Translating Our Sense of Identity Spiritward

A primary requirement in effective Christian Science healing is the denial of the presentations of material sense.  It’s often asked, “how does one identify the presentations of material  human sense, and distinguish them from the testimony of God, the testimony of spiritual sense?       (Part 2 of 6)     (Part 3 of 6)  (Part 4 of 6)         (Part 5 of 6)      (Part 6 of 6)


We must always begin at the mental starting point, as stated on page 275 of Scienceand Health with Key to The Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy :

 “The starting point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, — that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle.”

This must be the reference point of prayer.  Absolute surety is necessary that we are thinking  from that starting point.  Because God is All-in-all, then the only identity that can exist is the identity of God….man being identical, the same, as God.  On page 477 Mrs. Eddy says

“Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle, Love. “

The Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines identity simply as “sameness”.   Identity is sameness with God.

In prayer, examine everything that comes to consciousness in thorough detail.  If a thought comes to consciousness  about the condition of  life, or the condition of body, we must ask our self if the thought is coming from that scientific starting point, or if it opposes it.  Whatever the thought or the claim is, is God able to know it?  If God cannot know it, then we have an indication that we are not thinking from the standpoint of God.  Just as in a board game, we must go back to square one, to the starting point.  Think from the standpoint of God to determine if the thoughts entertained in consciousness are God’s pure thoughts.  Then we must correct what is found to be in disagreement.

For instance, the statement “I am sick” is not a possible statement coming from God.  It is the mortal mind inversion of what must be God’s thought which says continually “I am eternally well”.   The statement “I see a problem” is not a possible statement from God.  It is the mortal mind inversion of the absolute Truth which says “All is eternally in order and well”.

If a self examination reveals thoughts which are not in consonance with the purity of God’s thoughts, then there is only one thing that those thoughts can be:  They must be the opposite, the inversion, the negation of what is true.  No other conclusion is possible, so long as we never depart from the starting point.  Inverted, lying thoughts  cannot  exist independently, for they must use the truth as their model.  How are we sure that they cannot stand on their own?

Return to the starting point:  God is All-in-all.  Therefore anything claiming to exist that is separated from God must be a lie, and must be untrue.  The discordant claim can be nothing but the opposite of God, Truth, for nothing exists outside of God, Truth.   What could even be falsely considered to exist outside of all-inclusive infinite truth, except truth’s opposite?  How can the opposite of truth be anything other than a lie?

And what is the lie which it claims?  The lie that the lie claims, is that it is true!  This is pure simple logic.  This logic, understood, removes the influence of error from consciousness, and therefore from experience.  There is no faith or belief involved here.  To make this fact useful, it must be logically thought out and understood.  Go over it until it is clearly understood.  If this is not clear, go back  to the top of the previous paragraph and repeat, until it is clear.  Never leave the starting point.  Only after that mental starting point is clearly understood  is it appropriate to move on with the analysis.

Moving On

On page 129, Mrs. Eddy has the following to say about inversion:

“If you wish to know the spiritual fact, you can discover it by reversing the material fable, be the fable pro or con,  – be it in accord with your preconceptions, or utterly contrary to them.”

The false belief will always appear to be trying to save itself.  Progressing students of Christian Science often ask themselves how or why a powerless material belief could have the power to preserve itself, when it has no such power, no selfhood, no power either to exist, or to preserve a lie about its existence.

The answer lies again in simple logic.  The lie has nothing in back of its claim to be.  The Truth has everything in back of its claim to be, because it is ALL that exists, because untruth, a lie, cannot exist.   A lie’s only chance for success is to be believed.  It IS a lie.  So, what form could the lie take?  Because it is not valid in the first place, it must borrow the form of the truth.   But it is continually lying!   The lie mocks truth in every way, and is also the opposite of Truth in every way.

So, just like Truth, the lie supported by false belief presents an inverted picture of the real man.  The real man is eternal, perfect.  Mortal mind, through its also supposed sensors, called material sense, takes the eternal perfect man of God and presents to consciousness the inverted opposite of him, namely, a temporal, imperfect and material man.  This material man, seen through material sense and presented to consciousness via mortal mind,  displays all of the characteristics of the spiritual man’s inverted opposite.  But he is a lie!  God’s spiritual man is continually preserved, and the reality of an opposite to that man is thus continually prevented, by virtue of the omnipotence and infinite omnipresence of Life, Truth, Love.

