A Spiritual Look at Job Security

The Human View of Job Security

This is not a typical article on job security. I started to wrote this for my business site, and then reconsidered that it is a better fit here. This is not an article on Christian Science, per se, but the general train of thought is common with it.  I am going to write a second one reflecting what I intended to write about the first time, but this one just flowed. So come along for the ride!

The human definition of job security is: “The probability that an individual will keep his or her job; a job with a high level of job security is such that a person with the job would have a small chance of becoming unemployed.” That line came directly from Wikipedia.

We as human beings are in the natural habit of looking at life from the mental perspective that we all have been taught from birth, namely, the perspective of living a limited and mortal life.

Be willing to step outside of the human frame of reference.

To step outside of the human frame of reference seems impossible and ridiculous to those who are unwilling to consider the possibility that there is another perspective.

If you believe that life is eternal, you have taken the first step in opening thought to the existence of a higher guiding Principle, source, God, or whatever your particular brand of human perspective chooses to label that which actually governs your life.

If you are an atheist who holds firmly to the belief that life is material and finite and that consciousness begins with birth and comes to an end at death, you can stop reading now and go on to something else. When a drowning man is thrown a lifesaver, he must be willing to put his hands on it if he hopes not to drown. To open or close your mind to possible changes in perspective is, of course, your own choice.

The Spiritual View of Job Security

There is a relationship between our human experience and the guiding principle which unfolds conscious experience to us. Many have come to the powerful realization that the quality of our own human experience is nothing more than a reflection of the quality of our interpretation of eternal, spiritual validity.

Stated another way

We naturally and necessarily experience harmony because the positive is the real and substantial. Therefore the negative, seen from a perspective above the educated human point of view, is just what its name implies – negation. It is the mental negation, the inversion, the turning upside down of that which is positive and real. That inversion goes on in our human mind.

This can be clearly understood when we consider that we can possess a positive quantity of anything, but that it is impossible to possess a negative quantity of anything. This is because the negative is only a symbolic representation of the lack of the positive.

What does this have to do with job security?

Consider these points in order:

The quality of human experience is the product of the quality of our interpretation of the positive and substantial nature of all that is presented to us with any validity from our eternal source.

Negative human experience is therefore an inverted and therefore invalid mental presentation of the positive abundance that is actually present and made known to us by our eternal source.

That might be a lot to soak in for the human mind unaccustomed to the spiritual thought which transcends human thought. Review these two points and consider the possibility that they are valid. Consider the possibility that all of the negative factors of human experience are merely inverted and negative misrepresentations of all that is eternally true and valid.

Loss and chance of loss are inversions, negations of the truth.

The loss of a job is a negative concept. From this spiritual perspective, a view you must be willing to consider before it is possible to grasp the ideas being proposed here, there is no job loss. There is only the human mental conviction in the supposition of job loss.

In the universe of harmony, directed by active principle, there is no chance of loss – only assurance of gain.

That is all that feels like the real condition of employment or unemployment experienced by the human being, trained to think only from the limiting perspective of human thought. The human is trained to interpret the negative, right along with the positive, as his reality. And so, it is to the human being!

The solution to negative circumstances is to re-interpret what we are conscious of.

Remaining in the spiritual perspective in which all that is valid is positive and eternal, we can see that the answer to the unemployment problem lies in re-inverting changing the negative human misinterpretation of unemployment into an upright conscious realization of the only validity, called employment.

How does that cure unemployment? The realization that unemployment is merely a negative ,inverted representation of full employment results in an improved human perspective – one which has learned to reject just one more stage of invalid negativity.

That which the human knows as reality becomes manifest as his reality. Bringing the mental atmosphere one step closer to the eternal and harmonious spiritual reality brings employment into view as a present reality. It’s made manifest to you as a job, or a business, or as some form of rewarding activity.

We can learn to know ALL of life and business in the true light

Kristen and I have adapted this way of thinking. It is the driving force behind our personal lives and behind our dedication to business. We practice actively knowing that no matter how negative circumstances present themselves to be in our human lives, we have the ability to understand our way out of, and above them. If we choose not too, we allow ourselves to be defeated by nothing more than our own fears.

It rarely feels humanly easy to take these stands from the human mind point of view. Dedication to adjusting our consciousness out of the human realm to which we are so accustomed becomes an easier task over time.



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