Truth, the New Hate Speech

Since my acceptance of a position in the business world, I have had little time for contributions here.  But I had a short day today.

This was inspired by a post in Facebook which was headlined: Truth, The New Hate Speech.  I  just posted something similar to this earlier this morning. Allow me to reiterate. Those who believe that Liberalism and Christianity can coexist and support one another, are living in the world of the deception of evil. If this offends you, it is not at all surprising, because evil’s false identity is based upon a conviction in the deception that it is goodness. Evil is like negative numbers pretending to be positive, throwing you off track so that you will not see the correct solution.

Christianity and Liberalism CANNOT coexist, nor can they or do they ever support each other. They are diametrical opposites. A “liberal Christian” is deceiving both himself and those whom he would help. Unfortunately, from a human perspective, my own church has gone down the path of liberalism, and is therefore losing its mission and therefore its effectiveness.

Christianity versus Liberalism are equal to:

Christ versus the Anti-Christ. God versus Satan. Love versus e hatred. Positive reality versus negative hallucination. Immortal life versus the mortal life span of human beings. Those who believe God’s immortal being to be expressed in the human actions of socialistic government are misled, deceived by the devil himself. This is exactly where Christianity is going off track. Its followers are being deceived into believing they are doing the works of God when they are in fact doing Satan’s bidding, in so many words. Here’s how evil subtly presents itself:
The mortal human mind is deceived constantly by the influence of the false and materialistic belief systems of the world. This fact is the basis for the need for effective prayer and communion. We must enable the human mind to learn to recognize and reject deception. The objective of evil is to be seen and interpreted as goodness. Evil would have no leg to stand on if it could tell the truth about its own deceptive nature. But is CANNOT be anything other than deception, by definition of its own self.
The only chance that evil has for survival is for its deceptive lies to be believed. The un-illumined human mind comes constantly under the influence of this deception, and it mistakes its face value appearance for the image and likeness of perfect God. Consequently, the influence of evil convinces the human mind that what appear to be good intentions are good, when in fact they are evil in disguise. So, the best intentioned people get off track because they never realize when they have been duped.
Consequently, when Truth is spoken, evil objects vehemently, and then justifies itself by falsely insisting that the human identity through which the objection comes is really God’s spiritual man, when in fact it is only the false and mortal reversal of God’s identity , heard and interpreted falsely by the human mind as the real and valid identity of man. Evil ALWAYS lies. The human sense of identity is evil’s favorite place to operate, because there it can work under the guise of a false but believed validity, namely, self identity. Every human being can be made to falsely believe that he is righteous because every human mind unguarded renders itself susceptible to the influence of evil worldly belief. “Unguarded “ is the key word. Truly stand porter at the door of your own thought. Do not be deceived into believing that the feigned goodness in socialism is really goodness. It is really evil’s ultimate deception.
Therefore, NO good can come to fruition through the infringement of ANY God-granted rights. That includes free speech, the right to arms and self protection, the right to individual privacy, the right to care for one’s self as one chooses, and every other right that was defined by the Godly men who framed our Constitution. Do not be deceived into believing that rights can be traded for security. Real security resides with Truth itself.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, do not respond to this post. If you are a self-righteous Christian who insists that I am spewing hatred or nonsense, this post has just exposed you, and your response will be an obvious indication of the status of your very own human mind and what YOU are allowing to direct it.
And lastly, if you think this is too blunt, and unloving, then that’s just tough. Because the truth stands as valid for eternity, and evil will die its own natural death in proportion as it is recognized to be in an impossible opposition with the omnipotent power of the Truth, with what actually IS, namely, our Almighty God.


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  1. Stirling :
    I agree completely with you. I have been believing the same ideas for the last 5 years.
    The great lie is that there is an “other” who may, should or ought to care and manage peoples lives better than themselves.

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