The Metaphysics of Taking Charge of Government

The following is a quotation from an upcoming documentary film produced by proponents of the Libertarian Party.  Thanks to Lorn Mullinex, a long time friend from high school days,  for pointing this out in a Facebook posting. This article is not an endorsement for any political party nor is it intended to be a promotion for the film, but it is intended to encourage the same free thinking and realization of self control which we all possess, that is promoted by the makers of the film.  Here’s the quote:

“We watched the two parties limit ballot access, use wedge issues, fear, and tremendous amounts of money to convince people once again that they must choose between the lesser of two evils; This film is about what really motivates the status quo in Washington … namely power and control … and the use of promises, division and fear in order to retain both. We firmly believe that true change must begin not in Washington but between neighbors, brothers and sisters. So it begins with me and you. If we the people keep buying the lies and division, and thinking we can elect change into Washington we’re going to witness the same cycle. And if this is a government Of, By and For the people, we need to be the change we want to see in Washington.”

This quotation struck a chord of harmony with my prayers this morning, and led to the following commentary.

The Necessary Metaphysical Foundation

The world needs a revolution in thought.  Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of Christian Science, writes on page 95 of its textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours.  Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth.  Humanity advances slowly out of sinning sense into spiritual understanding; unwillingness to learn all things rightly, binds Christendom with chains.”

If we want to take control of our lives, we each must wake up to realize that everything is thought coming to consciousness.  That is all  that actually constitutes your own experience.  Your personal experience is your interpretation of thought coming to consciousness.  When you are aware of something, you experience it.  That is all there is, even to the things we call sold objects.  They are objectified thoughts.  Do you say that you don’t believe this?  Consider what happens to your consciousness when you are asleep.  Are you aware of the table in front of you if you fall asleep on it and dream of being in another place?  Even the table which you see and feel in front of you is the conscious result of your awareness of a thought – the thought of the existence of that table which you entertain when your consciousness is in an awakened state.  If you are sleeping in the dreamland of another imagined world, and then awaken, you again become aware of the idea of the table, which never left your presence, and you again see it and feel it as substantial.  Your human mind and your senses operate in one continuous feedback loop, detecting the presence of the mind’s own convicted expectations, and reporting them to your mind as experience, whether you are sleeping or awake.  The objects we see manifested are the appearance of the ideas entertained in our mind, and they are made manifest as the things which we perceive them to be.

This explains how we can in one mental state, the state of being awake, experience the presence of what we call “real” surroundings, but in the case of being asleep, we experience different surroundings.  Yet, in our dream, we assure ourselves of the reality of those experiences. Being awake and being asleep are separate states of consciousness, each one experiencing the results of its own convicted expectations.  Have you ever wondered how or why it is that your dreams unfold in one continuous and unexpected story, yet you already know that it was your own mind that created that dream sequence, but apparently without your awareness of that dream creation process?  That apparent sequence of events occurs in the state of consciousness called sleep, and is created by you in your own mind without your own awareness of that creation process.  Then, what is it exactly that causes events to unfold in your waking experience?  Could it not also be that your own mind is just as responsible for unfolding many of the events of your waking experience, as it is of your sleeping experience?

If this is so, we might ask ourselves “Then how can I determine the legitimacy of what I am experiencing?  How do I know whether that which I am experiencing in my consciousness is the presence of God, and is valid, or if it is comprised of the unconscious or subconscious manifestation of my own preconceptions of which I am ignorant, just as happens in my sleep?  And is it not possible then, that every factor of my human experience is really controlled by my own mind, and that I am in charge of interpreting everything that happens in my life?”  The Christian Scientist answers “Yes!” and qualifies that answer by adding that the correct understanding and conscious living of our spiritual identity gives to us the only valid ability to so directly control our experience.

Perhaps you think this sounds implausible, or far out.  But have you ever really considered what comprises your experience and consciousness?  No doubt, you have always been told that you are but a pawn in the game of life.  If you are of the average mold, you have most likely spent your entire life taking experience at face value, because you have been told by others to do so since your infancy.  Because this view disagrees with the evidence of our own senses, which are, unbeknownst to us, actually  governed by our own thoughts, we are programmed to believe, that to think that we could control what appear to be external influences, is out of line with normalcy or even insane!   Even the conventional view of God has been molded to these assumptions, which leave the interpretation of consciousness out of the equation.  Christian Science reveals that the secrets to understanding being are contained in the Word of God, as taught, explained, and demonstrated by the Master himself, Christ Jesus.

An open mind is always more likely to find and consider potential solutions than is a closed one.  Jesus experienced this truth on every level.  He was our greatest exemplar! The realization of this God-granted command which we actually hold over the unfolding of events in our lives is much, much more powerful than is commonly understood!  Before we go into its practical applications, let us first discuss the above questions with regard to understanding what is valid in our life experience.  If this is all true, how can we distinguish between what is in our control, and what is out of our control?  The answer lies in understanding the demonstrations of Christ Jesus, who fully understood and showed that everything is in our control, and comes to our experience as the product of what we do with it in consciousness.

So, which experience is legitimate?   Let’s begin from the standpoint of knowing that we can and we do control our own destiny, even as it appears in human experience.  All of us who believe in God admit His control, yet we continue to experience evil in a multitude of forms of presentation?  Why? The key to the recognition of the legitimacy of an experience is to develop the ability recognize its good or evil nature, and hence its reality or unreality.  Evil, invalidity, very often presents itself to human consciousness as a benevolent presence.  We must cultivate the presence of mind to recognize such deception.

