The Supreme Sacrifice — An Excerpt from a Lecture by Dr. John M. Tutt

The following is an excerpt from a lecture on Christian Science delivered by Dr. John M. Tutt, CSB.  The date of delivery is unknown by the author.  The lecture is entitled “Christian Science: True Evangelism”

Dr. Tutt was a first generation Christian Scientist, and a former MD who eventually chose to heal through Christian Science because, as he said regarding his medical practice,  he was “forced to the conclusion that to ignore the spiritual man is to be unprepared to cope with the mental processes underlying the discordant manifestations  we see in the physical body.”  Here is the excerpt:

The Supreme Sacrifice

Jesus was not a product of evolution, he was not a refinement of materialism.  Contrariwise, he was the most conspicuous example of matter overcome, material modes set aside, and spiritual law unfolded as operative in human life.  Christ Jesus was in all respects the Way.

The evangelical character of Christian Science is at no point more clearly defined than in its acceptance of the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.  Jesus’ life of self-sacrifice culminated in the crucifixion and his victory over death, but death could never save anyone, not even Jesus.  Death is not the supreme sacrifice.  Life victorious over death is salvation.  Jesus’ triumph over mortality – his proof that “now are we the sons of God” – provides the inspiration and the example which make the Master the Way.

Jesus laid down his life for mankind.  He poured out his life throughout his ministry, before, on, and after Calvary, in ever increasing and finally complete self-renunciation, that “whosoever believeth on me,” that is whosoever should come to understand Jesus and the Christ he lived, should realize spiritual existence, not material selfhood, to be his real life, now and here and always.  The evangelized self is the human self denied, and that individual is most nearly evangelized who has most “put off the old man with his deeds” and has most “put on the new man” of spirit.



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