Healed of Severe Injuries through Prayer

Prayer Heals!

This is a testimony of my healing that resulted from dedicated prayer following a motorcycle accident. In the past I have kept my testimonies of spiritual healing quiet and private, and shared them only with those who I knew were thinking with the same thought pattern as I was.  I am in the process of writing another version of this experience for publication in The Christian Science Journal.  This particular post will be periodically updated or appended as inspirations come.

This time the experience was just too significant and too important to remain quiet about. I am putting this out for all to read. Just because majority of people believe something to be true, or untrue, does not make it so. Just look at human history for the proof of that. Remember, for example, Copernicus and his crazy idea that the universe does not revolve around the earth? I mean, wasn’t it pretty obvious to the majority of people in that period of history, considering the evidence presented by the observations of human sense, that Copernicus was a nut job?

This healing was my own experience, and there is in this case also tangible evidence in the form of x rays and witnesses at the hospital emergency room to back it up. It happened to me, and nobody and nothing can ever take that from me, or make the experience that I lived any less than true.

I am aiming to keep this report short, but I tend to want to share everything I have learned from this experience in the hope that its substance might also provide an opportunity for someone else to enable themselves also to discover a more harmonious experience.

I wish also to express gratitude for Peace Haven, the Christian Science nursing facility in which I spent three weeks surrounded by the sincere and continual expression of love from its kind and caring administrators, and from the Christian Science nursing staff there.

In short, near the end of May 2014 on a rural road near my home, I sustained what was evaluated medically as a set of quite serious injuries as the result of a direct and severe collision between me on my Triumph Sprint motorcycle, and a deer. My wife, Kristen, picked me up and took me to our local Emergency Room immediately after the accident. After being transported from there to a Christian Science nursing facility, my healing came to me in a short period of time, and 100% through spiritually based prayer. I requested and received no material or medical aid of any kind at any time, because I had committed myself to an unwavering confidence in my purely spiritual identity as the image and likeness of God, who IS Love itself – nothing more, and nothing less.

X-rays taken at the ER indicated 4 broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade. The attending ER doctor said that in his view I needed to be transported immediately to an accident trauma center in Springfield (Mo). The doctor’s opinion was offered with the best of intentions, and it was a grim one which included the prediction of a worsening of the situation and of a long recovery period. In fact none of those predictions proved to come true, and I can report with full confidence that the final harmonious outcome of this incident had everything to do with my turning away from negativity, and towards the love of God.

Of course the ER doctor wanted to do the right things for me, so he also advised that more x-rays be taken to evaluate the physical picture even further. I declined them, explaining to the doctor that as a Christian Scientist, any additional physical information would not be at all helpful to aid my objectives. I knew that I would be finding my healing through spiritual means alone, and that placing any faith or value in bodily material evidence only tends to oppose that approach.

The ER doctor was kind and helpful, and he was indeed my first human evidence that God indeed was in control and was already answering my prayer. Although the ER doctor did seem confused and a bit bewildered that I would decline expert medical treatment in favor of an unwavering faith in God, he unquestioningly and respectfully honored my decision. He even called Kristen the following day, after my transport to a Christian Science nursing facility, to be sure I was doing well. That was love in expression and it set the stage for the harmony that was to unfold.

Through our telephone communication from the ER with the Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly stayed with me in prayer through the whole healing experience, we learned about Peace Haven, a non-medical healing and recovery facility for Christian Scientists, located in St. Louis. I had known of Peace Haven’s existence, but knew little about it.

There was no hesitation. I knew immediately and firmly that this was where I was to go. The decision to go here came to me as though it were an angel message instructing me to listen and obey. This considerate ER doctor then made special arrangements for me to be transported by ambulance to Peace Haven, a trip of over four hours duration, in spite of the fact that it was against official policy for the EMTs to make such a drive in the middle of the night.

As a practicing Christian Scientist, I already understood from previous experience that the key to experiencing true and permanent healing would focus upon elevating my own conscious perspective from a frightened and shocked human point of view, which was my experience at that moment, to a more heavenly, pure, spiritually based perspective which never ceases to acknowledges God’s ever present love.

The first thing I thought about and dwelt with during my ambulance ride was the first verse of the 91st Psalm. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”.

That continued to be the focus of my prayer. I strove to dwell in that secret place, that mental and purely spiritual kingdom of heavenly trust during the entire recovery period. As a result, I now better understand the direct relationship between dwelling in that secret spiritual mental place, and the resulting harmony that necessarily resultingly comes to conscious experience.

During my time of dedicated prayer and recovery at Peace Haven, I also discovered more and deeper spiritual meaning in quite a number of other Biblical passages, and in related relevant writings by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. I was also guided and supported in my prayers by the supporting prayers of my wife, who stayed by my side for the entire time I was there, by the prayerful and continual support of a Christian Science Practitioner, by the prayers and love expressed by the Christian Science nurses who lovingly and confidently attended to my every physical need, and by the prayers of the small number of select friends and family who knew about my situation. I am forever grateful for every supporting prayer received!

This is the short version, so I will save details for other versions. I know it is still long, but you can skip past whatever seems unclear and simply absorb the bottom line: I was healed of serious injuries in a short period of time, including multiple broken bones, without the aid of any surgery or drugs, and that this occurred after I mentally rejected frightening material evidence and placed my full reliance in God, my source and Creator.

Why would anyone choose to trust in spiritual healing and to reject the commonly accepted authority of modern material medicine? I choose to follow the pattern of thought exemplified by Christ Jesus and the early Christians who also followed and repeated  his great demonstrations of healing.

