New Internet Radio Program on Christian Science and Spiritual Healing

I have been in contact with the website about producing my own radio program about Christian Science and spiritual healing. I recently filled out a form on their website requesting information information about how to get started, not really expecting a response.

Then I received a call from a producer about it, who asked me to throw together a proposal for a show. I did that over last weekend. The staff found my proposal to be quite unique, and they are immediately interested in proceeding. I received a second call back from them again today about this!

I believe this to have great potential in furthering the cause of Christian Science. The program needs sponsorship and/or pledges of financial support in order to get off the ground. I personally have no disposable income, and can only start this with the financial support of people who believe in it.

The program has a potential of being fully self supportive. In order to make this happen, I need a combination of private donations, on-air advertising, and possibly business sponsorships.

Can I count on your support? Would you like to help to round up enough financial support to ensure that this gets off the ground? Please contact me for details.


Here is a rough idea of the format and contents of this program:


Pilot Show Proposal

Focus and Objective

This is a show designed to appeal to the spiritually open-minded.   Its foundational focus is upon the way of thought inspired by the religious movement known as Christian Science, but its emphasis in presentation will have a broader appeal.  It would catch the interest of minds searching for “The Truth” of being who are willing to mentally probe beyond the boundaries of religious doctrines.   The show’s ultimate objective is to bring to listeners an acute awareness of the practical effectiveness of developing a God-centered consciousness.

A Few Potential Show Names

“Beyond Physicality”

“Metaphysical Matters”

“Mostly Metaphysical”

“Be Not Conformed”


Host/Co-Host(s):  Stirling Watts CS, an independent  practitioner of Christian Science healing, is also an active blogger, writer, and speaker.  He earned his formal credentials in Christian Science in 1993 and made the transition into the full time healing ministry in 2011.  Stirling has been listed as a full time practitioner of Christian Science in “The Christian Science Journal” and in the German language “Der Herold der Christlichen Wissenschaft” since January 2012.  He has been a life-long Christian Scientist and previously enjoyed an active career spanning over 30 years in a variety of technical and engineering positions in the United States and abroad.  (See attached biographical sketch)

Call Ins:  Every segment will feature the opportunity for call-ins.  Calls relative to the present subject matter will be welcomed and encouraged during the primary presentation.  Calls relating to spiritually influenced healing witnessed by listeners, and/or general commentary on the present subject are also welcomed, from all walks of faith.

Correspondence:  The host envisions feedback and listener participation as vital factors in ensuring its practical effectiveness.  In addition to fielding phone calls, emails relevant to the current topic feedback will be shared whenever possible.

Guest Speakers:  Occasionally the program will feature a guest appearance presented by a counterpart in the field of Christian Science healing.  Initial proposed speakers will be the host’s professional counterparts, including Christian Science practitioners, Christian Science teachers, and Christian Science nurses.   Future programming may be open to a wider variety of speakers, depending upon the direction of program development.

Attention grabbing introduction:  Most introductions will relate either an anecdotal or a testimonial situation from some real person who has been faced with a particular problem relevant to that week’s main theme.

Nine Randomly Chosen Potential Program Themes

The main theme for each program will be presented in a comfortable talk format, as opposed to a word for word reading format.  Its content will be based roughly upon the contents of one of the host’s growing archive of blog posts, currently at a count of over 170.   Every discussion will be addressed from a Biblical perspective, and supported by analysis from published Christian Science writings.

A few potential example themes and potential content:

Obvious malicious  evil –  Everyone experiences at one time or another some form of unthinking evil perpetrated maliciously with the sole purpose of causing harm to others.   Perhaps one is treated badly at home, at work, or in some public venue.  How is such behavior to be handled, controlled, or eliminated?   Unconscious mesmeric beliefs, and the importance of the mental “de-personalization” of the experience of evil are discussed.

Hidden subtle evil – Evil hides in deceptive presentations.  We can learn to protect ourselves from “wolves in sheep’s clothing” when we are aware of the deception, and understand exactly how to mentally treat this kind of experience.  Learning to recognize how and when we are being enticed, tempted, and handled, by malicious influences is the first step.  We go on to explore how a deeper individual understanding of our natural mental dominion, of which most of us are unaware, brings the experience of harmony into the situation.

Realizing Life’s Abundance – Are you experiencing unemployment?  Can’t find a job? Threatened by layoffs?  Not earning enough to pay the bills?  Explore in this program how the development of a higher conscious being can effect real life changes which bring to us all that we humanly need.  Biblical as well as modern day accounts of events which have been traditionally viewed as miraculous are presented as divinely natural from the point of view of scientific metaphysics.  Examples include, from the New Testament Christ’s feeding of the five thousand with only a handful of food, and from the Old Testament the poor widow woman for whom Elisha demonstrated an abundance of oil, as well as modern day occurrences of practical solutions which have demonstrated human enrichment been experienced as a result of spiritually uplifting prayer.

What is Consciousness? -  The basic mental building blocks of the concepts of God and man, the universe, and truth are discussed.   The proposition of spiritual (mental) reality as the positive and substantial realm of consciousness is put forth, while in contrast, material (matter) existence is proposed as the negative and insubstantial realm of consciousness – a situation which is in contrast with common educated belief.   A logical and spiritually scientific analysis of the first two chapters of the book of Genesis is the backdrop for the entire discussion.

The spiritual body and the humanly physical body -  Discussion of the concept of body and soul, the intent of the word soul in various Biblical passages, the concept of the terms “dwelling” and “temple” as consciousness and body , etc.  The practical value of understanding the concept of man’s “body” from a spiritual, non-physical perspective is the foundation of the discussion.  Biblical as well as modern examples of physical healing will be presented and discussed.

God’s Definition and Salient Synonyms – The complete scientific definition of God according to Christian Science.  Seven synonyms for God and the attributes that describe them, and how the continual entertainment of a conscious understanding of them transforms conscious experience into a continually harmonious state, will be discussed.

Scientific Spiritual Healing of Disease-  Spiritual healing is historically discussed throughout the ages, from Old Testament times, to New Testament times, to the early Christian church, through the dark ages of the loss of healing, the origins and history of present day traditional mainstream theology, and the re-appearance of spiritual healing as an accepted present possibility in the late 19th century.  The silent role of Christian Science in the gradual transformation of traditional theology, the leaven of thought which is still at work, is discussed accompanied by a plethora of practical recorded and documented experiences.

Spiritual Healing During Wartime- The role and positive effects of prayer in adverse situations is discussed.  Countless ugly and frightening situations have been transformed into beautiful and harmonious demonstrations of the presence of God’s healing love by active Christian Scientists in the battlefield, in prisoner of war camps, in the presence of civil unrest, etc.

Christian Science Lived – We will discuss the lifestyle of the Christian Scientist, the role of the church member, the role of professional Christian Science practitioners, formal class instruction in Christian Science, Christian Science nursing and convalescent healing facilities, prison ministries, etc.  There is a broad variety of resources and a large potential field of guest speakers available in this area.

That’s not all!

This is only a small sampling of potential topics to be explored.  Possible variations on these and similar themes are countless.  Virtually every topic can be repeated in countless forms.  The volume of available substantiating material and its related potential depth of discussion is extensive.

In every program, emphasis will be placed upon practical application, documented evidence, and the discussion of lives transformed by the continued active deepening of the understanding of consciousness over and above that experienced by the physical realm.


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