Shall Man Take Up Arms Against Evil, or Can Man Defeat Evil by Pacifism?

We cannot take up arms against evil by burying our heads in the sand

Much attention is placed upon social agendas in today’s American society.  But social agenda is all about human being, and  Christian Science is not at all associated with manipulating human or social conditions.  To advance spiritually, care must be taken by the Christian Scientists that mental attention is not occupied with addressing human factors.  We must focus on living a diviner sense of being.  Are we unwittingly using our Christian beliefs to further social agendas which we believe in humanly, or are we transforming our consciousness spiritward and allowing God’s Law of Adjustment to transform human political experience to more closely pattern the divine?

On the other hand, we must also be on constant guard against the belief of false mental influences in our own government and system of law.  Though evil is admittedly powerless from the standpoint of God, we cannot afford to simply ignore the appearance of evil in human government.  Whether in the case of the healing of sin, disease, or corrupt government, the belief in evil must be recognized, reckoned with, and disposed of.  Guarding against the belief of evil and false mental influences in our system of human law is a very different topic than is pushing for a social agenda using Christian Science.

Some find a level of personal comfort by simply avoiding the discussion of political topics.  This is akin to burying one’s head in the sand.  If the advancement of mankind is to become manifest, there is a great need for metaphysical understanding of all sorts of human topics, politics included.

Mrs. Eddy and Politics

Right here is precisely where politics cannot be simply ignored by thinking Christian Scientists. Mrs. Eddy never recommended ignoring politics. In Miscellany on page 276:23 we read:

“I am asked, ‘What are your politics?’ I have none, in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; and to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.”

Mrs. Eddy did not recommend ignoring politics in the case of an unrighteous government .  Clearly she stated here that her only politics was to “support a righteous government; and to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself.”

If we really value our right to practice religion freely, we also clearly have a duty to “support a righteous government“. When our government becomes tyrannical and takes human steps which conflict with our Constitution, then we must not fail to step up to the plate and warn of the foe in ambush.   On page 573 of S&H, she asks “Who is warning of the foe in ambush?”

Mrs. Eddy was not silent about politics, nor was she a pacifist when confronted with evil.  In defense of supporting the righteousness of government, she did make statements of a political nature In the June 1898 Communion Address (page 14 of “Pantheism”) she said, regarding the United States’ involvement in the Spanish-American war: (emphasis added)


“Pray for the prosperity of our country, and for her victory under arms; that justice, mercy, and peace continue to characterize her government, and that they shall rule all nations”

(When we see that justice is not characterizing the activities of our government, when we see Constitutional law being trampled upon, then it is time for us to warn of the foe in ambush.)

“Pray that the divine presence may still guide and bless our chief magistrate, those associated with his executive trust, and our national judiciary; give to our congress wisdom, and uphold our nation with the right arm of righteousness.”

“In your peaceful homes remember our brave soldiers, whether in camp or in battle” (referring to the war between United States and Spain for the liberty of Cuba and The Philippines)” Oh, may their love of country, and their faithful service thereof, be unto them life-preservers!  May the divine Love succor and protect them, as at Manila, where brave men, led by the daughters of Dewey, and shielded by the power that saved them, sailed victoriously through the jaws of death and blotted out the Spanish squadron.”

“Great occasion have we to rejoice that our nation, which fed her starving foe, — already murdering her peaceful seamen and destroying millions of her money, — will be as formidable in war as she has been compassionate in peace.”

Let us ponder that last sentence.  We have great occasion to rejoice that our nation will be as formidable in war as she has been compassionate in peace.  Let us ask ourselves then, did not Mrs. Eddy clearly recommend that Americans stand up to evil by physically taking up arms against it when necessary?  Did she not praise American military action in the Battle of Manila?  Clearly she did in this powerful public prayer for country and church delivered from the pulpit of the Mother Church in 1898.

In light of her firm position on standing up to tyranny by taking up arms militarily, should we suppose that she disagreed with the Founding Fathers’ Second Amendment, which was designed to guarantee the citizens their own power to take up arms in the case of a tyrannical government?  We can all draw our own conclusions.

Animal magnetism operates as long as the belief of human being remains.

Animal magnetism is ever operating on human consciousness.  Our task as Christian Scientists is to rise above the mire of human consciousness.  For as long as we still know ourselves as human beings, we will not yet have liberated human consciousness from the false belief which is called animal magnetism.  Only on the day of our own final ascension will the task of defeating the false belief of evil be completed.  Only then will we know true and eternal peace. There is a long road ahead of us, so let’s keep our heads up and out of the sand, and stay alert to the course we have been directed to follow.


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  1. Hi Stirling ! We ARE in the world even we are not of the world. If not, Jesus would have been indiferent to the needs of the multitude, were they food, health or justice Remember the case of the adultery woman : He did not simply asked the accusers to forgive and forget her. He made his argument, He involved himself in the case. To avoid political issues is perhaps another trick of a.m. which we should not just ignore. We have to affirm the Truth till we see its reflection in this human experience.

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