Random Excerpts from “The Story of Christian Science Wartime Activities 1939-1946” Copyright 1947

Thank God for our military people, and thank God for His protection of them.  This book is jam-packed with similar inspiring stories of the power of Christ in action in wartime situations.  The Wartime Ministers referred to in these instances were volunteer Christian Science practitioners assigned the duties of a military Chaplain on the European and Asian fronts.  Christian Science Chaplain activities continue to this day in support of our military men and women at home, and in combat in foreign war zones.  Christian Science practitioners in the civilian world also continue today to minister to those in need of redemption from any and all kinds of human maladies, diseases, or sins.

Page 218 and 219:  “In November 1943, the jeep in which a lieutenant was driving skidded on a slippery road and smashed through the railing of a bridge, falling thirty feet.  He was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment, and was found to be badly bruised, with broken collarbone, broken cheekbone, and with one eye shoved out of place.  It was suggested that he would lose sight of that eye.  That same day he was removed to the hospital at his post, and by the time he was placed in bed the Wartime Minister was at his side.

The Minister wrote to the boy’s mother, ‘Our work is to keep on keeping on, knowing this so-called accident never happened.  There is nothing to mend, to be adjusted, or developed. Man is always perfect, whole, and free from anything that responds or corresponds to this dream of life in matter.  No faculty of Mind is ever lost or injured, or out of control’

Within twenty-four hours the swelling and discoloration of his entire face had disappeared.  On December 10 the Minister wrote that a complete healing of the eye and cheekbone had been brought about. In January the soldier was released from the hospital with a perfect and, to the medical attendants, remarkable healing.  The doctor who had operated on the face and lifted the bone was much impressed with the way the soldier got along, his freedom from suffering, his mental attitude, and the speed of his healing.  Later, the doctor himself asked for Christian Science treatment in a difficult situation and acknowledged gratefully the strength and freedom received.  Also the medical nurse who attended the boy and witnessed his healing later sought the Minister’s help and was healed of rheumatic  fever.  Eventually she became so deeply interested in Christian Science that she changed her profession.”

Page 220 and 221: “ Much effort was put forth to locate a boy who had been severely burned in Austria by a gasoline explosion.  This contact was not made, however, until he was returned to the United States more than a month later for hospitalization.  He was in a cast from the waist up and from his fingers to the shoulders of both arms.  He had lost the sight of both eyes, and all his hair has been burned away.

Word from the Wartime Minister who was immediately advised of the case indicated that within about two weeks the boy’s eyesight had been fully restored, his hair had begun to grow, and the scars on his face had disappeared, only a small red spot under his chin remaining of the facial injury.  The surgeons removed the casts from his arms, and he was able to straighten them and make use of his hands. The skin, which had been wholly burned off his arms, had grown back without any surgical or medical aid, much to the surprise of the doctors, and no grafting was ever necessary.

Two months later the case was closed, the healing being complete.  No signs of the wounds remained.  Not only was the serviceman restored to health, but he was also healed of smoking.

While in training as a paratrooper, a Christian Scientist fell, colliding in mid-air with another paratrooper.  Both parachutes were disabled, and the men fell two hundred and fifty or three hundred feet to the ground, where the second lad landed on top of the Christian Scientist with his legs wrapped around the latter’s neck and shoulders.  On that swift descent the Scientist clung to spiritual truths which he knew were responsible for his being picked up alive.

An examination showed that he had sustained a broken back, with three ribs torn loose from the backbone, and was paralyzed from the waist down.  At the general hospital where he was rushed for treatment, he refused an anesthetic or hypodermic of any kind when his back was set, preferring to continue relying on the supporting Spirit which had already delivered him from a sterner test.

As soon as the Wartime Minister serving the hospital was notified she went at once to see him and began Christian Science treatment.  The boy’s healing was rapid and permanent, a marvel indeed to the medical profession and to all who knew of the case.  When the cast was removed, the boy was conscious that God was his support, and so felt no weakness in his back.  The X ray revealed a complete healing, with no trace of ridge or bump at the point of break.  The boy was pronounced fit, dismissed from the hospital, and put on military police duty, a twenty-four hour stretch the first day he was out of the hospital!  He later served a year and a half in the infantry, spending days and nights at a time in foxholes, without the slightest discomfort in his back.”

Page 205 and 206: “An outstanding healing of a brain tumor was brought about by a British Wartime Worker for a new student of Christian Science.  The Worker, upon being called to the hospital, sat quietly beside the girl’s bed for some time, reasoning with her along the lines of the omnipotence of God and the consequent nothingness of the material error called tumor.  The tumor had not yielded several days later when he returned, and treatment was continued.

Until four o’clock in the morning, right spiritual reasoning was applied to refute the physical appearance, and then the Worker knew that the patient was healed.  The following day his convictions were confirmed when he visited the patient, whose own comments on the condition indicated what a splendid healing it had been:

I had to work all the time to turn my thoughts from pain and the possibility of going mad, to Mrs. Eddy’s hymns or fragments from Science and Health.  That night, in great pain, I turned my thought to the ‘everlasting arms’ and I slept until morning, when I knew that I was healed, as evidenced by a prolonged easing discharge through the nostrils.  The specialist and his doctors are amazed at my recovery.

Within less than a month of the healing, the girl was summoned to Cairo for a grueling test for a commission, and was one of three accepted for further training.

With consecration such as this the Volunteer Wartime Workers blessed the Christian Science ministry of World War II, singing praise unto the most High and triumphing in the work of His hands.

During the liberation of Europe, the Pacific, and parts of Asia, Volunteer Wartime Workers, some of whom spoke French, German, and other languages, were to play a substantial part in restoring Christian Science churches after the years of dispersal.”


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