials relative to Christian healing and the study of Christian Science brought to the table by any attendee.

Beyond that, we are open to any and all suggestions.  So, if you come to our meeting your input will be welcomed!  Please do! May God bless your upcoming week.  We look forward to seeing you next Sunday, August 5th  at 2 PM at the OMC Foundation, 401 S. Washington, West Plains, Mo 65775.  Contact the editor/webmaster  (see Contact tab) if you have any questions.


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