Mortal Life is Pure Mental Supposition

Living a spiritual point of view

Christian Scientists, in the practice of striving to live a correct point of view, find that often in human experience they continue to maintain a false sense of struggling in the face of insistent false claims, claims  which insist that our experience is contrary to God’s harmony.  It is a false sense of person entertained in our own thought that is always in the way.

Reaching the standpoint of God

This is a short analysis on the subject of mentally working to reach the standpoint of God, and remaining there.  The statements in this analysis are familiar to us as Christian Scientists, but are too often only superficially exercised in consciousness.  They must be more than superficial – they must be lived and breathed.  To live and breathe them requires a flawless application of what a friend has termed “CESS”, which is a creative acronym for the Continuous Expression of Spiritual Sense.  It is a conscious, constant capacity to realize what comprises spiritual being, here and now.

Accordingly, we must consciously and continuously ask ourselves if our mental perception has the characteristics of looking out from the standpoint of God. Our spiritual life, being the reflection of God’s perfect life, we must necessarily, in our spiritual sense, see as God sees.  And if our mental perception fails to see from the standpoint of God, exactly what or who is it,  that is not seeing from this perfect standpoint?   From God’s perspective, there is no man who can see from a standpoint outside of the realm of God! He who sees from outside of God’s realm cannot be God’s man, for God’s man is spiritually substantial, and he must reside within the only realm of existence that is, namely, Spirit.

The supposition of mortality

The only possible conclusion we can draw about this supposed “not from the standpoint of God” point of view is that it is the negation, the inversion, of the “from the standpoint of God” view.  The only state of being, or place, in which man can possibly be , is within God’s infinite and all-inclusive spiritual realm.  Man is residing in the infinite realm of Mind, and is constantly looking out from the standpoint of God.  The concept of man acting contrary to God, or seeing God’s opposite, is pure supposition.  The above mentioned “CESS”, the practice of constantly consciously knowing that, dissolves the false belief which is the only foundation of the supposition.

The “not from the standpoint of God” view is a lie, and is the liar.  The lie is the liar.  Mortal man, who is a lie, and is formed by the so-called action of a lie, is the only possible receptor of this false supposed standpoint separated from God.  Everything about this false standpoint is associated with false supposition.  There is no substance to a concept which defines a supposition. To believe that there is a real standpoint or viewpoint  which is inconsistent with perfect perception, inconsistent with divine consciousness, is a sin, and logically so, for it defies the First Commandment.  No life, including our own life, can exist outside of the realm of God.

Mortality cannot preserve itself

When we entertain divine consciousness, but continue to feel resistance to the loss of our mortal nature, we are witnessing what human sense calls the self preserving nature of the mortal ego.  To divine sense there is no self preserving nature of its own impossible opposite.  Human ego and mortal sense have no identity to preserve, for they represent only the lie that being can take place is a supposititious realm separated from the all-inclusive infinity of God, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Principle.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “identity”with one word, “sameness”.  In the infinite realm if Life, mortality is nothing.  Therefore, mortal identity is our sameness with nothing.

Dissolving the mesmerism

What is that self preserving nature of the mortal ego that comes to human consciousness?  Because every presentation of mortal sense is the inversion of its actual nature, then we must conclude that the apparent self preserving nature of the mortal ego is, in spiritual reality, the appearance of its natural tendency perform the opposite of self preservation – namely, self destruction.  All that we need in order to dissolve the lie of the self preservation of evil, is to understand that, being a lie, it has nothing backing its claim to substance other than the belief of a lie.

When we understand what that lie is, then the mesmerism is broken.  That lie has nothing in back of it because it cannot stand with a form of its own.  The lie has to be a lie about something.  Our understanding that the something it is lying about is the exact inversion of an eternal Truth, is the breaker of the mesmerism.




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3 comments on “Mortal Life is Pure Mental Supposition

  1. Dear Stirling: So grateful for you taking the time and thought to think this message through and then share it with us here. I love the challenge you present to us here, to make sure that ‘we’ are keeping our thought in proper alignment with Truth and Love. That we are inseparable as manifest reflection and this is going on right now, right here. God is All in all and this is it. I cherish your understanding and I have grown because of your sharing. Have a lovely day today, know my and our sincere gratitude.

  2. Hi Stirling ! I decided this morning to pray, to work exactly on this topic and when open my computer and I saw the tittle, simply I felt that God is on my side. So gratefull.

  3. Thank you Leah, and Maria for your supportive comments! Both comments indicate that the unity of the divine Mind is clearly being made manifest in experience. I read it all over once again and made a few minor changes in wording since your comments were posted.

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