Seeking Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind?

Who does not long to find lasting, permanent peace of mind?  Have you been seeking it, but never quite  finding it?    Has the material world of medical and psychological human treatment failed to deliver the peace of mind which you continue to seek?  Has traditional theology failed to bring you the peace and the healing, which you have longed for your entire life?  Do you continue to look in those same directions because you know of no other options to turn to?

Modern physical and medical researchers are increasingly discovering and admitting that man is capable of comprehending far more than the mental limitations of his earthly world prevent him from comprehending.  Traditional physical science and traditional theologies, though often partially successful, and though studied and practiced with the best of intentions, continue to fail to consistently and completely free man from the many limitations of material law.  Material and medical scientists repeatedly are able to clear one hurdle, only to find another unexpected and often even bigger physical obstacle appearing right behind the one just eliminated.

Perhaps it is time to lift mental impositions, to look beyond the physical world and its matter, to find our real and eternal substance in Spirit.   But how do we actually reach such a freeing mental standpoint?  And can it be done practically?  Or is metaphysics just a lot of positive sounding hype?  The study of metaphysics as explained in the system of Christian Science reveals that the key to discovering our spiritual selfhood is in a mental realm of thought completely separated from the sense based experience of human life.  And its practicality is evidenced in it long history of demonstrated healing.

Perhaps you have considered metaphysical healing and find its positive and encouraging ideas plausible.   Perhaps you also ask yourself if the healing which Christian Science claims is really possible in this modern world.  Does such a radical view of spirituality seem to you like an overwhelming and difficult concept to grasp?   This need not be.  For many, some sort of privately administered and deliberate, patient guidance in learning advancing steps in logical spirituality would be of great benefit.   The metaphysical principles taught in Christian Science are demonstrable and universally true.  They go much farther than do religious concepts, for they touch on the Truth which ultimately must transcend all human religion.

Individualized Consultation in Metaphysical Growth

New students of metaphysical subjects are often overwhelmed and discouraged by the use of unfamiliar terminology and concepts which are difficult to grasp from an every day point of view.   Those interested in such guidance are encouraged to contact the author regarding a consultation program individualized for them.  This work helps you not only to understand new spiritual and metaphysical terminology with which you were not familiar, but is also designed to help the individual to gradually and naturally develop an increased spiritual awareness, and to enable their own ability to perceive being spiritually, and thus to heal spiritually.

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