Romans Chapter, 8 Part 2

sa 28:10
For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: In Part 1 we discussed Verse 1. Continuing:

Romans 8
2. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

The law of the Spirit of life is the true law, God’s law, divine Love, divine Principle, the law of God’s reality – absolute, indisputable, fixed, untouchable law. This is the law which animated the perfect Christ Jesus. Adherence to spiritual law in Part 1, we termed “walking in the Spirit.” Adherence to absolute spiritual law frees from what is called the “law” of sin and death. “Law” as used in this context can only be supposed in nature. How could a law of sin and death be anything but erroneous and supposed, if God’s law of goodness is infinite, absolute, and always applies? The “law” of sin and death originates only in human thought, and is unsanctioned by God. It is the thought of the carnal man, falsely presented by human thought as “law”. The “law” of sin and death operates in a supposed realm, separated from Spirit. But, is it in reality possible to exist at all in a supposed realm, outside of Spirit? No! But it is always possible to believe in, and to experience an erroneous realm. Dreams are an analogy, an example of a supposed realm – a realm in which we are convinced of reality, but which is discovered to be only supposed when thought awakens to a different state of consciousness. But, moving for a moment back into the realm of the real – if God, the infinite source of all goodness is infinite in nature, then where is this place outside of the realm of infinity? Does the infinite universe have a boundary? If infinity has no boundary, then that realm of existence must be relegated to the “supposed” category. But our human sense argues otherwise!

You might say that the table you are looking at, or the person who just ran into your car, for example, are far from imaginary! Just ask virtually any mortal human! But, to see the spiritual reality, one must look deeper into the realism. The real substance of that table is the idea of it, perceived by the all knowing Mind of God. The wooden table you touch is a human mind perception of the table obtained through the senses. Or, if you experience someone running into your car in your human experience, the picture you see, though claiming to be reality, is being presented to you by the senses. The spiritual substance of the car is not material, but exists as an idea. The character of the person apparently responsible for the collision also needs to be understood. Is God’s man irresponsible? What must be the true nature of this person? Errors in the spiritual premises leads to an errors in the conclusions. The bent metal resulting from a supposed accident seen through the material senses is not telling the whole story – only a very partial and distorted human version of it with many various influencing factors. Material human sense does claim all of the characteristics of existing within a universe containing both good and evil, matter and spirit. Christ Jesus’ human consciousness was so pure that he was able to continually reject the false, the evil, the non-spiritual (material) from his own experience and from the experience of those in his presence. “What”, Jesus must have reasoned, “could be the cause or the source of matter and of evil residing within the complete and perfect realm of the creation of perfect goodness?” The infinite spiritual universe must exclude all that is unlike itself in character. Were it otherwise, infinity would be finite – a self evident impossibility! As humans, we also know that we have spiritual sense and are aware of the presence of Love and of purely good things in our human experience. The human consciousness must then, by logical conclusion, be comprised of the things of Spirit and goodness, and of the things of evil and matter. But because we have already concluded that evil and matter have no possible place to reside in an infinite universe of spiritual good, we must also then conclude that the presence of God, Love, in our human consciousness is actually the validity of human life – not matter, as is commonly accepted. In fact, we realize more strongly the dominion of the spiritual by rejecting that which we now realize is only supposed in existence, namely evil and matter. This is what the good and pure Christ Jesus did continually in thought. To do so requires a willingness to literally and factually perceive of the infinite universe only as God’s, only as spiritual, only as perfect, and this spiritual nature as the only reality of being.

Consider the logic of the concepts of infinity and exclusion. The contrasting universe of the human mind which we all feel through our material senses, and which continually claims the presence of evil and matter, does not actually represent reality! Human thinking actually inverts reality. The human consciousness can visualize reality and correct its inverted representation as an upright image, only as material and evil representations are consciously excluded. To our frame of reference, this universe of a dual nature does present itself as real. Why? Because the falsely understood universe in which we all are believed to exist has generally only the five human senses as sensors. The things perceived through spiritual sense are granted little or no credibility by the human mind. The senses are only the products of human perception. Without the human mind to sense them, would that which the senses report to you be available in your thought? On the other hand, the real and undisturbed perception is available to us, through divine thought.

In conclusion, as we think above the human senses, we put off the falsities which are humanly and normally considered to be the realities of existence, and replace them with a divine sense of spiritual actuality. According to everyday thinking, this spiritual actuality is usually thought of as far from substantial. Contrary to conventional human belief, in God’s eyes, there is no other law but the law of the Spirit of life, because God, being infinite in space and eternal in time, leaves no room for his unlikeness anywhere or at anytime.



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