Truth IS the Foundation of Metaphysics. Part 1 of 3 parts

The single most significant word

“Truth” is perhaps the single most significant word in the vocabulary of metaphysics.  Truth is the very basis of reality.  That which is true, is. Truth exists independently of any state or stage of human consciousness witnessing its being.  Truth exists independently of any observed material state.  Whether a human consciousness seems to be spiritually lost, or partially aware of Truth, or fully aware of Truth, Truth still stands independently, untouched and unaffected by the judgments of any human observer – and that is because there is only one real conscious observer.  That one observer observes through the one and only divine consciousness, the consciousness of the one Mind, God, Himself.  That observer is individualized spiritual man, who is not to be confused with his suppositional opposite, mortal man.  Mortal man and spiritual man seem to operate simultaneously in human consciousness, a realm of thought in which it is believed that more exists than just Truth.  How could that be?  The only possible correct witness to Truth must stand upon a foundation of Truth itself.  That foundation may be glimpsed in, but is far above, the  human sense of consciousness.  Human consciousness witnesses Truth and error, Truth and Truth’s opposite.  God, good, Truth, being all, how can both of these opposites be valid? If a witness to Truth were to be founded in error or illusion, it would naturally report a falsified version of Truth.   This would be absurd and impossible.  On page 472 of the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science writes

“If error were true, its truth would be error, and we should have a self-evident absurdity — namely, erroneous truth.”

To know our experience as God’s spiritual man, as God made manifest in action and being, is to experience Truth in its purest form, to actively be the “I AM” of God. (Ex. 3:14)  In order to experience pure Truth, pure divine consciousness must be exercised.  Pure divine consciousness and Truth are inseparable. They are exercised by the effect of the one causation (God) as man.  Any consciousness otherwise exercised must be exercised supposedly, or outside of the realm of the one infinite God, and must therefore be invalid supposition, for there is no outside to infinity.

Truth is never born and never dies

That which is in this infinitude, is eternally.  No truth was ever born, and no truth can ever vanish or die, because Truth eternally is.  This point is supported by logic.  The basic admission that being includes all, carries with it the admission that nothing can exist outside of the one condition of being, for there cannot be more than one state of being which is truly all-inclusive, and there can be no outside to ALL.  Our premise is that God IS All-in-all.   If we were to try to imagine another realm of being outside of the one all-inclusive realm known by divine Mind, then the concept of all-inclusiveness would be defeated.  Therefore, beginning with the premise that God, goodness, is All-in-all provides the one and only foundation for a complete and logical explanation of being.  Given a grasp on the implications of infinite all-inclusiveness, it can be argued that all that is, already is.  Every bit or element of that which exists, already is.  If the entire infinite spiritual universe is indeed ALL, then no possibility exists for the presence of something outside of it, for something new to be introduced to it, or for anything to be removed from it.

In support of that statement, Ecclesiastes 3:14 tells us

 “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it:”

Then why is there human birth and death?

After soaking in this logical truth, human beings find themselves asking, “What is that, then, which we experience and which we call the creation of new things on earth, and the death and disappearance of old things?”  Separate lives and separate things consciously appear to be continually coming and going from our experience, yet spiritual logic assures us that nothing can be added to, or taken from. an already complete Allness.   What is going on then?

The only plausible answer to this apparent conundrum lies in the consideration of the quality of the consciousness which is viewing the appearance of things coming and going.  Humanly conditioned consciousness only glimpses its pure divine roots.  It is not yet experiencing the purity of divine consciousness.   Humans become more consciously spiritual as they learn to exchange mortality for divinity.  Spiritual man is the full reflection, the complete image and likeness of ALL that God causatively is.  Spiritual man is divinely conscious of the entirety God’s universe – and of nothing else, for nothing else exists!  Every use of the word is signifies the presence of Truth.

Let us discuss this concept of quality of consciousness. Consciousness is self-awareness.  What is “self”?  It is the definition of “self” which determines what we are going to call the quality of consciousness.  In other words, from what perspective are we considering consciousness – from the mortally based human point of view of self as mortal ego , or from the divine perspective of self as” I AM “?

Eternity and perfection are the necessary characteristics of is, Truth.

Divine consciousness, pure consciousness, is the self-awareness of All that is.  That which is, is and must be Truth, excluding its opposite, error, which all that is not.   Pure divine consciousness is awareness of the Allness of the true spiritual universe, of all that is. This is, defines Truth, the Truth which is the causative characteristic of all that is, which is in turn necessarily eternal and perfect.  It is eternal because everything inside of is, has forever been there.  It could not have been added.  (Remember Eccl. 3:14!).  It is perfect because that which is, and continues to exist for eternity, cannot possess an element of discord. Any element of discord would result in the eventual self- destruction of that which is, and this would render it is not, and hence it would be invalid. This line of thought is, in reversed operation, also the basis for the conscious destruction of that which is falsely believed to trouble us in human experience.

Spiritual man and God-consciousness

Where is the experience of pure divine consciousness to the human being?  How can we and how do we know it?  God-consciousness is self-awareness, God’s self-awareness of His universe, which is, eternally and perfectly.  God consciousness is known by man when, to use the words of Bicknell Young, “fear or hate or love of error is overcome.”  It is purified human consciousness.   God-consciousness is known by man in every conscious perception of perfect ideas and perfect actions.  Pure divine God-consciousness is the witnessing by God, as man, of His entire spiritual universe and its necessarily harmonious and continual unfoldment.  It is divine consciousness which knows only Truth.  It knows ALL there is to be known, and that ALL is necessarily both eternal and perfect, by virtue of the logic already presented with respect to the eternal and perfect nature of Truth.

Where does the human mind get itself into a self-contradictory jam?  Please read on in to Part 2!


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