Politics and Christianity – Who is on our Side?

The following is an excerpt from an article published in “The Christian Science Journal” in June, 1953 by Arnold H. Exo.  The title of the piece is called “The Mathematics of Christian Science”

“Democracy – founded as it is upon the Christly proposition that each one of God’s compound ideas is forever a whole, complete unit, therefore possessed of inviolable individuality and inalienable equality – is the antipode of and antidote to mass thinking, mass action, and mass existence.  In the philosophy of mass, the rights, the equity, the decency, and the dignity of the individual are submerged, lost sight of in the mass concept.  In the mass concept the citizen exists for and is subservient to the group or state, which alone is considered to be whole and complete.  He is, therefore relegated to the status of a mere cell in a mass organization, with no right to think and act as an individual.

In democratic institutions, however, individuality is glorified, because the state exists for the citizen and not the citizen for the state.  It follows that any attempt to engraft the concept of mass upon democracy saps the vitals of that which is the highest form of human government possible, because democracy glorifies first the individual and thereby the group.  More individualism instead of less, that is, more spirituality and less materiality, is the road to demonstration of godly freedom which mankind craves and deserves.”

Commentary on Mr. Exo’s words with respect to today’s political situation:

The above paragraphs define absolute ideas.  The nature of democracy and the nature of mass thinking are fixed.  They have not changed since 1953 and never will.  America, progressivism is today busy “grafting the concept of mass thinking” upon our beloved democratically governed Republic.  Astute observers, especially those who have been on the earth long enough to take note of changing trends in public thought, will notice a gradual trend away from the guarantee and respect of individuality and individual rights in American society, and towards dependence upon the state.  This poison has been steadily spreading its roots in our system of law since shortly after this article appeared, beginning as early as the 1960s.  Every little step towards progressive thought and law moves American society closer to a concept of mass thinking and gradually away from the honor of individuality and individual freedoms – away from God towards the false worship of human government, or the state.  Rights which had previously been protected by traditional American thinking grounded in its founding principles have given way to ideological progressive thought planted by the proponents of socialism.    As such thought subtly worms its way into our system, new laws are passed every day, authored by elitists in powerful political positions whose intentions are to protect us from the supposed dangers of our own stupidity.

Most recently, under the current Presidential administration, there have been direct attacks on the right of the free exercise of religion.  The masses are generally blind to this activity, ignorant of its subtle action.  The author is one of many Americans whose tenets of faith are now being held as either unreasonable or simply insignificant in comparison with the perceived “common good” defined by superior-minded elitist progressives in powerful offices.  They give lip service to the Constitution while trampling it under foot.  Such actions are defended by their proponents as being “for the common good”.  Each change “for the common good” erodes yet another finger of our grasp on our own ability to maintain a system of human law which reflects and supports man’s God-given rights.  The Constitution of The United States defined the first government in history to recognize that man’s rights are granted by God, not by men.  The Founding Fathers accordingly designed carefully considered provisions into the Constitution which would ensure the provision of those rights for all citizens for all time.  Today these rights are being trampled upon and dishonored by an increasing number of citizens who have been duped by the subtlety of evil.  For the past 50 years or so there has been a leftist political indoctrination process taking place in America designed to undermine the Constitution and the rights it protects.  Around that time period, evil discovered that the only way America can be defeated is to attack it from within.  Accordingly, evil then began its work.

Today we find ourselves at a turning point.  Though there is an awakening going on, too many Americans are still asleep at the wheel, unaware that the basic God-granted liberties we have enjoyed for 200 years are being quietly politically hijacked by progressivism.

The mixture of politics with Christianity has become controversial primarily as a result of this gradual subtle indoctrination process and has led many in directions away from God in an attempt to weaken the foundations of faith.  Evil is at work.  It is time to stand up and turn this trend around.   Comments are invited.




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