Man’s Real Body is Eternally Spiritual


There is not a real sense of you or of me incapable of continuously knowing our body as spiritual, perfect, healthy and forever alive, and not as material, temporal, sick, and dying!  Does that sound like a far out, radical statement?  “After all”, you might respond, “I see clearly that my body bleeds when I cut it, that my bones can be broken, and that I am clearly made of matter.  How could you say I am not material?  My body causes me pain, doesn’t it?”


Does the body cause you to feel pain?  Or do you cause it to feel pain through the mental operations of your own mind? Doesn’t even medical science explain that pain is information transmitted from the senses to the brain?  What is the substance of information?  It is clearly thought. Is not a mind necessary to generate thought, or information?  What controls the thought?  Is it not the mind?  And who is in control of your mind?  Is it not God?  If you say “No, I am in charge of my mind,”  then you are leaving God out of the picture. You would be claiming to live a life separated from God.  Christian Scientists are learning to gain the power behind the humility of understanding that we cannot and do not live a life separated from God.  God is All-in-all, and we must therefore be included as a vital element of that complete Allness!  It is God who is in charge of our mind, and not we human beings.  In proportion as we understand this, we learn to entertain Godlike thoughts, and to dismiss evil from our lives.


Scientific Christian thought views man as spiritual in nature, rather than as material.  Consequently it meets the ridicule of common human sense, from both the medical and theological communities of thought.  But, why is common sense called common?  Common sense often differs from logical sense.  It often reflects unthinking acceptance. Logical sense follows thoughtful reasoning, sometimes even proving common sense to be wrong.  Common sense is called common not because it makes sense, but because it is opinion commonly believed and held to, seldom following thoughtful reasoning.


Why is this idea of purely spiritual existence ridiculous to common human sense?  It is because common sense, the sense of the world common to all humans, has never examined God’s eternal truth.  In fact, common sense cannot examine truth, because its information comes primarily from the unthinking senses – the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and nerves of sensation located throughout the body.  But can we touch God with our fingers, smell Him with our noses, taste Him with our tongues, hear His voice vibrating in our ears, see Him with our material eyes?  No, of course not!  But Christians do know that we can touch Him in our thoughts,  we can see Him in our prayers, we can sense His presence in prayer,  we can even receive audible messages in prayer which never vibrated the air in the ear of the person next to us, and we can even receive images of the presence of angelic beings, which we know were never processed as material images on the retina because the person next to us never witnessed them.


So, think about it.  Do the five material senses have anything to do with transmitting to us information about our spiritual creator, God?  They cannot!  Then what does indicate the presence of higher being within us?  Is it not thought?  Thought that exists solidly to you, and is substantial to you but cannot be grasped in your fingers?  This is what Christian Scientists refer to as  Soul.  It is the spiritual substance which comprises you in thought.  This kind of substance is eternal.  But it is intangible to the human senses.  It is the man, woman, or child, that we are underneath the facade of a human body, living a human life.  It is the real man, the spiritual woman, the child known by God.  Let’s use the general term “man” to describe this eternal spiritual identity of who we really are in God’s eyes.


We are the image and likeness of God –  but we must be an image in Spirit, not in matter, because God is spiritual. Can an image in thought be made of matter?  No! Must we not then, as His reflection, also be spiritual?   We are the thought of God, expressed!  Spiritual man must then be the very individualized consciousness of God!  Think of what that means!  It means that right here, within this life which we feel is being lived as a human being, is reflected upon us all of the omnipotence of God!  We as human beings are not seeing that omnipotence, but we are God’s very expression, eternally!  Hence, this spiritual man that we are, knows here and now all that there is to know and to do!  We reflect God’s knowledge of all there is to know and do!


But we cannot utilize this wonderful truth until we become consciously aware it.  Human beings are not generally taught to think anything but worldly thought.  Consequently human beings tend to experience only worldly experiences.  We have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be governed primarily by the evidence we gather from our material senses. This is where prayer comes into play – not a pleading or requesting prayer, but an affirming prayer which brings us the sense of  the assurance of our unbroken and unbreakable connection with our Creator.  It is educated human worldly sense, sometimes called common sense, which so thoroughly obscures these eternal wonders from our spiritual vision.


The man who knows himself as God’s consciousness is the spiritual man whom Christians strive to discover here and now by “putting off the carnal man” as Paul described it.  This spiritual and pure man cannot and does not fail to understand the idea of his own spiritual body, because that body is the expression of his being as God’s image and likeness.  That spiritual man, expressed in a perfect spiritual body,  is who we are right underneath this shell of human life.  And we can learn to know ourselves in this unlimited fashion!  We do so not by willing ourselves to do so, but by gradually learning how to get limited and misguided human and material concepts of ourselves out of the way in our thought.  We can learn to relax, trust God, and let ourselves naturally be the spiritual man who expresses only the qualities of God.  As we realize and understand that we are the individualized consciousness of God, the natural harmony and health of life results, and is brought to conscious fruition.   We can experience the truth that we are, here and nowGod’s own awareness that He is God!  God needs to express Himself as you and me, and likewise, you and I need God, for He is responsible for our very consciousness   Our objective in prayer is to open and elevate consciousness to this clear perception of the only legitimate existence, spiritual existence, brought to expression in your life as a harmonious body  through your comprehension of the eternally perfect nature of your body in Spirit.


With that in mind, consider this quote by Herbert W. Eustace in which he quotes an undocumented statement made by Mrs. Eddy:


To you body means embodiment.  You do not think of body as a conglomeration of atoms, weighing a certain number of pounds. You think of it as the full interpretation of Mind to you.  In your healing work in Christian Science, consider carefully this statement which Mrs. Eddy made to some friends.

What thou needest to know is that mortal mind has translated the body and its functions into matter, and immortal Mind, gives back the original with its functions, present and harmonious, but not as nor in matter, but as and of Mind’  By the phrase ‘not as nor in matter’ is meant that Mind does give back the original body and its functions, preserved and harmonious, in that which may seem to you to be in matter, but which is really Mind.  There can be no limitation, because all is Mind, not matter at all.”


We should earnestly desire to have the kingdom of heaven right here, because we can have it!  We must know clearly that nothing can limit our power to know this.  The human being alone limits his own power by listening to the arguments of the world, arguments which continuously insist upon our materiality.  But, we can and must defeat that and realize our present purely spiritual nature by knowing God as the one and the only Mind.



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2 comments on “Man’s Real Body is Eternally Spiritual

  1. Stirling:
    Thank you for this indepth article discussing the purely spiritual nature of our core truth and substance.
    In the quote you share with us attributed to Mrs. Eddy, I think there is a simple typo there that confuses the reader. May I suggest this correction:
    ‘What thou needest to know is that mortal mind has translated the body and its functions into matter, and immortal Mind, gives back the original with its functions, present and harmonious, but not as nor in matter, but as and of Mind’ [the word not is now nor] This makes it clearer……and it is of course a wonderful message isn’t it? Divine Mind gives back the original, or as Mrs. Eddy wrote in Prose Works somewhere, that man ‘presses to his original, never severed from Spirit’…..thank you for your ever thoughtful work. Know our gratitude……..and love.

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