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Healing by Argument Exemplified

This post also appears in similar format as a response to a comment on my post entitled Working Out the Problem of Defeating Evil.  One reader asked that I recount a bodily experience as an example.  So, this is that example.  In the recounting of the experience, the thought process focuses on the application of principle and its ensuing results.  

Reconciling the Human Experience with the Divine Experience

In Christian Science healing, our task is to reconcile the human presentation with the divine reality.  The human situation presents a broken or sick body, while we know that in the divine reality, body is eternally whole and unbroken.  One might liken this comparison to an equation.  On the left side of the equation, we might say that the appearance of a broken or sick body is operated on by a corrective mental principle, and the result of that mental operation is the perception of perfect body, seen on the right side of the equation.   

This is only one of many ways in which healing comes to experience

Keep in mind that this example is only a means to explain a logical thought process, and is by no means intended to be a representation of how healing should consistently come to anyone.  Mind is infinite in its manifestations.  Different sorts of mental realizations appear to various individuals.  But, this underlying logic is beautiful, repeatable, and always present regardless of the situation, regardless of whether it was necessary for the individual to analyze in this much detail in order to recognize the healing.

Practice makes perfect!

It should be noted that, the more accomplished is a mathematician, the more instantly does he perceive the solution to a problem without the need to repeat his toil.  Solving the problems of human life works the same way.  The more accomplished is one as a metaphysician, the more clearly does one immediately recognize the mental path to a solution.  The application of divine logic is the work of divine Mind.

Algebraic Logic

To illustrate this logic, let’s consider a simple algebraic statement:Let us use a simple randomly chosen equation. 3x=6. In algebra, our task is to find the value of x.  When we apply the correct value of x to the number three, using the principle of multiplication, we see that its only possible and true value is 6.  All the while we are searching for the value of x, we hold the product of the number 6 clearly in mind.  We are assured that we have the right value for it when we apply it to the number three and see clearly that we get 6.  Let’s translate that thought process to life.

Life Logic

In the life problem, our task is to find the corrective view which will show us our equality with the perfect model of man.   The falsely appearing sick or injured body might be represented by the number 3.  That is what human sense sees, and it calls it injured or sick body. We will use the number 6 to represent the perfect man.  Just like we kept holding on to the number 6 as the value to check our solution with in our quest to solve the algebraic problem, we must hold on to the perfect spiritual man as the value to check our solution with in the life problem.   If one would try to separate 3 from its multiplier, x, it obviously manifests less than its full value, because 3 does not equal 6. The equation stated in human terms is this:  What truth and principle should I apply to this picture of a discordant body (in algebra, 3 operated on by x, using the principle of multiplication) in order that I might see the true representation of body (in algebra, the number 6)?  The truth we are seeking in algebra in this example is the value of x, the number 2.   The truth we seek in a life problem solution will be some solid divine fact, which is as fixed as is the value of the number 2.  Of course there are as many issues in human life as there are possible equations!  We have to be prepared to solve them all!  Let’s follow this process through an experience of bodily healing.

A Testimony of Healing Explained and Recounted

About 10 years back I experienced a motorcycle accident.  I had a collision with a deer that darted out of a hidden place.  I was travelling at about 60 to 65 mph.  The deer struck me squarely in the left chest area and knocked me off of the motorcycle.  It did not survive the impact.  I was under my own Christian Science treatment from the moment the accident was experienced, and when I arrived home a couple of hours later, I was able to contact a Christian Science practitioner.I was badly bruised, and an x-ray taken the following day showed that my left clavicle (collar bone) was broken and split into two clearly separated pieces.  On the advice of a friend who was a Christian Science nurse, two days after the accident I went to an orthopedic doctor to consult about temporary physical options for the broken bone.  He declared when examining the bodily evidence that he was frankly surprised that the severe blow had not immediately killed me or caused severe internal damage.  He provided me with a sling which I was to wear to help to keep my body in a position that would allow the broken halves of the bone to touch.

