Synopsis of a Neurosurgeon’s New Analysis of Consciousness


If you are searching for the meaning of life, then you should find this article, and quite possibly Dr. Eben Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” both helpful and interesting.   I personally have not yet read his book.  I have only read the linked Newsweek article.  I  expect his writings to be to be mind expanding, and to be controversial and contrary to most present day assumptions about what comprises life, brain, body, and consciousness.  Those who have read Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures and found it difficult or near impossible to comprehend, might well benefit from first considering these new but quite unpopular medical propositions as a primer to preparing thought to grasp what the author of  Science and Health , Mary Baker Eddy, understood and demonstrated to the world back at the end of the 19th century.  Christian Science first introduced a brand new idea (to the world of accepted belief)about 140 years ago, which, when properly applied, has since been found by many to be the key to finding our inborn and natural dominion over all bodily and material circumstances.  But many new readers of Mrs. Eddy’s works, mentally pre-conditioned by a lifetime of religious and scientific dogmatic mental assumptions about what comprises life and consciousness, fail to understand from the outset just what it is that Science and Health explains.    Here are some quotations from this 3 page article by Dr. Eben Alexander which, in my mind, confirm what Christian Science has been teaching about consciousness, the body, and matter, since 1875:

“For most neurosurgeons, and most doctors generally, the body produces the mind, and when the body stops functioning, the mind stops, just like a picture projected on a screen does if the projector is unplugged…..

This not-quite-true story is that the brain produces consciousness. Most scientists accept this as dogma. I certainly did, and it’s why so many scientists still refuse to even consider that I really and truly experienced what I say I did. But we in fact have no real proof of this at all, other than our general distrust of anything we can’t put our hands on. But there are many established scientific facts that we haven’t placed our hands on either. No one has ever seen an electron, or touched the force of gravity. The fact is, most doctors, and most scientists today, are confusing the fact that consciousness and brain activity are related (which they certainly are) with the opinion that the brain actually produces that consciousness…..

In an editorial published in Newsweek in 2004, the psychologist Steven Pinker stated straight out that what people think of as the soul is really “the information-processing activity of the brain,” and that we know this because “new imaging techniques have tied every thought and emotion to neural activity.”


It’s the word “tied” in the sentence above that’s the most troublesome. Brain activity and consciousness are indeed profoundly tied up with one another….

But if we must decide which produces which, modern physics is pushing us in precisely the opposite direction, suggesting that it is consciousness that is primary and matter secondary.

This may sound absurd to some, but it is really no less absurd than the facts—now solidly established by quantum mechanics—of how we see the world around us right now. Every moment of every day, we completely personalize the data coming in at us from the physical world, but we do it far too quickly and automatically to be aware that we are doing so…..

My seven-day odyssey beyond my physical body and brain convinced me that when the filter of the brain is removed, we see the universe clearly for the first time. And the multidimensional universe revealed by this trans-physical vision is not a cold, dead one, but alive with the force that, as the poet Dante wrote some 600 years ago, ‘moves the sun and other stars.’ “:

(Quotations from an article by Dr. Eben Alexander)


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