THE GREAT TRAP OF EVIL by Anthony Whitehouse CS

A Guest Post by Anthony Whitehouse CS

I had an interesting healing this morning of extreme fatigue and prostration. I just felt totally overwhelmed by various things that were happening. All the wind had gone out of my sails as it were.

I spent a good few hours in prayer and listened to various articles on Christian Science especially ones related to the Oneness of God and man. And then I got quiet again waiting for the moving of the waters: then the angel thought arrived.
It became clear to me that with the arrival of a challenge we fall into the trap of believing that our joy and spiritual integrity then depends on our overcoming the problem. And in this case and in many cases I realized that I had fallen into the habit of feeling that if I could crack the nut before me (the nature of the challenge is in fact immaterial) then I would feel happy and fulfilled.

“That” said the angel “is the big lie”. With this understanding the healing then followed immediately.

It is now clear to me that the problem we really have to deal with is the belief that spiritual qualities such as joy and happiness can be compromised in any way by human situations. Obviously this is not the case but it is a VERY tempting argument. “ You really are going to feel fulfilled and joyous if you just managed to sell your business “ or “ I am really going to feel satisfied and joyful if I could just get over this lameness.”
I agree that having a healing is an exhilarating experience which leaves you with a great sense of joy. But we cannot afford to become “junkies of the transfiguration” because otherwise we fall into the trap of thinking that overcoming challenges is the key to joy and happiness. Joy and happiness are qualities of God which are NOT DEPENDENT on anything. When we understand THAT then we can ascend because there will be no circumstances which can bind us to earth. We effectively refuse the play the stupid games of evil.



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4 comments on “THE GREAT TRAP OF EVIL by Anthony Whitehouse CS

  1. wow, love this article. i can so relate to the feeling that i have to crack this nut and find the key, the word, the thought that will bring me Back into harmony with joy and goodness…not the realization that my seeming out of Good is the lie.

  2. I was thinking these same things yesterday night. And I decided to practice the trade that is in 1Peter 5 : if I cast all my cares on Him, He takes care.
    So I tried not to worry but I did not realized that worry itself, just the problem is error, a lie. Thank you very much Stirling.

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