Public Lectures on Christian Science 

Public talks on Christian Science cover a variety of personal, health, community, and global topics and show how the teachings of Christian Science bring healing and regeneration to both individuals and communities.  Click here for a link to professionally produced public lectures delivered by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

 Watch this unique lecture on the life and discoveries of Mary Baker Eddy. Presented by Chet Manchester at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Near Mary Baker Eddy’s memorial. 

Questions and Answers 

A continuous audio version of Science and Health with Key to The Scriptures is available here, or from some of the sites listed in the Helpful Links tab.

Below is my own reading from the textbook.   Questions and Answers are read directly from the textbook’s chapter entitled “Recapitulation”.  They highlight the essential scientific metaphysical points which define Christian Science.  This chapter originated from the first edition of the class-book copyrighted by Mary Baker Eddy in 1870.    German language counterparts are read from the initial German translation first published in 1912.  ”A brief exposition of the important points, or religious tenets, of Christian Science” is given below.

Audio Format Talks on Christian Healing

Below is the first in an upcoming series of audio talks discussing Romans Chapter 8.  A similar form of this talk can be found in text form in the blog section.  Since this is my first audio format presentation, your feedback is requested.  Please comment by email!

This file is too big to post in this format.  It will be here as soon as I find an alternative.


 I initially created this series of mini-sermons for potential local broadcast:


 Here is another example of potential on-air commentary directed at listeners who may be new to considering scientific Christian concepts.  This is entitled “Knocking the Wind out of Evil”


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  1. As John 5:3-4 supported by even angels could perform miracles, it is hard to conclude whether the so-called, feeling the presence of God, and the miracles are from the fallen angels or from God.What if the so-called, feeling the presence of God and the miracles in contemporary world, are from fallen angels instead of from God, the practice of the so-called, feeling the presence of God, would not prove the existence of the Holy Spirit within our bodies.What if the so-called, feeling the presence of God and miracles in contemporary world, are from fallen angels instead of from God, the practice of the so-called, feeling the presence of God, and miracles would turn up to be involving in playing with spirits as sorcery that is forbidden by God. If that is so, many of the people that involve in it could not be saved unless they repent from sinning.

  2. Marhama, please allow me to respond with a scientific Christian point of view. The text you quote from John 5:3,4 contains some powerful spiritual insight. One must assume that the author of the Gospel of John described the circumstances at Bethesda as best he could, as understood by the people of that time in history. The belief of the people at Bethesda in Jesus’ time was that an angel came and stirred up the water at Bethesda. What was this angel? A “fallen angel”?

    Let us first address the existence of “fallen angels”. What is a “fallen angel”? Could God’s angels, real and powerful thoughts which represent Him, and which are His very thoughts and are transmitted from Him, change their own character, and act independently of God? Could they really fall from God’s grace? Christian Science answers with a logically deduced “No, not if God, good, is ALL that exists”. One might ask, “If the sun is the source of light for our planet, can a ray of light sent out from the sun change its mind, and decide later to become a ray of darkness?” Of course not! By the same reasoning, an angel of God, emanating from God, cannot become fallen, and there are therefore, only fallen angels in a fanciful and false realm of the imagination.

    Christian Science also reveals that the explanation of this “angel” is not relevant to this healing incident at Bethesda at all. The angel, in modern terminology, might be explained by one of the many modern “isms” or “ologies” of human mind systems, but its character means nothing in the context of this healing. God being omnipotent, the possibility of anything acting contrary to His omnipotence cancels the very title of omnipotence, and we would be left with a God who is less than all powerful, and therefore not omnipotent. So, should we understand God to be omnipotent, or not? Should we believe logical reasoning, or should we believe self cancelling illogical reasoning? Evil would like nothing better than for us to believe in its validity. Did this lame man have to depend upon the belief of this angel and of the healing waters to be healed? No!

    The important things we know about the man at Bethesda, are that the man had been waiting for 38 years to be healed of his troubles, that he was relying on conditions believed about this “angel” to heal him, and that he had not been able to be healed by them for quite some time. The important thing to deduce from Jesus’ healing of this man is that Jesus negated, he made negligible the belief in the “angel” which stirred the waters. By healing the lame man, Jesus showed the belief in the “angel” which stirred the waters to be an unnecessary belief. This conclusion might lead us to ask ourselves if we are not also believing in any unnecessary or imagined “fallen angels” in our lives. When we pray, what is preventing our own healing? It is not God, but it is our human lack of understanding of how we can avail ourselves of a complete awareness of His omnipotence, which hinders our healing. This Jesus did for the lame man. Jesus mentally revealed to the lame man his perfect spiritual nature, mobile, and strong, made in the image and likeness of God. Then he was healed.

    Jesus first asked the man if he wanted to be healed. Once Jesus knew that the man was earnest in his desire to escape the restrictions of this physical ailment, he mentally revealed to the man that it was his very own belief in the restrictions of his ailment which had prevented him from being healed of it, and not a lack of access to the so-called healing waters. Jesus revealed to the man that he did not need to enter the “healing waters” to be healed. The man had for a long time been making excuses for himself, why he was not able to reach the healing waters, in which he so earnestly believed. Nobody would carry him. Somebody always got there before he did. Jesus knew that there was actually no healing power in the waters, as was the general belief. Jesus knew that the recognition and understanding of the immediate omnipotence of God’s power is the only valid agent of healing. All that the man really had to do was to mentally rise above the belief of the restriction of the ailment. Jesus then mentally and spiritually lifted the man higher than his human thoughts of himself had ever taken him before, and he was healed without need to enter the so-called healing waters at all.

    In Christian Science, God is an ever active divine Principle, the very ever-presence of the Love which comprises our being. God is not and does not behave anything like a man. God never “decides” to perform a miracle or not to perform a miracle, or to break his own rules. He simply IS divine Principle and spiritual law, and He is ALL, He is good, and He is Love. What appear as miracles to men are actually the appearance of a deepened understanding of our inherent spiritual perfection, which necessarily excludes evil automatically on the basis of the ONLY and ALL nature of infinite, boundless God, Love, Principle. To say that God “forbids” the use of other spirits and sorcery is just a human way of saying there is nothing valid outside of infinite Omnipotence. For how could evil influences ever find their way into God’s infinite kingdom of good, which has no boundaries to cross?

    In Christian Science, to repent of sin is to eliminate all of our false crutches, many of which we unwittingly and ignorantly cling to, in spite of their usually overlooked opposition to the very nature of God.. To repent of sin is to be saved, because true repentance sacrifices all belief in any power which is not a direct derivative of God’s ever present and omnipotent Love. To repent is to maintain allegiance to the First Commandment by honoring only that which is spiritual, eternal, infinite, loving principled, dependable, reliable, unquestionable, consistent, unfaltering, and every other positive adjective which exists in language. And it is to sacrifice, to completely give up reliance on that which is material, limited, random, interrupted, faltering, finite, and every other negative adjective which exists in language. God forbid’s allegiance to other powers, but not consciously as a man or a human organization forbids, but by the very action of Principle which results in our failure when we trust in that which is mistaken. When we sin, we honor a non-existent power, which results in either conflict, or in nothing at all. In this sense, sin, erroneous thinking, is automatically its own punishment, by the nature of the infinity and Allness of God’s presence.

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