Malicious Minds Addressed

In the Second Edition of Historical Sketch, Mrs. Eddy made the following statement :

 “If any honest Christian Scientist can be deceived into believing that it is chance, not direction by malicious minds which are at work – that ignorance instead of sin is what he has to meet at all times – this error prevents him from understanding enough of the question to insure his own defense, and leaves him in the power of animal magnetism – perhaps temporarily relieved of this suffering, rejoicing in a hope of freedom which he afterwards finds to be in vain.”

That is a rather long sentence.  Let us break it down and analyze it.  It says that you might find your prayers bringing to your experience only temporary or partial relief from human suffering until you completely grasp that there are no causes outside of yourself which can wreak havoc on your human life.  There is no “outside of yourself”.  God, Spirit, is All-in-all and man reflects Him.

You can be assured that there are no causes outside of yourself as an extension of two simple facts.  They are that:

1.) God, Spirit, is All-in-all (see 275:6), and

2.) Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness.”  (see 468:13)

As long as consciousness entertains any vestige of the influence of the belief in and practice of exercising a mortally, materially based identity, the results experienced from prayer are left susceptible to the doubts which the false mortal sense of identity entertains.

You must realize that it is not the outside influence of forces which operate in apparent wanton disregard for the law of God, which are holding you back.  It is, rather, hypnotic belief which falsely sanctions to human consciousness the validity of those apparently external, but truly non-existent forces, claiming to operate contrary to God, which are holding you back from experiencing present harmony.  This hypnotic belief in false identity must be broken.

How do we break the hypnotic belief?

 “The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love.” (201:17-18)

Any and all doubt in the verity of truth must be mentally washed away.  That God, Spirit, is All-in-all is a scientific fact.  It is scientific in that it is a consistent standpoint, in consonance and harmony with the admission of God’s omnipotent and omnipresent goodness.

It must be logically and clearly understood that chance, uncertainty, and circumstance, to name just three examples, do not exist in the infinite realm of God, Spirit.  Logical deduction is the proof.  Chance is the mental negation of principle, uncertainty is the negation of assuredness, and circumstance opposes the Allness of God in that it implies the presence of conditions which operate outside of the realm of perfectly unfolding harmony.  Where then do chance, uncertainty and circumstance reside?  Being unreal and excluded from the realm of divine Mind, they exist in supposition only.

The belief in these negative concepts opposes the First Commandment.  To be under the influence of belief in chance, uncertainty, and circumstance is to sin.  We must not believe that we are under the influence of chance, but realize rather that it is malicious mind which is at work.  We must not think that there is some human factor of which we are ignorant, that will save us from a discordant situation.  There are no valid discordant situations.  It is only our own conscious processing of what is going on that needs to be treated.

What is malicious mind?  Malicious means “with the intent to destroy” and the small “m” in “mind” indicates mortal mind, the realm of supposition, negation, untruth, lies, every concept contrary to and opposite to the valid and substantial reality of that which is true.  That which is true we call Truth, God.  God IS because Truth IS.  Truth is all that can be IS, because it is true, for it makes perfect logical sense that its opposite, a lie, IS NOT.  Malicious mind refers to evil, presenting itself as a false identity which attaches itself to person in the realm of mortal mind. But we have to take care that it is not person.  It is just belief attaching itself to person.  Malicious mind claims to be a part of identity.  Just as soon as this lie of identity is entertained, our sense of identity is brought down to the level of the lie.  This renders one susceptible to the destructive objectives of malicious mind — but remember, susceptible only in false belief. That is prevented by entertaining only Truth!

The full exercise of the I AM, or spiritual identity removes any possible habitat in which malicious mind could have a hope of surviving, (that is, if it had any entity at all).  Likewise, the full exercise of the I AM identity brings to you the full consciousness of all of man’s exemption from the influence of negativism, just as it does in what you call your own human consciousness.


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  1. Hi Stirling ! : Wonderful.
    This article also with “I Am vs I A Not” and “Translating our sense of identity spirtward” are the more clear and accurate readings about two capital issues : what is and how works animal magnetism and how to live and breath our spiritual identity, that as you said comes across our self perception as an intimidatin task. Thanks and God bless you.

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