Reversing the Waymarks of Error Brings the Awareness of Present Perfection


Man is the complete effect, the infinite manifestation, of God’s causation.  Man therefore includes everything that is, including the universe.  Man as the image and likeness of God is the very manifested consciousness of God, the object of Principle’s (God’s) being.   Every thought that comes to man’s consciousness must therefore be received and analyzed in the divine consciousness of Mind (God).   There is and can be no other Mind but  God, and therefore there can be no other consciousness.  God’s manifest effect, man, possesses the only consciousness of all that exists, and all of the consciousness that exists.   Conscious existence is the consciousness of God. The divine consciousness which man knows is God’s own self awareness of His own causation.  God knows and is only capable of knowing real and eternal and perfect ideas.  That is because the nature of Principle, God, is goodness.  God, as Principle, causes them to be manifested because God is goodness and Principle.  The awareness that anything at all exists must have its cause in the presence of this ubiquitous force of being and existence called, by His effect man, God.  The effective application of this most thorough concept of infinity must be put to practical use by knowing and being and doing what is.  Anything less is simply dreaming.

The age old question about the source of evil, evil which seems to exist within a universe which has been admitted to be infinite goodness can only be explained through the interpretation of consciousness.  Any other interpretation must make a reality of evil, which is self evidently contrary to the admission and conviction of God as infinite goodness.  Obviously, evil, the opposite of goodness, does not and can not reside within an infinite realm of goodness.  A logical explanation for the apparent presence of the opposite of goodness within goodness itself can only be explained by the concept of false conscious supposition.  The supposing of that which is invalid and false, and which has no place to reside in an infinity already comprised of pure goodness and truth, can only take place in an imaginary sense.  An imaginary sense is insubstantial and is not absolute in its existence, but requires consciousness to be entertained.  An imaginary sense cannot exist unless it is being thought and has someone to think it.  Obviously God cannot think an imaginary thought.  So, who can?  God, being all, an imaginary man is the only man who can entertain an imaginary and supposed thought.  Christian Science calls this imaginary man mortal man, and the mind with which he is said to entertain these thoughts it calls mortal mind.  All supposed thoughts are opposite to the nature of God’s inherent and universal goodness.  The thoughts which this invalid mortal mind is said to entertain are finite, temporal, imperfect, evil, material.  The valid thoughts of the one divine Mind of God are exactly opposite in nature;  they are, respectively, infinite, eternal, perfect, good, spiritual.


Now, we are going to introduce a factor of understanding which must be grasped in order to effectively heal with Christian Science.  It is a basic fundamental philosophical point.  Carried right along with every truth is the unavoidable implication of its lying and supposed opposite.  God, cause, knowing all that is real and eternal and perfect must also know the invalidity of lying and suppositional opposites, and must recognize the implication of them in order to declare and make manifest His sovereignty — in order to declare sovereignty.  Therefore, perfect man as His image must manifest continual purification.  What is purification?  In absolute terms, purification is the continual operation of the infinitude of God preventing the existence of anything unlike Himself.  In relative terms, purification appears as the removal of opposites and impurities, which to the absolute sense, never exist.  On the human level, purification appears consciously in the form of perfect physical body. In the absolute, in idea, there is one body and one man only, infinitely and individually expressed.
The actions of each organ or part of the body present the totality of all mental action. For example:
Legs – mobility
stomach and bowels-digestion
The list could go on, relating the appearance of every harmonious physical item with an absolute and perfect and eternal idea.  Let’s examine for example the last one, digestion.  Spiritually, food represents man’s source of energy and sustenance. Food is what man takes in spiritually, and man is the effect of God.  What must the effect of God take in? God’s effect must of course take in God’s causation.


Recall now that included in every idea caused by God, mentally, is the implication of its lying, invalid, supposed opposite.  Here the idea of man’s reflection of the perfect function of purification comes into play.  The thoughts coming to man from God include both these false implications, and the power and action of the continual purification associated with them which is ascribed to their absolute nature. In the absolute realm, purification is going on continually, preventing the actual manifestation of the opposite of reality. God knows this, and man is therefore able to know this.  In a perfect liver,  that which is supposed, temporal, invalid, poisonous, etc., is separated from that which is vital to life and is eternal and perfect. In the physical realm, perfect liver understood is manifested as negativism, separated and disposed of as waste. Man, as effect, reflects both the purification and the conscious power and awareness of that purification. We see that humanly manifest as a perfectly operating liver purifying a perfect physical body.


In spiritual man, perfect liver functions continually. It has no choice, for there is no element of impurity within infinite purity. Mrs. Eddy says “Perfection does not animate imperfection.”  The awareness of perfect body can only be manifested by perfect consciousness.
The false admission that we are mortals establishes a false foundation for mortal mind to rest its false and supposititious thoughts within.  Mortal mind stores its suppositional lies, each one opposing a truth, and keeps them on hand for presentation whenever animal magnetism calls upon it for justification.  A lie about liver admitted in mortal mind becomes immediately manifest as a material spot on the physical liver, but it is no more substantial that the false mental supposition which originates it.  A liver spot is a false attachment to the real idea of a perfect liver performing its perfect task of continual and perfect purification. The validity of the spot  is on par with the validity of mortal mind – namely, nothing. The appearance of malfunctioning liver is the result of the supposed claim and invalid power of assumption of the power of impurity in mortal mind.


Because there really is no mortal mind, then we can realize that we are able to see, right where the disturbed liver appears to be manifested by the lies entertained in mortal sense, in its place the perfect purification of the perfect idea of liver, which is continually taking place, right where the lie about it is claiming to be.  That understanding brought to consciousness appears humanly as the healing of liver.




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