In support of that position, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science points out on page 369 of her textbook on the subject, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures :

“We never read that Luke or Paul made a reality of disease in order to discover some means of healing it. Jesus never asked if disease were acute of chronic, and he never recommended attention to laws of health, never gave drugs, never prayed to know if God were willing that a man should live. He understood man, whose Life is God, to be immortal, and knew that man has not two lives, one to be destroyed and the other to be made indestructible.”

I remained radically focused upon God and reliance upon Him, and as a result I was sitting up in bed within one week. The day after that, I stood up with some assistance, and then discovered that I could rise on my own. So, I requested a walker. I walked around the building with the aid of the walker for a day and a half. (During the short time I used the walker, I named it “Texas Ranger”. Some people there never understood the joke, but a few did.) The next day I requested that the walker be taken away.

I think it was around the seventh day I was in Peace Haven that I was able to get up and down every time with no help at all, and to walk unaided (with no walker.) From then on for the next two weeks I dedicated myself to intense prayer, and to bringing myself to a real and conscious realization that it is God who actually moves us, and not a material body, as our less than heavenly, earthly senses report to us humanly.

I realized slowly and gradually,and always increasingly clearly, that all real and valid movement is spiritual, not material, and is therefore unimpeded. All that we need to find healing is the realization that we possess spiritual consciousness as the children of God, here and now. This is not something to be gained, but rather must be realized and acknowledged. It is only the educated beliefs of human experience which get in our way of seeing consciousness from a purely spiritual perspective. Human beliefs contrary to God are all that would hide the fact that that the only valid reality is heavenly, spiritual, eternal, and that this reality is therefore uninterruptable and unimpeachable.

Man as the image and likeness of God, as opposed to the common view of man as a materially based mortal, cannot be impeded simply because the omnipotence of God precludes the possibility of man, God’s spiritual image and likeness, being impeded. Knowing this fact as our true identity empowers us. The impeding that appears to us as a human reality is from God’s perspective, false. It is only the devil, evil, the impossible opposite of infinite God, believed. It exists only in supposition, and is interpreted falsely by the mrtally based human mind as material reality. The acceptance of discord as a reality grants the victory to the devil, evil.  Its rejection gives the victory to God.

In Bible language, this means that dwelling in the secret place of the most high precludes anything less than or outside of the infinitude of God’s goodness. Dwelling “in the secret place of the most high” (Ps 91:1) reveals the nothingness of the nature of all evil and negativity. When we make the all too common human error of accepting discord as our reality, we are only falsely assigning truth to evil, and unintentionally “forsaking our own mercy” by believing “lying vanities” as Jonah stated in his prayer (Jonah Chapter 2. )

Jesus clearly told us that the devil is “a liar and the father of it”. This must mean that God did not create a man who can be duped by evil, and that God did not make and cannot allow anything unlike or opposite to His own infinite goodness. Even the man who seems to suffer from evil is a lie, for the devil is ” a liar and the father of it”, as Jesus clearly explained  Every single appearance of negativity, sickness, injury, and all of the etceteras included in those words, is a fabrication of the illusory nature of evil, and is completely unfounded and invalid on the basis of God’s infinitude.

Healing began to be manifest to me as I realized that to the unspirtualized human consciousness, it seems that it is the human mind which propels a physical body, but that from God’s spiritual perspective, that is not at all what is going on!

The Master, Christ Jesus, was continually and always perfectly in tune with the Christ consciousness, the awareness of man as spiritual, as the eternal image and likeness of God, which corrected the false humanly educated perception of mas as a mortal and material being.

Jesus taught and demonstrated through his many healing works that we, too, are really always in full possession of this Christ consciousness. In proportion as we begin to realize that we can, and indeed do, reflect spiritually all of the eternally harmonious actions of God, by virtue of the spiritual fact that man is, in his highest realizable state, the unimpeded image and likeness of God, then experience, our experience and human consciousness is naturally molded into conformance with that level of conscious thought.

I said I was going to keep it short, so I will cut to the chase. By the end of the third week at Peace Haven, this realization had brought to my experience the joy-filled truth and realization that nothing can actually impede man’s action, and that I am therefore eternally free from the effects of accident, or any from any other negative effect. Negativity is sanctioned by nothing but the common concensus of false belief.

As soon as I was confident that I was able to rise and walk and take care of all of my own personal duties, because I knew that my life is governed by God, and not by any material circumstances that appear to be outside of God’s reign of omnipotence, then I knew that it was time to go home. Twenty one days after the accident I checked out of Peace Haven, walked to the car, and Kristen drove me home.

My gratitude for God, for Christ Jesus, and for the discovery and the discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, who returned over 140 years ago the spiritual and scientific science of the practical healing power of Christ to Christianity, cannot be expressed in mere words. How empty and meaningless would be my life, my hopes, and my entire life experience, without them!

That same gratitude extends to Peace Haven, to every other Christian Science nursing facility in the world, and to all of the loving people engaged in the Christian healing ministries, and to every individual, church, or institution that is dedicated to celebrating the power of Christ by practical demonstration.

Above all, I wish to express my gratitude for my loving wife, Kristen, who was at my side 100% of the time, and continues to be. She has been with me not only in prayer but always in support of my every human need. Kristen is indeed living and breathing evidence that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health).


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  1. The warmth, peace, and love I feel wells up from within every time I read this. Again, I thank you for sharing! Our God is truly AWEsome!!!

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