Time : Eternal God’s Impossible Concept

Have you ever thought about how time fits into eternity?  It cannot!  The human conception of eternity is infinite time, with no beginning and no end.  But what about God’s concept of eternity?  Does God see eternity through the lens of time?  Christian Science shows that time is only a human concept, stemming from our earthly experience which seems to involve the continual recurrence of birth and death, over and over and over again.   Time, being a human concept, the spiritual concept of infinity must be completely devoid of time.  In God’s realm, the eternal NOW is the only time.  It never knew a past, and it never knows a future, for there is, and always has been, nothing but the eternal NOW.  There are no moments in time in the spiritual eternity.  This idea must be clearly grasped in order to see the following point:

In the absolute, where NOW  is eternity without any sense at all of time, there can be no snippet of time, no interval between two supposed moments in time which define a time period.  Is it spiritually scientific to identify a moment in time?  No!  There are no moments to God!  There is only NOW.  Then neither is it spiritually scientific to identify two moments in time, and define the interval between them as a history.  To God, there is no beginning, no ending, no birth, no death.  There is only the eternal now.

How would we apply this truth to practicality?  What if we need to heal what appears as a discordant situation?  We would use this logic to prove the impossibility of the discord, and to show that its nature must therefore be only mentally delusional .  If we were to suppose there was a moment of time when an imperfection began to take place, we would be supposing that there could be a time when eternal perfection had taken a break from being eternal perfection – when God has taken a break from being God.    If this happened, creation itself would cease to be!  If we were to assume that such a moment had actually taken place, and an imperfection seemed to have taken root and come into being, then we would, of necessity, be dealing with an illusion, for there cannot be a time when God could stop being eternally perfect!  We would be dealing with the assumed, but impossible, end of eternal perfection.

Likewise, assuming that such an impossible imperfection had seemed to become present by virtue of delusion, and we wanted to heal it,  then if we believed it to be true, we would then need a moment to come along when perfection would re-appear, and God would then start being eternally being perfect again.  The only means by which this discordant thing could have been present, we have deductively reasoned, is if it had existed only in delusion.  Otherwise there would have to be a beginning , and an ending to eternal perfection.  This is in itself a self evident contradiction in terms.  Mrs. Eddy clarifies on page 470 of Science and Health:

“The relations of God and man, divine Principle and idea, are indestructible in Science; and Science knows no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine order or spiritual law, in which God and all that he creates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in its eternal history.”

Here is a related Alan Parsons Project Video with a thought provoking introduction,  just for fun.



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