Peace, Be Still!

Thoughts on Christ Consciousness  10.28.13

In an article on spiritual consciousness, Bicknell Young, an early Christian Scientist wrote:

When Jesus stilled the waves, his only words were: “Peace, be still.”  Isn’t this a wonderful treatment? “ Peace, be still.”  It becomes necessary for us to realize a “peace, be still” to every disturbance, to every disturbed thought, and therefore to all discordant or inharmonious outer conditions.  When Jesus said, “Peace, be still,” he was not directing his thought to the troubled waves or to the storm.  He was not addressing disturbed thought, the disturbed mind of the disciples, of those on board.  Nor was he addressing them as person; but rather to the universal belief of a disturbed thought, to the universal belief in a mind apart from God, to the universal belief of inharmonious inner and outer conditions, he was declaring”Peace, be still”!

Jesus knew that there are no inner conditions nor outer conditions, but rather only the perfect condition of God, the perfect and only knowing Mind.  Jesus, the anointed, learned to continually practice the perfect Christ consciousness, and as the anointed, he did this for our benefit and example.  Through his understanding of the truth of being, through his understanding that the only validity, by the nature of the necessity of the very word “is”,  is necessarily eternally harmonious, and is the reality of conscious being.  By the practice of this continual perfect and undistracted Christ-consciousness, Jesus became possessed of dominion over all material conditions.

The Christ consciousness is man’s consciousness, ours to possess.  We need, however, to consciously choose its possession by consciously and conscientiously making the same sacrifices of human belief as did Jesus in his holy life.  To human beings this is a tall order.  To the natural and real inner spiritual man, this is but the reflective exercise of God’s continual and perfect action seen in man as the image and likeness of his Maker.   We need only actively and consciously realize our indwelling natural spiritual identity, the Christ consciousness which is the only validity in  human consciousness.  We can step by step learn to practice possession of this Christ consciousness, which gives us all dominion over every seeming obstacle, by choosing to honor no thought, no person, no condition which appears contrary to the divine will, regardless of how convincing may be its presentation to us as human beings.


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