West Plains, MO Public Lecture on Christian Science Set for 6/17/2012

This is an update on yesterday’s announcement.  I am thrilled to announce that arrangements are nicely unfolding for the presentation of a public lecture on Christian healing and the topic of Christian Science, right here in south central Missouri, and in West Plains to be exact!

This lecture will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 17 at the theater in the West Plains Civic Center, 110 St. Louis St. West Plains, MO 65775.   The talk, entitled “The Healing Effect of Your Prayers”, will be presented by Mark Swinney, CSB, of Sandia Park, New Mexico. Mark has been in the full time public practice of Christian Science healing for over 25 years, and is currently on a national lecture tour as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. Mark comes highly recommended by those who have heard him speak. My family was witness to a standing room only audience at a lecture given by Mr. Swinney which was sponsored by the church which my mother attends in Eustis, FL.  Come one and come all, as the Civic Center theater will seat up to 450 people.  Contact the author for specific questions.

Here is a bio on Mr. Swinney:http://members.christianscience.com/lectures/speakers/swinney/

We are literally thrilled about this new development! Stay tuned to my website, my Facebook page, and possibly to a temporary Facebook page still to be created for this event, for further developments. This lecture is being co-sponsored thanks to friends at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Mountain Home, AR and at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Springfield, MO.

All local persons interested in the practice of the revival of Christian healing as practiced by the Master Christian, Christ Jesus, are invited and encouraged not to miss this important potentially life changing event.

- Stirling Watts


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  1. After less than a week of promotion, I’m very happy to announce great receptiveness by the local community to our upcoming lecture on the healing effects of prayer. God’s already present blessings are being made manifest by all!

    The West Plains Daily Quill, a local daily newspaper, will feature an article on our speaker, Mr. Swinney, on June 8th. A print ad will appear on Thursday June 14 just before the weekend of the lecture. K country 95, an FM station, and their AM counterpart KIST 1290 which plays continuous gospel music, will run public service announcements on the lecture every Sunday morning until June 17th. Ozark Medical Center hospital is posting a filer on its employee bulletin boards throughout the building, thanks to public relations director Gay Watson. Posters and fliers have been welcomed and distributed at several area businesses and some other public locations.

    The other day I received a warm welcome when I presented a flier and invitation to a member of a local non-denominational church which was collecting contributions for the poor in front of Wal Mart. With that warm reception freshly in mind, I plan to spend a day next week in front of Wal Mart myself, greeting people and handing out invitations and fliers. Thank you, West Plains and Howell County!

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