Man is not God, and God is Not in Man. God is Reflected by Man

It is important to realize that the recognition that we are God’s awareness of Himself, is not at all equivalent to saying that we are God.  It may at first seem like a fine distinction, but it is a vitally important distinction to notice the following: Christian Science reveals that there is ONE entity – and that this entity is God AND His effect, man and the spiritual universe. The effect is not one and the same with the Cause. And neither could the effect exist without the cause, or could the cause exist without something happening, namely, the effect. The ONE entity is God, AND God being reflected and aware of Himself. We are inseparably connected to God as reflection, as His direct effect. We are the unavoidable effect of the great and only law, Cause, Principle, or God. Christian Science reveals that God is REFLECTED by man, but not at all that God is IN man or that man could possibly BE God. In the Glossary of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy is careful to make this distinction clear in her definition of the word “In”  She writes there, “IN. A term obsolete in Science if used with reference to Spirit, or Deity.”

It is true that the important point of departure for Christian Science thought is that man’s consciousness cannot and does not and cannot operate independently of God, and could not be granted the freedom to do so on the basis of the oneness and all exclusiveness of divine Mind – and it is true that this is a line of thinking commonly opposed by humanity. But Christian Science teaches instead the inseparable link between God and man, represented by the concepts of cause and effect. God is the law implementing the principled action, and that principled action is imaged forth as man.

A questioner asks:  “This leads me to another question, which would be in cases where a person is unable for one reason or another to understand all this, but requires healing (someone in a coma or someone who is not a “thinker”), what then?”

In every case, healing is accomplished through the realization of the oneness and exclusiveness of God, divine Mind, divine Love, or whatever synonym for God is appropriate to apply to the occasion. In the case of one who is unconscious and requires treatment, to the human senses, the mental approach is no different than if one were treating one’s own self. Scientific Christian healing involves the uplifting of what appears to be a human consciousness, to the realization of its real identity as the one divine Consciousness. The work is the same whether the subject appears to be performed on our own human mind or on what appears to be the human mind of another. That apparent but false mental separation is a vital stumbling block to understand and to rise above. There is only one Mind, and there are therefore not many minds. Likewise, because there is only one Life and one Soul, there are also not many souls. So, a person in an unconscious state is an invalid and negated shadow picture of what is really going on. No one is unconscious, no one has ever been unconscious, and no one can lose consciousness. Why? Because consciousness is God’s awareness of Himself. If that were to stop, we would be left with God not being expressed, or Cause without an effect. That is a logical impossibility.

“But”, you may insist, “I am witnessing this unconscious state.” What you are witnessing is in opposition to the nature of God. It is therefore a false concept which has no valid place to reside, having been excluded by the infinite Oneness and Onlyness of God. Therefore, the unconscious state is a lie, and the consciousness of it resides in an invalid mental realm, called in Christian Science terminology, mortal mind.
This explains how the dead are raised. Jesus demonstrated this clearly when he brought Lazarus back from what appeared as death. Jesus recognized that Lazarus had never died in the eyes of God. But to human sense he was dead. His return indicated clearly that Lazarus was only entertaining consciousness in another false realm invisible to the frame of reference of his observers, who believed him to be in a false state which humans call dead. And Jesus’ pure spiritual understanding of reality in this situation removed that illusion.


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