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Thank you to everyone who posts or has posted earnest heartfelt comments on my blog.  I value them highly!

The vast majority of spammy comments appear to be automated.  Please accept my apologies if I have not published your valid comment.  Invalid and spam oriented comments are easily recognizable by either a lack of substance,  total incoherence content, or both.  They are sometimes presented in the form of a flattering complimentary sentence, usually containing some mis-typed word,  apparently an attempt to fool the editor into believing in the personal origin of the comment.

So, when comments appear with misspelled or mis-typed words, they usually hit the trash bin, unless some real heartfelt message in the content convinces me of their validity.   So, please type carefully and sincerely if you would like to see your comment appear!  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to sincere followers of my blog.  God bless all!


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