The Breath of the Almighty Hath Given Me Life

Live God, breathe God, BE God’s representative. Practice proves that it works: Contemplate nothing more than you contemplate God and His presence in your life. You are SO connected with God that your very breath spiritually reflects His divine breath. Let this fact dominate your consciousness regardless of what you are doing. Contemplate it while you are working, driving, eating, doing household chores, fixing your car, mowing the lawn, etc., etc., etc. Not just for a couple of hours on Sundays but always, at EVERY moment you are breathing. It’s even possible to do in your sleep – because this is your TRUE identity. We are not the flawed and isolated human being we most often think we are.

Knowing this continually is having the mind of Christ, “that ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:6.  But to do so requires a complete change of consciousness. It has been defined in the Bible as being “born again.” This  practical truth is not just some bologna found in that often old and forgotten dusty book, the Bible. The inspired writings of the Bible really give us the answers to the age old question “Who am I?”

To reach the point of actually finding the answers and solutions to human challenges, we must first be spiritually hungry enough to read the Bible. But that’s not all that is necessary. THEN we have to look for the Truth in it, and THEN we have to apply what we find in that Truth by believing it, having faith in it, understanding it absolutely, feeling it, and living it and breathing it. Only THEN will all of our already provided needs become apparent to us. All of these “and THEN” steps are vital in the process of praying and receiving. But, as long as our thoughts remain focused on human obstacles, we will continue to experience human obstacles. Whenever our thought is receptive to the presence of God and knowing that “the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture” (Psalms 100:3), we will see and find the answers we need.

When we know God for what God is, simply as unfailing and ever present divine principle, as divine love, as a law of goodness which is as reliable and consistent as is the law of gravity is on earth — instead of retaining the commonly held view that God is a “someone” up in the heavens who is like a human and must be appealed to to change earthly conditions — then we can find a permanent and real (not imagined) feeling of true absolute peace, love, assurance, happiness, health.

This assured feeling brings forth a newborn awareness that life is always good, always harmonious, always in our favor, always in the favor of all who seek Him through the acquisition of this feeling. A hunger and desire for this feeling must precede our awareness of its benefits. We can then find ourselves in complete control of EVERY circumstance, at every moment, if we only understand and acknowledge this fact deeply enough to override the false beliefs which are constantly held before our eyes by the world. Even the law of material gravity reflects the fact that the world is UNDER our feet, not vice-versa.

This daily audio summarizes it well, in the words of a child:


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