“The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Christ Jesus said, Luke 18:27 “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Do we find ourselves praying to ask God to show us the way out of situations which have no apparent possible earthly solutions? Human problems don’t really have earthly solutions. They have only mental, spiritual solutions. So, we must begin to solve our human problems by addressing God spiritually, by uplifting our own thought to Him, rather than through an assumption that there is a God-sanctioned problem which He must remove by doing something down at our lower level of consciousness here in our material world.  We are actually in God’s eyes the perfect and complete spiritual man.  The man whom we falsely think we are is the carnal man, and that carnal man is always the problem. Thus we ourselves must use God’s law to extricate ourselves from our carnal mind based human problems. God is infinite goodness and ONLY infinite goodness. He cannot be aware of and is never responsible for our human problem. Our carnal thought is the source of problems, and God does not, cannot know carnal thought. We can find our way back to the harmony of God by acknowledging Him in prayer as supreme, in control, and having supreme authority over our erring carnal thought. When we treat the human problem as an entity of its own, we give it a false place in our life. That which does not have its origin in God is invalid.

The carnal mind’s false version of man, falsely claiming to be the identity of our perfect spiritual status,  inverts everything which God says and gives it a distorted mental twist. It justifies itself by falsely inverting Jesus’ words and saying “The things which are impossible with God are possible with men” . The carnal mind then, begins with the false assumption that there are things impossible to God. It makes its judgments based only on observations of the material senses, which falsely testify to us that certain things are impossible. Then it claims to be able to solve earthly problems with its own earthly solutions, generated by that same invalid carnal mind, falsely supposed to be maintained by man.


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