Real Goodness Vs Counterfeit Goodness

 Why Take a Stand for God?


Why do we stand up for God’s goodness?  We really have no choice! We have a natural inclination to be what we are.  On the surface that seems to be a bizarrely obvious reply to a rhetorical question.   But, the illusion caused by an unfounded conviction in the reality of material life hides the spiritual facts from consciousness.  Do we truly understand who we are?  Do we consistently and deliberately apply that understanding to  completely  transforming our consciousness to conform with the divine?   Are we living and breathing and oozing Christian Science in every breath and thought?  Or do we only humanly believe that this is what we are doing?   Might not a heartfelt introspection reveal that, part of the time, we are just along for the ride, enjoying the company of those we perceive to be like minded?


Be Willing to Change Course


Our leader, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy,  constantly and consistently searched her thought for the presence of erroneous influence.  Thus, she was always ready and willing to completely change her course on the basis of divine leadings. She insisted that

“you must give much time to self-examination and correction; you must control appetite, passion, pride, envy, evil-speaking, resentment, and each one of the innumerable errors that worketh or maketh a lie.”  (Mis. 137:23-27)

Christian Scientists must not allow their human sense of identity to prevent them from going the full spiritual distance.  We must comprehend the depth of the transformation of spiritual identity needed to transform the world for good.  We each must lift human consciousness above its deep-seated false beliefs in materialism.  To mortally based human sense, there are individuals who are unwittingly and unintentionally engaged in what they perceive to be Christian Science practice, for humanly selfish reasons.   Some misguided persons enjoy a false self-justified notoriety in the self-satisfaction of their proclamation of a spiritual life being externally lived as a Christian Scientist.  Healing comes to the human scene on their behalf by our perception of  every individual in his divine sense – by knowing that there is no such man who can carry out selfish intentions under the pretence of goodness.  It is animal magnetism which proclaims the validity of every misguided intention and presents human beings as misguided persons.  The human who has only learned to intellectually understand his spiritual identity has not completed the task of putting off “the old man”, even through the study of Christian Science.

Man’s purpose is to live the Christ; the full living of the Christ has nothing at all to do with human activity, with human organizations, nor with human-based civil law and government.     Because so-called material law so prevails in general human consciousness, Christian Scientists have a duty to constantly monitor the human activity taking place in civil government.  Have we been doing that?


The Foe In Ambush


The foe in ambush in our society today comes in the form of atheistic-based, Godless thought.  That Godless thought comes continually from subtle, hidden and deceptive influences characteristic of the political left.  This is not to say that evil influence is nowhere to be found in the political right, but rather, that the cloaking of evil in deceptively benevolent human forms is a distinctly leftist characteristic.  Leftist thought presents human benevolence as mankind’s savior, in place of  the God that it would eradicate from society.  Therein lies its hidden evil.  For at least the past 50 years, humanly controlling Marxist based socialistic thinking, clothed in benevolence, has gradually wormed its way into the human thought process of American society.  It began with, and continues with, both the open and the subtle denouncement of God, the only true governor.  We must never hesitate to speak the truth recognized in prayer at the risk of being controversial and unpopular.  The human notoriety of the many who profess humanly socialistic political ideologies is widely respected.  Among those who profess the benevolence of socialism are also many who profess adherence to its very opposite, Christian Science,   When we see the foe, it is our duty to announce our observation.  Mrs. Eddy has this to say on pages 570 and 571 of Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures:

“Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the power of good resident in divine Mind, but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought, and expose evil’s hidden mental ways of accomplishing iniquity.

“Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary to ensure the avoidance of evil?  Because people like you better when you tell them their virtues than when you tell them their vices.  It requires the spirit of our blessed Master to tell a man his faults, and so risk human displeasure for the sake of doing right and benefiting our race. Who is telling of the foe in ambush? Is the informer one who sees the foe?  If so, listen and be wise.  Escape from evil, and designate those as unfaithful stewards who have seen the danger and yet have given no warning.”




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5 comments on “Real Goodness Vs Counterfeit Goodness

  1. Stirling,

    I oppose completely your premise in this video. To infer that because I am absolute in my idea, that Gods commandment though shall not kill, is the true law we should favor, does make me a subject of animal magnetism as inferred in your video. civil laws, I am sure will be far different when we are all fully and completely living under Gods Kingdom and under his laws alone. Have a great day Stirling

  2. Thank you, Sue. It would indeed be a very bizarre misstatement of Christian Science to infer that it is animal magnetism to support the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. Of course, that is the only law! So stated, another bizarre inference is created, namely, an assumption that to oppose irrational laws against gun ownership is somehow equivalent to opposition to the very commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. Would not the adoption of either of those two misunderstood views meet the designs of malicious animal magnetism itself? Both inferences are clearly false. Let’s look closer at the point being made here about animal magnetism. Animal magnetism is indeed very slippery. It attaches itself to our present sense of human right, and then self righteously calls itself our God-created identity.

    Let us once again re-examine this issue in more metaphysical detail, because that is what this is all about: the uncovering of malicious animal magnetism. Of course, we all oppose killing! The point in question is one of responsibility. Who and what is responsible for the commission of violent crime? To favor the control of material weapons would place the responsibility exactly where malicious animal magnetism wants it to be placed – upon matter rather than upon mortal mind.

