The Leaven of Truth Has Been at Work in Both Spiritual and Medical Healing

The strongest supporting factor for Christian Science is its undeniable logic. The difference between truth and dogma is the presence of logic and the absence of contradiction. And logic, even in merely human analysis, never leads to deception, but always to truth.  It is a wonderfully true statement to say that no further insight into healing or spirituality is going to surpass what Mrs. Eddy discovered. The discovery of Christian Science has revealed that the fundamental basis of the interpretation of being itself has been flawed by dogmatic belief and education, and that this has been going on for all of human history. This basic flaw, misunderstanding man’s very governing principle to be material instead of spiritual, has led mankind down many a false promising path leading to only temporary relief and no permanent results.

If the understanding of medicine has made any advancement in the past century, it has been the gradual recognition that thought and the mind are the most major factors in the healing of disease. In the 19th century, disease was medically viewed as operating from a completely material basis, independent of thought. Homeopathy was a branch of medical study rejected by the majority of medical practitioners in Mrs. Eddy’s day. Today it is one of the most highly respected branches of medical study. The role of thought in the healing of disease plays an ever increasing role in medical treatment. Why has this occurred? Whether or not Christian Science has been known or recognized by the world, this change in medical thought has been silently brought about by the leaven of scientifically Christian thought. Of course these mental approaches are quite different in method and application than is Christian Science, but the interesting fact is that medicine’s approach to healing has become increasingly more mental beginning with the first presence of Christian Science.

The same can be said for the world of religion. Before Christian Science, traditional religion soundly and across the board dismissed spiritual healing as belonging to a bygone era which had disappeared with Jesus physical presence. Along with the rapid growth of Christian Science healing in its early days also came a silent rebirth of faith healing in Pentecostal circles, and so-called miracles are now attributed to God on a regular basis in virtually every Christian denomination. Investigation of the records of religions of various denominations verifies this little recognized fact. Again, the presence and influence of Christian Science has been silently leavening the world’s thought, even without its knowledge.


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