The logical philosophy involved in determining the legitimacy of anything is straightforward.  This paragraph and the next are a shortened and streamlined logical analysis. I refer the reader to more complex works on Christian Science for a deeper analysis.

That which is of a good nature is of God, by definition of God.   It is unchangeable, eternal, harmonious, and perfect.  How do we know this to be the nature of the principles which govern existence?  Again, this conclusion is drawn from basic logic.  That which IS, is permanent.  If it ever stopped being IS, it would be IS NOT.  Is goodness eternal? It must be, for life itself, even in human terms, keeps presenting itself in the glory of creation, and that certainly never stops.  If it ever stopped, then that which IS would also stop being, and if that happened, we would have nothing – no life at all.  No universe, no man, no life.  But, if there is one thing of which we can be certain, it is that we are alive and conscious!

Therefore we can say, “I AM”.  I AM is eternal, for if it is temporal, there will be a time or has been  when “I AM NOT”, and if this were so, we would not be conscious nor alive. That which is eternal must also be perfect, for if it were ever imperfect, it would have to improve, and in that process of improving would have lost the substance of what it originally was, and would therefore be, by our eternal definition, IS NOT.  Therefore I AM would become I AM NOT, or nothing.  And I AM is simply that which IS, God, being manifested as consciousness.  Who possesses this consciousness?  God’s expression, man, does!

And inversely, that which is of an evil nature is not of God, and is therefore not good.  That which is of God IS, and is good.  Therefore that which is not of God, evil, IS NOT.  Then everything which is not of God must be described in terms of every opposite of every adjective which describe what God IS.  We already briefly described God, and that which He expresses, as eternal, perfect, harmonious, infinite, all-encompassing, all that IS.  We could expand on this definition of God’s character with an infinitude of words.  The opposite of all this is what we refer to in Christian Science as negation.  Using antonyms of the adjectives used to describe God, evil is temporal, imperfect, discordant, miniscule, impotent, and IS NOT.

This is the important point – that evil IS NOT because God IS, and that the perception of evil takes place in mis-processed consciousness, and not within God’s infinite reality of goodness, where it is so often  misplaced in theology.

So, let’s return to the previous discussion, in which we determined that many of the things we experience as human life are actually unintentionally self-generated by the human mind.  In this analysis, we were asking ourselves how to distinguish between the self-generated errors of human experience, and the legitimate events, which both present themselves to consciousness.  And we concluded that that which is eternal, perfect, infinite, all-encompassing, all that IS, etc., represents our God-granted consciousness, or divine consciousness.  And we concluded that that which is opposite in nature to that, evil, is invalid, and that this is the very definition of evil itself – namely, that which IS NOT, but is ignorantly believed in human consciousness to be valid.

How does knowledge of these facts about consciousness aid us in controlling what we would call our destiny, our daily human life?  We now know that all disharmony, conflict, hatred, sin, sickness…..just name the negativity….. are all invalid in the realm of God.  And that God’s realm is necessarily infinite, excluding all that is unlike itself, by virtue of our basic philosophical analysis of what IS.  This must be so, or nothing could say, “ I AM”!

Then what is it that grants these disharmonies their seeming validity in our human experience?  We do!  And who is this “we”This sense of “we” is in itself also a false belief, a false conviction of who we are in God’s eyes.  It is the sense of “we” as the carnal man, the mortal man, which Paul tells us clearly must be put off. It is “a liar and the father of it” as Jesus once spoke of evil.  Our sense of “we” does this ignorantly.  “We”, our carnal identity, does this through deep seated convictions, —beliefs— beliefs which we have been educated to honor from the second we became conscious of ourselves in this human environment, from our human birth.

Armed with this understanding of what comprises our human consciousness, we can gradually learn to control conscious experience for the world’s  benefit.  How?  By weeding out the invalid, and recognizing that our own educated convictions are the cause of every disharmony appearing in experience.  By putting off this “carnal man” identity.  Though discords appear to be things happening outside the realm of our experience, we can realize that there really can be nothing outside of our own God-granted consciousness.  Everything comes from within us, and it is up to us to control our acceptance of its validity.

What Does This Have to Do With Taking Charge of Government?

Perhaps the previous points still seem unclear to the reader, but let’s not dwell there for now.  Let’s move forward with the point to be made, and go back for clarity later.  The point made by the Libertarians which is in consonance with Christian Science is this:  Everything in your life begins with you.  You, as a human being, are defined by your conscious experience.  Changing what looks like your external experience begins with you, because what looks external to you is not external at all!   But if you fail to address that which seems like your external experience, it will seem to continue to govern you, just like your mind governs your sleeping dream.  So, wake up!  Every seeming external experience is really molded by your silent and hidden preconceptions, and is really occurring right within your own consciousness, not outside of it!  So, step up to the plate, and never accept less than perfection in your experience.  Know that imperfections are lies, because perfection is Truth.  Know that living love and truth will bring to your experience — love and truth!  Likewise, indulgence in the limitations and the beliefs and the anxieties which plague your life will only bring more of them to pass.

So, take charge!  If you would not dominated by that which you do not desire, you cannot afford to let someone else do your thinking for you, and you cannot afford to be apathetic!  As you find yourself harmoniously self-governed as the image and likeness of God, so will all those within the sphere of your mentality witness that same common harmony which we all share as spiritual children of God.  It all begins with you, because it all begins with God!


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