God’s Economy is Ever Active and Present, Part 2

This is part 2 of 2.  Part 1 is available via this link.

Mortal mind is the realm of supposed negation

“I AM” is divine consciousness.  No sense of negation may be associated with the pronoun “I” in divine Science, for in divine Science, “I” indicates the one Ego, the one divine Mind, God,  universally and infinitely expressed as God’s man, the direct effect of God.  When any sense of negation is associated with the word “I”, the false human mortal sense of ego is speaking.  This mortal man has no identity.  His identity is his sameness with negation, his sameness with nothing.    The real man’s identity is his sameness with eternal perfection, God.

We are at one with every idea of divine Mind

To say, for example “I am susceptible to the conditions of the world’s financial economy” is to exercise the false, mortally based human sense of ego.  The truth is that we are at one with divine Mind, and that therefore we are at one with every idea of the divine Mind.  That is our supply, and our business, and it is right here within the infinite universe of Spirit, of which immortal spiritual man is consciously, continually aware.  We are the consciousness of all that Mind is.  We are at-one with all that we need!  That is the truth of our “at-one-ment.”

Supply is not that which God gives to us, it is rather, the presence of the spiritual universe, which is eternally present and available to us.  We must exercise our “I AM” identity continually in order to allow this truth to be made manifest in conscious experience.  Our job in Christian Science is not to atone the human experience to the divine, but to realize our “at-one-ment” here and now.  Our God-directed task is to exercise the already purified divine consciousness which comprises our very being now.  Our job, our business,  is to actively be the body of God, carrying out His harmonious actions.   From this level of consciousness we find ourselves looking out from the standpoint of God, rather than looking up to it from a human perspective and seeking to rise higher.  We must actively know that no arising is necessary.  Being divinely conscious, we are as close to the kingdom of heaven right now, as we ever will be.

Sowing to the flesh as opposed to sowing to the Spirit

Gal. 6:8 “He that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting”

If we “sow to the flesh”, we see our being as operating somehow independently and separately from God.  This cannot be, since God is the one and the only operating Mind and being.  Yet, this seems to be the general religious belief of the world – that God somehow grants to us the ability and the will to operate separately from Him.  Such a belief necessitates the acknowledgment of a human ego as the center of being, granted independence to operate in a realm separated from God.    Christian Science insists that this is not so, and that such belief is a part of the great subtle deception of error.   It is mortal mind, the realm of mental supposition, which entertains every negative human thought.

God is the one and only operating Mind, and every man, in the spiritual sense of man, is the harmonious mental product of the operation of that great and only Mind, who coordinates and harmonizes every one of His ideas with every other.  The human ego is a fallacy, and is subtle evil, false belief claiming to be our identity.  We can and must suppress human ego through the conscious exercise of knowing ourselves as the “I AM” identity, the same as, and at one with, God, good,  in every way.

As we learn to more closely and continually spiritually commune with God, to develop a continual awareness of spiritual sense, we know our identity more clearly as “I AM”, as God’s very consciousness expressed.  Then we begin to think and see from the standpoint of God, looking out at present perfection, rather than looking up to perfection, and from thence hoping and asking to be raised up in our prayers.

In proportion as we know our oneness with God do we receive what we need

In proportion as we learn to know our oneness with God, to live it and to breathe it, in that proportion do we know our oneness with the infinitude of God’s ideas , with all of God’s universe, including not only all of that which we need, but also including our brethren as well!  The following statement is written from the perspective of man’s physical bodily health, but is equally applicable to the health of man’s economy and general well-being:

On page 381:31 of Science and Health is found this commentary on transgressions of physical law.

“Christ Jesus overruled the error which would impose penalties for transgressions of the physical laws of health; he annulled supposed laws of matter, opposed to the harmonies of Spirit, lacking divine authority and having only human approval for their sanction.”

Human beings lead their human lives under the influence of belief of multitudinous assumed physical and human laws.  We are humanly educated that we must live by these rules – rules which have no sanction from God whatsoever.  So-called physical laws have no dominion over spiritual law because their sanction originates not in God, but in the very error of belief stemming from mortal mind, the mental realm which human beings entertain In active human consciousness, mistaking as reality the mere negations of truth.

 What does this mean in practical terms?

Laws of physical health, laws of monetary economy, laws of imbalance between human supply and demand, unjust human judgments and laws,  etc., – all of these are examples of humanly sanctioned laws which, when honored and believed,  would infringe upon the positive and uplifting experience of feeling the present action of perfect divine Principle.

What is in accordance with the character of God?  Look out from His standpoint!

On page 208:12 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes

“It is not in accordance with the goodness of God’s character that He should make man sick, then leave man to heal himself.”

This statement is equally true for every imaginable and supposed discordant condition of man.  It is not in accordance with God’ character that He should deprive man of what he needs, or make it very difficult for him to obtain what he needs, and then leave man to go and find it.  What should be our conclusion then, about what is going on in such a situation, given what we have stated about the adjustment of consciousness in Christian Science?   The experience presented to man, which insists upon the presence of lack, is not a problem of actual shortage for there can be no shortage or lack.  That experience is but the product of a false belief in the supposed reality of lack.  Lack is a negative factor entertained in mortal mind.  Its interpretation as reality is the product of the lying human belief that the negation of God’s ever present abundance, could be true.

Man cannot in fact, go and find anything at all, independently from God, for there is no being independent of God.


In proportion as we give up a false mortal sense of identity do we find ourselves expressing the I AM identity.  This is the Christ action at worl in the human consciousness, purifying from sense, to Soul.



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  1. Stirling :
    Very nice post.
    What does exactly mean to exercise our I AM identity continually ?
    To think about, to believe in, to understand Mind/Love/God inexhaustible resources, goodness, infinity ?
    When I do that, should I keep those thoughts in abstract ? or could I picture something beautiful, lovely ? Thanks and congratulations.

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