The Facade of Mortal Belief


If I, the expression of “I AM”, also know everyone else as “I AM”, then attachments of belief become clearly separable when I observe others.  Evil is not personal, and evil belongs to nobody, because there is not a mortal somebody to whom evil may claim to belong.  Then if there is nobody for false belief to stick to, because I have eliminated the mortal man in my perception, false belief has nothing and nobody to hang on to. That’s the objective in prayer – to see in this way to the best of our ability, an ability which is without boundary when identity is correctly understood.


Everything that unfolds in human experience is really a facade, flavored by a set false beliefs which are clung to by the false mortal man concept.  But they are not clung to by a mortal man, for to God mortal man has no entity .  Mortal man is himself a false concept.  False beliefs are clung to but by a false mortal man concept . The false belief and the believer of the false beliefs are one and the same.  Jesus said of the devil that “he is a liar and the father of it”  There is no mortal man, there is only a hypnotic belief in him.


So this facade of events comes to us, and in our state of hypnotic blind belief, which is ready to believe every evidence it feels through the material senses, it comes to us as an absolutely convincing and undeniable physical sense of reality.  But underneath that sometimes convincingly horrible presentation is really beautiful harmony.  The ugliest and most horrific human experiences are really picturing to us, via hypnotic belief, the direct inversion of the harmony that is really taking place in divine consciousness.  And that is why the ugliest and most horrific scenes are the scenes most influenced by mortal thought, while the normal every day scenes which are not flavored by fear or sinful thought, appear more harmonious and more as they really are.


Never is there a real departure from harmony.  Not in character of person, not in condition of body, not in the environment in which you live, not in any circumstance at all.  All real unfolding action is harmonious. You can resolve personal conflicts by being assured that every flawed personality you have ever known as a human being was pure illusion.  To actively know this  broadens the perception of every aspect of present harmony, including, the realization of health, safety, supply, protection, etc.   When we, as God’s expression are focusing on any particular circumstance, we broaden our spiritual base by knowing not only the underlying harmony of that which we are considering, but by also actively knowing also the underlying harmony of everything else that exists. 


Harmony underlies every action.  The surface presentation is distorted in human consciousness, and physical conditions are presented to consciousness according to the pattern of the negations of Truth that are being entertained in mortal thought. When we eliminate mortal mind by understanding God’s allness, mortal thought loses its residence and vanishes. In proportion as negations are actively mentally inverted does the real and underlying harmony become consciously apparent.  Then we begin to see that what we were observing and seeing as reality was like a distorted movie version of what was underneath.


Nothing is ever wrong!  Our humanly conscious world is comprised of the witnessing of harmony, flavored in its presentation by a variety of false beliefs which reverse the presentation of particular aspects of the scene.  As these negations, false beliefs are lifted, so does the presented reality of conscious human experience more closely indicate what is really taking place, in divine consciousness.  But the perfect reality is always present in divine consciousness, in spite of the quality of the human witnessing of it.



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