Our Spiritual Identity

Though embellished with some new age style terminology and descriptions of consciousness that sound different from my style of metaphysical language, the article linked at the bottom of this page is right on.  Presented here is some parallel commentary from the perspective of Christian Science.

To find satisfaction and true happiness, we do have to transform our perspective — from that which we have been educated to live and believe, to the perfection and completeness which has been hidden by our humanly educated belief systems and methods.  In Christian terms this transformation of perspective would be called being “born again”, as Jesus described in John Chapter 3.  Being truly born again goes much deeper than a mere confession of faith.  It involves ever growing deepening spiritual understanding and the continual effort to put that understanding into practical use for the benefit of all of the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind.

Humans believe themselves to be independent entities and thinkers in possession of their very own personal identities.  Though this is the appearance on the human scene, it is not at all the Truth from God’s perspective.  The appearance of earthly life is human truth, a counterfeit truth.  But Truth is never relative.  God’s spiritual Truth is the only Truth.  The appearance of an earthly life results from man’s earth-born educated beliefs about himself as a limited, finite, independent being.  Christian Science teaches that in God’s perspective, we as humans are not who we humanly believe we are, because God is not what or who humans perceive Him to be at all.  Humans mold their conceptions of God to their earthly observations, and then create doctrines about the nature of God to match their own human assumptions and observations.  But God IS whatever God IS,  in God’s own terms — and that is unadulterated and unconditional Love, continually and unconditionally expressed by man.  That in our life experience which does not match up with goodness and love, is comprised only of negative humanly generated assumptions and beliefs.  Every false belief or appearance of evil has its own infinite, eternal, positive counterpart, which comprises what is actually taking place beneath the presentation of evil in the spiritual realm, whenever and wherever evil presents itself in the human realm.  We can dispel evil’s appearance by understanding this basic philosophical rule of inversion.  We must realize that because God and His spiritually perfect and complete reflection, man, are ONE whole complete and  infinite unit, this excludes the presence or possibility of a valid “out there”,  all we need is found already within ourselves and is found through our own spiritual self-identification as God’s image and likeness.

The only “out there” exists in a nebulous and actually non-existent mental frame of reference created by our earthly educated belief systems.  In Christian Science it is referred to as “mortal mind”, and describes the educated human belief of residing in a pseudo-consciousness somehow removed from the direct presence and influence of God, pure goodness.

The author of the article linked below refers to expansion of consciousness.  In Christian Science it would be better described as growth in the realization that our true consciousness is in the divine, and not in the human.  We do not have to please anyone on earth, for there is nobody to please. We are all one in the one infinite entity of eternal God, and are all harmoniously and individually coordinated and animated by the one divine Mind of God.  God is not at all a human-like entity who must be appeased or pleased.  God can be nothing but continually pleased with man, for man is in fact the eternal and perfect manifestation of God’s own perfection and love.    To find permanent happiness, we need to understand and live the realization that we already are the complete and perfect spiritual manifestation of God – here and now, this instant, and not some time down the road in the future.  Enjoy the article below!



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