The imaginary and supposed opposite of God’s spiritual man, called mortal man, tries to preserve every false mortal claim about his supposed but false self.  Mortal man’s identity is error.  That means that every thing about mortal man is the same as error, and is untrue.    Mocking Truth, mortal man tries to preserve every one of its erroneous claims about existence, but he has nothing in back of him except false belief, animal magnetism.    Spiritual man, on the other hand, successfully preserves everything about his eternal and perfect self because he has everything in back of him, namely, Truth, reality.

In addressing mortal man and ejecting him from consciousness, we must never give credence to its false presentation.  If we do that, we move way from the starting point, and we break the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  When we try to cast out the idea of mortal man from consciousness, this action is met with a seeming resistance.  To our mortal sense, such resistance seems real.  It is not a real resistance, for without any substantial entity, error has no resident power of resistance.  The apparent and supposed resistance of the destruction of error by Truth is but an inverted  mockery of the real action of Truth declaring its own omnipotence!

The self –preserving nature of Truth is always, continually in action

Here is a subtle and important point:   The self –preserving nature of Truth is always, continually in action, eliminating its opposition by virtue of its omnipresent infinity.

Mrs. Eddy says on page 469:

 “The exterminator of error is the great truth that God, good, is the only Mind, and that the suppositious opposite of infinite Mind, called – called devil or evil – is not Mind, is not Truth, but error, without intelligence or reality.”

This inverted self-preserving mockery of error is the negative of the positive self preserving action of Life itself – and its apparent negative appearance is false!  The action of self-preservation of Truth is real, and is preserving Truth continually!    That negative inverted self preserving action which presents  itself as the self preservation of mortal mind is actually the action of Truth preserving itself, but presented to consciousness in mortal mind’s inverted form!

The beautiful fact!

This is the beautiful fact!  Once realized, it is possible to confidently understand that what appears to false mortal sense as the self preserving nature of evil, is, in fact the self- destructive nature of evil, in action, appearing to mortal sense as its lying opposite,  claiming to be the self preservation of discord!

That is the deception of evil once again brought to the surface!  Once again, evil claims that it is preserving and strengthening itself.  It is NOT!  In truth,  this supposedly apparent evil  is really preserving and strengthening the only thing that can be preserved or strengthened, and that is Truth itself ! The supposedly apparent evil is only making the presentation of that real action, to you, as a lie; the lie of discord, or evil, preserving itself.

Stated another way, evil is contributing to its own demise with every attempt to protect its self.  That is because its lie is not substantial at all, but is only inverted Truth!  And Truth has the only and All-Power.

When human beings are faced with this kind of “in your face” claim of the reality of evil, this understanding grants the confident revelation that every move made by evil or by error, is really Truth just turned upside down by mortal sense.  So, the more securely  does the claim seem to control, the more powerfully is Truth actually at work in consciousness demonstrating the deceptive appearance and the nothingness of evil.  Man’s strength is in knowing and understanding that it only seems to have a hold on you, because we know it is lying!  So, the harder it claims to be defeating , the closer it is to being brought to light as deception.  This realization breaks the mesmerism of its lie, and it vanishes!

That dissolves the mesmerism.  It matters not even what the mesmerism is claiming!  Only the  realization of God as  All-in-all is needed,  inverting  the claim that “evil is something” , and  translating that claim into “evil is nothing”.




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10 comments on “Translating Our Sense of Identity Spiritward

  1. Good thoughts Stirling. Good connections with the Truth lesson this week. Identity had come to my thoughts also…and you have touched on this well. I studied some definitions of truth and came up with…Truth is that which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory, and being of God. Even more to the point: Truth is the self-expression of God; it is the way things really are. Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is.

  2. Wonderfull! Extremely clear.
    Just a question : I understand the truth of the sentence, but I do not understand why you wrote it in the context : Because God is All-in-all, then the only identity that can exist is the identity of God….man being identical, the same, as God.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you, everyone!

    Maria, I am not exactly certain what you mean with your question about the sentence (Because God is All-in-all, then the only identity that can exist is the identity of God…man being identical, the same, as God.), but here is my best answer based upon what I believe your question to be:

    The context of the article is the quality of consciousness. Human thought, influenced by the beliefs of mortal mind, tends to entertain a false sense of selfhood. Such a mortal sense of selfhood supposes its own identity to operate in its own independent realm called human consciousness. Such a mental realm claims identity with itself, rather than identity with God. But it has no independent self to claim. It claims only a supposed human selfhood. The only being which exists is God’s being, which excludes all else. Consciousness has only God as a basis, for God is All-in-all.

