The Nature of and Origin of Man – Part 2

This morning I posted the foundation of the following text in response to a comment made on an earlier blog entitled “Questions on the Nature and Origin of Man.”  Then it seemed appropriate as a stand-alone blog, with a some modifications.

In Christian Science, the understanding of the spiritual nature of our existence is consciously and continually freed, to the highest level we each can attain day by day, from the influence of human doctrine and dogma. In the proportion that we learn to rise above the influence of human thoughts, as opposed to the influence of God’s thought, we find that pure spiritual logic and God’s perfection actually become our experience. As we gradually learn to make practical the exercising of spiritually transformed thought, we become aware of the great fact that we actually live, here and now, in perfect infinite eternal Spirit, and not at all in imperfect, flawed, finite matter.

Jesus told us “The kingdom of God is within you”  He meant that! It really is!  As God’s image and likeness, we live in perfection. We do not live in imperfection as the vast majority of the world teaches us, and reinforces continually.

Adopting the spiritually true viewpoint, that we live in God’s perfection, understanding that the seeming world of imperfection is unconsciously produced by human thinking and is without an origin in God, and thus is invalid, we can learn to understand a surprising conclusion. That is – that since we are the image of God, in the same sense that the image in the mirror is the image of yourself, then our real being when correctly viewed is exactly like God – perfect, eternal, loving, patient, understanding, powerful, etc. Every characteristic of God’s, by nature of our existence as His image and likeness as we are described in Genesis Chapter 1, MUST also naturally also be ours!  And, everything else, all negative factors, are excluded. Understanding this great fact is what gives us our dominion over the things we feel disappointed about.

From this true and spiritual perspective, we will learn that is just as impossible for us to be a disappointment to God, as it is impossible for a person to look into the mirror and to see a different person.  God, perfect, looks into the mirror, and sees - you, and mankind, as perfect. God does not, and is incapable of knowing you as imperfect! Only our mistaken human sense of identity, influenced by “the devil” to use traditional terms, knows a man who is a disappointment. And who or what is “the devil”?  The devil is this mistaken sense of human imperfection, falsely personified. The devil is only the personified causation assigned by mistaken human thought to the false belief and conviction that man has the capability of living a life separated from his perfect source, God.  In Christian Science, belief in the devil as a valid entity whom God must defeat, is sin itself, and is thus self defeating.  We can never gain the ear and the help of Omnipotence as long as we do not regard Him as truly omnipotent!  If God is All and infinite, and God is good, that is the end of the story.  That’s all that exists.

When God sees you, He sees the same Christ, the same perfect God-like nature which the man Jesus perfectly lived and expressed as a human. Jesus was our Great Examplar. He died and was resurrected to illustrate to us the nature of sin. But the nature of sin goes much deeper than common human belief teaches. Sin includes much more than the carnal lusts. Sin includes any and all belief in a life separated or separable from God. The nature of sin is simply this: that yielding ourselves to ANY power which is outside of the realm of God’s infinity is wrong, false, impossible, and pointless, because God’s infinity completely excludes ANY opposition to Him, by the very nature of the meaning of the words “infinity” and “omnipotent”.  And what is matter?  Does it not claim to have dominion over us, to limit us, to stop us, to make us sick, to bring us joy, etc?  From whence does matter derive its authority?  The correct answer is, from the mistaken portion of the human mind, which Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, named mortal mind, the assumed and impossible opposite of divine Mind, God.

So, if we feel that we are trying hard to be a good person, we need to change our perspective. It is only a false sense of ourselves which is trying, or can try. It is the false sense our ourselves as limited and flawed which we must dispose of.   Paul had a wonderfully developed sense of the Science of Christianity.  It is the “old man” which Paul tells us is to “put off” .  Paul tells us also that “this mortal must put on immortality”.   This old sense of inherent imperfection is sin itself! We need not try to be good as humans, for the human concept of ourselves falsely would separate our consciousness from God. Our natural state of perfection is included, and is always inside of the realm of infinite God, Love. What we need to do is to continually mentally recognize our true and perfect nature as the image of God, through constant prayer.

This is living the Christ nature. This is surely the way Jesus mentally viewed both himself and his fellow man. Christ Jesus understood man and God perfectly, without a trace of doubt, and this perfect recognition of the Christ-nature, also naturally native to all of mankind in all time, healed the sick and the sinning, raised the dead.  It allowed Jesus to make His great demonstration, dying an unfair death and demonstrating the invalidity of the highest injustices by returning from death, and then elevating his consciousness eventually completely above the plane of materialism in what has been called the Ascension.  Jesus did all of this for our sins, not for us as replacements or substitutes for what we each must also do, but as our Great Exemplar.


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