Pamphlet: “What is Christian Science?”


This is our first pamphlet.  In handout form is has some attractive Christian clip art that spruces up the appearance, and is formatted in 3 columns such that it can be handed out as a trifolded 8 1/2 x 11 pamphlet.

What is Christian Science?

Christian Science is pure Christianity practiced and made manifest as the actual healing of human lives and bodies, based upon the study and application of absolute and logical Christian truths about God and man which were first explained to the world by our Lord and Master, Christ Jesus.  The Christian Scientist strives to know himself/herself and all of mankind as Jesus did – as the exact and perfect image and likeness of the one and only pure and perfect God.  Commonly confused with human mind based and psychological thought based systems  such as new age thought, therapeutic hypnotism,  Religious Science, Scientology, etc,  Christian Science is none of these, and neither is it similar to any of them in any way.

Two thousand years ago, Christ Jesus, the promised Messiah, the immaculately conceived Son of God, the highest possible human representative of God’s Christ on earth, brought to earth the promise of salvation from sin, disease, and even death, to all who believed on him and understood his word.   We all know that Jesus himself, after having been crucified by the hatred of this world, and having then received no help from any other human, but the help of God only, defeated the ultimate claim of evil — death itself.  He then rose even higher above our comprehension by his ascension into the purely spiritual realm of the kingdom of God.  Jesus’ healing works continued to be practiced by the Apostles and by the early Christians for some 300 years after the time after Jesus’ appearance on earth.  Jesus had not planned on the disappearance of healing. The politicization of Christianity came with the Roman Empire.  Jesus’ practical healing Christianity and its purity was eventually lost sight of over centuries of political change and influence.  In the dark ages, all hope of Christian healing seemed forever lost.   Until late in the 19th century, general religious belief continued to hold that the time of spiritual healing had passed along with Jesus’ departure from the earth.  They regarded the co-called miracles of the early Christians as belonging to a bygone era.

After Christian Science was discovered in 1866 in Boston, the mainstream Christian world began to gradually behold that the time of healing and of so-called miracles had not passed, and that the perpetual law of Christ healing had always been available after all.   The day of Pentecost has been and is with us forever!  Mary Baker Eddy, the devout Christian woman who discovered this system caused a great stir in Christian thought with the introduction of this new  system of Christian healing.  It teaches us how to unlock the inherent but hidden power of Christ healing in every man, woman, and child.  Not only did Mrs. Eddy dedicate the rest of her life to demonstrating her own remarkable healing ability and understanding, she also established a system of teaching it to others, that it might not again be lost.

Today Christian Science stands a revealed and practical science. It has been established as a healing system which has saved thousands in virtually every country of the western world.  It boasts 140 years of documented Christian healing.  The Christian Science Journal, a monthly publication which began in the year 1883 and continues to this day, contains records of many thousands of cases of spiritual healing realized through prayer alone.  Christian Science is a logical system of understanding which brings the omnipotent healing power of Christ to each and every sincere Christian who strives to find that power.

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