Metaphysical Prayer Workshop Series

Is Prayer Real, or Wishful Thinking?


Why is human life filled with negativity?  Why do we witness sickness, suffering, war, poverty, destruction, death?

Versus Positivity

There is a method of thought which, when actively lived, actually does remove evil from human experience.  And its practice reveals permanent and ever present joy in every breath you take!  And, the good news is that we are all capable of practicing it this divine method of thinking and acting. It is metaphysical prayer, the practice of connecting with our higher spiritual and eternal identity.

Learning Workshops in Metaphysical Prayer

Do you want to lead a fuller and more actively harmonious life?   Would you like to learn to uncover the secret to experiencing permanent inner peace and leading a joy-filled life?

Join me, Stirling Watts CS, in an upcoming series of Metaphysical Prayer Workshops.  The discussion and dialog is neither denominational nor dogmatic, but offers practical guidance in learning to make the harmonious spiritual realm one with your life.



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