Handling the Mental Situation

Let us recount how such a situation is handled with Christian Science thought.  Resolving our human life into the spiritual is much like continuously solving a never ending series of interrelated presentations of inequalities, and finding the truth needed as the problems come into view.  The first thing that came to mind in this experience was the thought of accident itself.  Had the claim of accident been clearly enough seen, it would have been found completelypowerless from the onset. A clear understanding of God’s identity principle and a practiced ability to continually apply it prevents the human experience of accident.  The algebraic identity principle says that any number multiplied by one is equal to itself.  It says essentially that every number retains its distinctive value as long as nothing is put to it or is taken from it.   God’s identity principle says that man is the identity of God, and he remains that identity because nothing can be put to it or taken from it.  The mathematical nature of spiritual being is reflected in the words of Eccl. 3:14

“I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it:”

Accidents are Unknown to God

As soon as such an accident comes to human experience, if one is practiced enough at knowing his identity principle with God, there will be noeffects.   The discoverer and founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, writes on page 397:12 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

“When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real.”

Being still quite human in my sense of self identification, I allowed myself to fall victim to the claim of accident and to the belief of potential effects from it.  So I was then faced with the consequences of the false but quite human conviction that I was susceptible to the after-effects of an accident.  This was the primary concept which my practitioner focused upon with me:  To come to the realization of God’s identity principle as it applies to me.  Like a number, my value and existence to God is eternal, and therefore unchangeable.  That was the underlying focus of the entire treatment.

Handling every discordant claim

Then together we reviewed each separate mortal claim, and sought the solution of truth to each one, step by step, as well as simultaneously.  We began with the concept of collision.  In God’s eternal harmonious action, there are no collisions.  Collisions only appear in human experience as God’s law of adjustment – an adjustment from a state of belief of discord into the natural appearance of an actual  state of harmony.   That can be likened to solving the equation again.   God’s harmonious action is represented by the action of a motorcycle moving along in a peaceful environment.  That is the representation of the true action.  The mortal belief in a collision, operated on by the truth of the impossibility of collision in God’s infinite and universal realm, brings to consciousness the realization of the falsity and invalidity of collision. The major piece of evidence presented by mortal mind was the evidence of a physically broken bone.  That is to be contrasted with the spiritual fact of God’s eternally perfect body (recall the number 6 in our algebraic example).  We applied to the physical presentation of broken bone (recall the number three in the algebraic example) , the spiritual principle of “adhesion, cohesion, and attraction” (x in the algebraic example).  Nothing which is eternally substantial can come apart or can become internally separated from itself, becauseit is eternal and perfect.  On page 124 Mrs. Eddy writes

“Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind. “

Healing arrived at through the logical thought of divine Love

The application of the understanding of this truth continually applied to the model indicating a broken bone, resulted in the appearance of the perfect model.  During the entire process, the model of perfect spiritual body was held to as the objective, just as the number 6 is held to as the objective and answer while we are striving to find the value of x on the other side of the equation. The healing correspondingly did come.  I had been told by the orthopedic doctor to expect to need to wear that sling for a minimum of three months.  By the time the end of the second week of Christian Science treatment had passed, I felt the solidity of the bone and was able to remove the sling.  I might also add that I never missed a day of work through this whole experience. It is my hope that the example was an aid in understanding the concepts I hoped to bring out in the article and the video.  Thank you again.


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One comment on “Logical Divine Healing Illustrated by Example

  1. Hi Stirling : I have been working the week end on this subject. Really big results. I understood some important things :
    1.- to do the work : CS being understanding is thinking seen as action, as some one said. And as you say in the last sentence of the article Absolute views vs. Human views ” No process unfold its own self. Mind must be utilized to do the unfolding”

    2.- the unavoidable necessity of reversing each and every lie that presents to conciousness or one perceives, the fable as Mrs. Eddy calls it, in order to see, to establish, the spiritual fact that was right there one thousand years ago, always.
    3.- the process to take each word to its “heavenly meaning” (H.Eustace), as you did with “colission” so there is no evil even in a word because there is really no evil anywhere .
    Very, very usefull patterns to practice. Thank you very much.

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