Illustrating the Flow of Divine Thought from Mind to Consciousness, Part 3

Part 3 Illustrating the Flow of Divine Thought from Mind to Consciousness

The universality of God and man, again revisited

Part 2 of this series concluded with a generalized pictogram indicating the cause and effect relationship which permanently defines the one universal and infinite unit which we call God and man.  Let’s review that.  Functionally, that cause/effect relationship of God and man was pictured as follows:

That is an oversimplified mental flow chart  of the basic universally present harmonious Principle, which operates as a universal self-inclusive and infinite unit.  We call that one unit God and man.  It is vital to keep in mind the universality of the operation of God’s cause and effect.   Pictorially that universality was represented in Part 1 using the following diagram, which to our limited human senses is a 2 dimensional representation of an infinitely present, dimensionless, eternal presence:


The feeling of this concept of universality cannot be overemphasized.  To mentally combine the concepts represented in the above two diagrams gives a clearer picture of the universal operation of the cause and effect relationship between God and man.  Principle operates not in place or time.  Principle simply is, regardless of the seeming human concepts called place and time with which the human mind overlays Principle.  No matter where we humanly perceive ourselves to be in terms of finite physical location, or when we humanly conceive of our being as beginning or ending, divine Principle, or Mind, simply IS, and acts independently of the faulty humanly created limiting concepts called time and space.  What the human mind thinks of as place is actually an impossible finitized subset of the infinity of universally present divine Mind.  No matter what limitations the human mind perceives as time, Principle, or Mind, has been and is always acting, and always will act.

To perceive the universality of man and God, we must think of spiritual consciousness.  Spiritual consciousness is entirely devoid of dimensionally measurable space or time measured in seconds, minutes, hours, or years.  Just how God operates universally independent of place and time is hinted at in these inspired words of the Psalmist (Ps. 139:7-12):

Whither shall I go from they Spirit?  Or whither shall I flee from thy presence?  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, behold;, thou art there.  If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.”

To conceive of mentally combining that sense of universality concepts with the concept of cause and effect requires yet another pictorial.    The chart below chart is a limited 2 dimensional representation of a dimensionless and timeless spiritual picture.  In human terms we think of existence as temporal and dimensionally defined.  The depicted activities are taking place in what might be better described as infinite and eternal non-dimensional space in the absence of a sense of time.  An infinitude of representations of spiritual man are manifest, but this spiritual man is one with God in quality.  Stated another way, this spiritual effect, called man, resulting from a core cause, called God, is one in number, but is expressed in individuality in an unlimited and unquantifiable manner.  The cause, God, at its center is at the same time universally present.  This is not an easily perceived human concept.  It is neither spatial nor temporal.  It is a purely spiritual concept.  This graphical representation only hints at the concept but describes more than can mere words can.



This representation reinforces the concept of the universality of God and man.  Now let us turn our attention back to the description of detail in the action of the working relationship between God and man.   The following is a mental exercise which must be clearly conceptually grasped before the point of the next presented mental analysis can possibly feel acceptable to human thought:

Let’s mentally examine our basic cause and effect conception with the perspective of universality, universal presence, introduced in the circular diagram above.  Here is again the cause and effect representation as it has been already presented.   Let is examine it now mentally with that universality clearly in mind:


Pause and ponder this deeply.  This cause and effect relationship of God and man is going on universally, and not within any measurable or quantifiable number of finitized places.  This diagram represents Principle in its eternal, infinite, spaceless, timeless operation.

In Part 4 , human factors which have not yet been addressed will be discussed.  For example, what about mortality, evil, birth, death, the material earth, space, etcetera?  Where do they fit into the picture, and how do these negations find their way into human consciousness?


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