    Identity must therefore be identical with God. There is nothing else for it to be identical with, God being All-in-all. Hence the name “identity”, describing conscious being. Human consciousness which believes itself to be either operating completely independently of God, or else pictures itself somehow only roughly or crudely under the influence of God, is not identical with God. It is therefore a pretender, a supposed and a false selfhood. There can be only one identity, and it must be identical with God, because nothing exists that is not a part of the entire oneness of the great Cause, God.

    Maybe there was some redundancy in that response, but all bases have hopefully been covered! Thank you again!

  4. Stirling we love your posting and thank you for taking the time and thought to put it together. It brought to mind this passage from the article “God’s Law of Adjustment” by Adam Dickey – ‘Law means or implies a rule that is established and maintained by power; that which possesses permanence and stability; that which is unchanging, unyielding, and continuous,—”the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” The efficiency of law rests entirely in the power that enforces it. A law (so called) that is incapable of being enforced is not law and bears no relationship to law. God is the only creator, the only lawmaker. All the power, action, intelligence, life, and government in the universe belong to God and have always belonged to Him. He is the Supreme Ruler, and does not share His power with another……Paul said, “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” So, too, we know that “the law of the Spirit of life” frees us from the law of sin and death. Why? Because all the power there is, is on the side of the law of Life, and that which is opposed to this law of Life is not law at all; it is only belief. In other words, every law of God has behind it infinite power to enforce it, while the so-called law of sin and death has no foundation, has nothing back of it that it can depend upon.’
    Both your insight and this reminder from Mr. Dickey are valuable tools to help us remain clear in our treatment/handling of error. I would also like to share this link to an article I have found very helpful in nullifying opposition and resistance to our practice and to our church work. My teacher, Tom Hurley wrote it, Overcoming the Resistance of the World: Thank you again, have a great day.

  5. Thank you, Leah, for the reference to Thomas Hurley’s “Overcoming the Resistance of the World”. Mr. Hurley really brings out the need for Christian Scientists to demonstrate and to defeat evil in all of its forms of subtlety.

    Mr. Hurley says near the end “The desire for progress must be put into action. This is accomplished through study and prayer, through one’s identifying oneself with God’s law of progress and overcoming the arguments of error that claim to obstruct, being particularly alert to those subtly appearing in the guise of good.”

    What wise counsel this is, in light of the present seemingly and supposedly benevolent and fervent, emotional, reactive human steps being taken by our government, and supported by the spiritually ignorant, to severely restrict our own citizens’ rights to their own self defense against evil. Evil is, quite predictably, placing blame upon matter rather than upon mortal mind for the ruthless actions of criminal minds.

    Are we looking out at this situation from the standpoint of God? What does God know about human tragedy? Does God send and sanction tragedy? The answer to that question should be an obvious and resounding “NO.” Then why should we react to it humanly, AS IF God knows all of this evil? Is it not clear that it is the mortal mind which entertains evil which needs to be addressed, and not matter?

    How does Christian Science explain the seeming presence of tragedy and death and slaughter in human experience? Are we unwittingly humanly confirming what we need to be spiritually defeating, in the false name of goodness? Here is the subtlety of error in evidence. Only willing and thorough introspection can reveal error’s supposed action.

    Christian Scientists must understand and practice the necessity of looking out upon conscious experience from the Horeb height, never confirming evil as a real or substantial entity deserving human response. Healing comes by divine response, and never by diving even more deeply into the shallows of belief in the reality of evil’s awful presentations.

  6. Hi Stirling :
    In my experience that “what appears as the self preserving nature of evil”, is the most horrible obstacle to defeat, it seems as if it were a solid wall impossible to overcome by any means.
    Then the temptation is to think ” well, some day it will be” instead of realizing the it is actually the action of truth.

  7. Hi Stirling ! I am still working with your last 2 post, which are really wonderfull. So, I have been thinking that which we call reality is verily a great great lie. I read again that history about the hipnotism and watched the video of the ex soviet agent and I feel shocked by the ability of the mortal mind to fool us and the necessity to be alert always.

  8. Just a sincere thank you for your time and energy spent in sharing this, and other TRUTHS with myself and others. God -is all-in all. Truth!

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