Real Action is Harmonious Action

 All loving actions unfold without a glitch

Have you ever considered that the most loving actions you have experienced unfolded harmoniously and without a glitch?   Discordant action, be it physical or mental, is but a false inverted presentation of the harmony of the actually unimpeded and perfect unfolding of the only valid action which exists, namely, action directed by the divine Mind, God.

Principle is Love.  Principle governs the necessarily synchronized harmonious matching up, the mutual engagement and interaction between each and every one of Mind’s eternally acting ideas.  Principled action is made manifest as Love because every state of every perfect idea generated by the divine Mind remains eternally perfect.  What we know as Love is the conscious recognition of that eternally present and acting harmony, the necessary unfolding of Mind’s action, seen and experienced.  By virtue of the infinitely present universality of Mind and its necessarily principled operation, ALL valid action is harmonious.  Therefore discordant action is invalid.  Action must be obedient to that which comes to man directed by loving Principle.  In Misc Writings , Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, writes about this obedience (117:13-15)

“Obedience is the offspring of Love; and Love is the Principle of unity, the basis of all right thinking and acting; it fulfills the law.”

Consequently, our conscious experience of the principled unfolding of Mind’s harmonious action is beautiful, and it defines what is felt as Love.

This kind of a description of God is not a theological grasping at straws.  It is not simply a human attempt to mentally construct an entity which feels like a good explanation of what governs the universe.  It results, rather, from a logical look at the depth of the meaning of the word “Truth”.  Truth is the quality of “BE-ing”.  In some Christian Science writings, the fabricated term “isness” has been used to describe the depth of the meaning of the word “Truth”.  Truth describes that which IS.  That which IS NOT is therefore, a lie.  Nothing could be simpler, but human thought adulterates the word “Truth”, even insisting that Truth can be relative.  The fact eternally remains that if an idea or statement is true, it eternally IS.

The truth will always be

One of my favorite Pat Metheny songs, a very majestic and beautiful work, is entitled “The Truth will Always Be”.   Contrary to the position of the believers of relative truth, it is not possible to name a truth which stops being true.  This statement is backed up by pure logic.  If a statement or observation ever stops its presentation, at that moment it IS NOT.  The moment a thought or idea or statement is recognized as being capable of stopping or changing to something different that what it was, it is seen to be IS NOT, because such action invalidates the eternal nature of truth.  At that point such a thought, claiming to be Truth, is recognized as an imposter, and can consciously be treated as simply invalid – a lie.  In human experience we meet a myriad of lies claiming to be Truth.  Our job as Christian Scientists is to identify and remove these false claims, lies claiming to be Truth, from consciousness.  Our view of God in Christian Science results from this logical analysis of Truth.  This view of God as the source of Truth is therefore impossible to separate from Principle.  A present Principle causes all existence to BE.  Regardless of how the outward manifestation of the Being comes to conscious experience, the fact of eternal BE-ing continuously IS, totally independent of the quality of its perception in human consciousness.  The human mind may believe it is experiencing discordant action, while it is actually experiencing an inverted presentation of present harmonious action, fooled by false hypnotic belief in impossible opposite qualities.  An awareness of Love is associated with correcting this false recognition.

How do we set ourselves up mentally to experience only harmony?

This leads us then to the question “How do we mentally set ourselves up to consciously feel Love and to witness only the action of true and present harmony?”  The practice of knowing our natural spiritual state, the living and breathing of our “I AM” identity, results in the eradication of the conscious human awareness of discord.  In Misc Writings (209:8-11) we read  “The principle of divine Science being Love, the divine rule of this Principle demonstrates Love, and proves that human belief fulfills the law of belief, and dies of its own physics.”

Then Mrs. Eddy goes on to explain how Love binds itself to Principle and becomes objectified in human experience only through the deliberate actions of man acting as God’s representative (Misc Writings 215:13-15)

”Christian Science demands order and truth.  To abide by these we must first understand the Principle and object of our work, and be clear that it is Love, peace, and good will toward men.”

Pour in Truth through flood-tides of Love

We remove error from human consciousness “by pouring in Truth through flood-tides of Love” (S&H 201:17-18).  Until this pouring in is consciously carried out through the practice of consciously living our spiritual identity, human consciousness seems to retain its possession of tenacious mortal beliefs.  The elevation of human consciousness to the divine level is accomplished through this conscious in-pouring of Love to the human mind.

Do problems feel stubborn?

Does it feel like we never rid ourselves of a problem completely, and that it seems to keep trying to return to our experience?  Divinely understood, this work is never partially accomplished, but always completed.  Human love gradually approaches a sense of the purer state of divine Love as mortal beliefs are dissolved and washed away.  Keep pouring in the Love!  Don’t stop!  To see our work partially done or half-undone is impossible  from the viewpoint of God which is beheld by the spiritualized man.  In Misc Writings we read (290:10-14)

“To suppose that human love, guided by the divine Principle, which is Love, is partial, unmerciful, or unjust, indicates misapprehension of the divine Principle and its workings in the human heart.”

If we humanly experience any sense of discordant action, the solution to and the removal of any associated negative symptoms may always be found through the realization of the eternal and spiritual fact of the necessity of harmony governing every valid action.  Let us conclude in this light with these two quotations from Science and Health (239:25-27 and 407:22-24)

“If action proceeds from the divine Mind, action is harmonious.”  “In Science, all being is eternal, spiritual, perfect, harmonious in every action.”


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