Truth IS the Foundation of Metaphysics, Part 2 of 3

continued from Part 1

Where the human mind gets itself into trouble

The human mind processes misrepresented experience as soon as it consciousness incorrectly entertains the concept of supposition.  Supposition is the conscious consideration of that which is not, in contrast to knowing, which is the consideration of that which is.  We can suppose something to be, or we can know something to be. That which we know, is Truth.  That which we suppose is imagined, and is not.   In everyday human experience we can easily identify a number of supposed subjects which are freely admitted to have no real validity or impact upon our lives.  Dreams, either waking or sleeping, imaginations, fictional characters and dialogues, all are admittedly pure supposition, and we freely recognize them and treat them as such.

Who supposes?  Is God’s man capable of supposition?  Spiritual man is so capable only in terms of knowing the supposition as supposition rather than as a false reality.  God’s man knows supposition as invalid, for he, being God’s very appearance and conscious manifestation, is endowed with the full reflection of the natural ability to know only that which is, that which reflects Truth.  Therefore he knows that that which is not is supposition, for that which is not, is not Truth, but is Truth’s opposite, error.  It is therefore insubstantial and invalid, and God’s man knows it as such.  Consequently, we can read a fictional book, watch a film or a play, imagine magical and fantastic circumstances, all while fully awake.  We know the contents of all such operations to be but supposition.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Human experience becomes troubling when the line is consciously blurred between knowing and supposing.  In human consciousness deluded by the influence of false belief, supposing and knowing, good and evil, seem to become intertwined and simultaneously occurring with the appearance of conscious reality.  This mental situation is described in the second creation in the garden of Eden.  Genesis 2:9 tells of two trees,

 “the tree of life also, in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil”.

In explanation of that verse on page 526 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes

“God pronounced good all that He created, and the Scriptures declare that He created all.  The ‘tree of life’ stands for the idea of Truth, and the sword which guards it is the type of divine Science. The ‘tree of knowledge’ stands for the erroneous doctrine that the knowledge of evil is as real, hence as God-bestowed, as the knowledge of good.  Was evil instituted through God, Love?  Did He create this fruit-bearer of sin in contradistinction of the first creation? “

Can knowledge of truth and its opposite, error, evil, lies, really interact within the ALLNESS of Truth, and this within the ALLNESS which includes only the Truth?  Can that which is not operate with validity alongside that which is?  A positive answer to either question would create a self evident contradiction, and that is exactly what human life experience is.  To human sense, good and evil, the real and the unreal, truth and error, the spiritual and the material, appear to cooperate and work in unison.  But how can that which is, Truth, include that which is not, error?  It cannot. To spiritual sense, and in the light of logic, this is impossible.  Yet human experience insists that opposite qualities do cooperate with each other.  What gives here?

What is really going on in human experience?

Clearly, human experience, in order to be able to seemingly include error, that which is not, in its perception of consciousness, and take it to be a reality, is experiencing only a supposition that it is possible to experience the simultaneous appearance of both good and evil –  the simultaneous operation of that which is, alongside that which is not, but which this erroneously driven deluded supposition of human consciousness, called in Christian Science mortal mind , falsely calls that which is, through the application of lying false belief.

Those coming from an orthodox perspective see immediately that the perspective of Christian Science – which stands firmly upon the premise of the omnipotence and omnipresence of a good God as All-in-all, comprising all cause and all effect as existing in one infinity – is not in conformance with historically accepted human standards of religious thought.

Indeed, neither was the foundational nature of the Christ, which Jesus so distinctly exposed to the world through his teaching and humanly miraculous acts, in conformance with accepted societal standards of then contemporary Judaism.   As in ancient times, present day conventional theological thought, modern medical thought, and what has come to be called modern psychological thought, all insist that the entire presentation of human consciousness is valid at face value, and that it therefore must be God’s reality.

Christian Science disagrees.  It clears up the view by logically revealing, and proving by healing demonstration, that human consciousness falsely introduces a misperception of reality.  Human consciousness includes the false belief of mental supposition, based upon the testimony of the material senses, which present only the mental reversal or negation of God’s already complete and perfect work.  Then it takes the entire presentation, both positive and negative, and calls it reality, thereby falsely pinning the workings of evil upon an infinitely good God .  The explanations of Christian Science reveal that the human consciousness lives under a false conviction. It lives under a conviction of the reality of the supposed opposite of God’s perfection, error and evil.  Given the admitted nature of infinity, that God is All-in-all, this is an impossible standpoint.

But wait!  Who could this man be who takes supposition to be Truth?  Is he God’s man?  Please read on in  Part 3!


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