    Should we believe that the mere presence of weapons drives the criminal to his violent actions? Does matter control man’s thought? Is not divine Mind in control of all thought? Then what is it that is behind the criminal’s evil actions? Is it not evil itself , entertained in the very antipode of divine Mind, namely, in that impossibility which we call mortal mind? What drives mortal mind to a criminal act? Is it not its own false belief in evil? Of course it is, for that is all that mortal mind is capable of entertaining. It is evil, and not matter, which drives mortal mind to commit a heinous act with the hands. Is it logical Christianly scientific reasoning to assume that inanimate material objects are capable of the control of mortal thought, or in the least even influences it? Matter has no power.

    Let’s examine what Mrs. Eddy says on this subject in that important chapter of Science and Health entitled “Animal Magnetism Unmasked”. In this paragraph, we could with complete validity substitute the name of any tool of mortal mind for the word “hands”, for it is mortal mind, which directs every evil mortal act, via the hands. “Hands” directed by mortal mind operate guns, knives, baseball bats, piano wires, assemble bombs, fly airplanes into buildings, etc.

    “Is it not clear that the human mind must move the body to a wicked act? Is not mortal mind the murderer? The hands, without mortal mind to direct them, could not commit a murder.” (S&H page 104:30-2)

    “Can matter commit a crime? Can matter be punished? Can you separate the mentality from the body over which courts hold jurisdiction? Mortal mind, not matter, is the criminal in every case; and human law rightly estimates crime, and courts reasonably pass sentence, according to the motive.” (S&H page 105:10)

    So, on the basis if those two quotations, who and what should we blame for an act of violence? Should we blame the HANDS of the murderer, the gun of the murderer, the airplane of the murderer, or the baseball bat of the murderer? Or should we blame the criminal mind? What has need of being brought under control? Is it the airplane, the knife, or the gun? Or is it the mortal mind of the criminal who entertains evil and carries it out? Which one does Mrs. Eddy tell us is the criminal, matter or mortal mind? Does she suggest the removal of the hands of the criminal, or does she suggest the eradication of evil thought through the exercise of the acknowledgment of Mind’s onlyness and omnipresence?

    When we are all living spiritually and in accord with God, in His kingdom, there will be no more civil law. While we believe ourselves to be on this human plane, if we would reach that present mental realization of His kingdom here and now, our civil law must be completely and thoroughly be conformed to the divine. In order to ensure that it is so conformed, we must examine every metaphysical detail. We must ensure that we ourselves are not being duped by our own mortal presumptuous beliefs. We must become intimately familiar with the many potential detours which animal magnetism would deceptively lead us down.

    The purpose of my video is to help to expose the deceptive treachery of malicious mortal mind. Certainly not to support killing! That is exactly the reaction mortal mind would create! Here is evil again, hiding in the clothing of goodness, the pot calling the kettle black. Mortal mind does not want man to see its deception. So, it acts through mortal man by claiming to be his identity, holding on to deceptive false belief in the illusion of personal identity.

    This is exactly what my video is attempting to warn about. To see the treachery requires an opening of thought which mortal mind naturally resists. It requires a thorough sacrifice of human selfhood. Every human struggles with this. Evil would continue to accomplish its purpose by misrepresenting the intentions of those who would do good by exposing it. It attempts to continue its misrepresentation by falsely labeling as evil, those who work to expose its deception.

  3. I agree with you Stirling. Perhaps it is the same case if we analize money. It is obviously just matter. People kill and die for it. So, what we would say that money is evil ? That it is “per se” dangerous ? and finally that it is the “cause” of evil, selfishness, etc., is it not the great argumento of political left?

  4. Thank you, Maria. Indeed your statement about money is certainly in line with the rationale presented in the article which addressed weapons, namely, the false statement that evil can be, or is, inherently resident in matter itself. Evil’s real root is the entertainment of and belief in deceiving and false mortal thought. Good or evil never resides IN any material object or material substance. Matter is but the manifestation of powerless MORTAL thought. To address human problems through the manipulation of matter is NOT spiritual thinking. It clearly represents a materialistic interpretation of being, and is thus not in consonance with correct Christian Science.

    This is exactly the thought involved in attempting to control violence through the control of physical weapons. This same thought is also represented by the approach of healing disease through the application of medicine and hygiene. Both of these materialistic approaches attempt to cure problems by treating their material appearances, thus reinforcing the very false belief in the discord itself.

    Matter cannot stand alone, and does not exist without the false belief of mortal mind. That which is entertained in mortal mind is invalid in the eyes of God, because God’s allness affirms mortal mind’s non-existence.

    Therefore it is not matter that we should fear and correct, but the false thinking of mortal mind. Physical and human conditions will then accordingly conform to our improved thought . That is God’s law of adjustment in operation.

    For the very same reason, Christian Scientists choose to find healing from the influence of disease by addressing the false beliefs entertained in mortal mind, and never by manipulating the conditions or appearance of diseased matter. Effective metaphysical healing is consistent, and under NO circumstance honors matter as a causative factor.

    Likewise in the case of money, financial difficulties are false beliefs taking place in mortal mind, not real conditions that are solved by the external application of material money to a material circumstance of shortage.

    Likewise in the case of violent actions: Violence is not the result of evil residing in a weapon, but is the result of false beliefs of violence entertained in mortal mind. Thus the appearance of violence will never be solved by attempting to control the material weapons used to carry it out, any more than we could expect to effectively remove the belief of a disease by taking material measures against it with drugs or methods of hygiene. In both cases, the material measures only serve to reinforce mortal mind’s belief in material causation, and hinder the advancement of the effective demonstration of Christian Science.

  5. Great point of clarification Stirling! Yes, mortal mind [hatred, greed, lack, revenge, egoism, etc] must be replaced by divine love in every heart. This solves every human issue or problem in this world.

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