Is Truth Absolute or Relative?

This discussion is metaphysical and aimed at the beginner who has only begun to consider spiritual reality as explained by Christian Science.  It does not include any specific references to Christian Science, or from the Bible, or from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.  This is a simple discussion about the absolue nature of Truth, and the dangers which result in human experience from indulging in the false belief of relative truth.  There are many claims of false belief which we must challenged in order that we might discover the underlying harmony which is taking already place in the divine consciousness,  of which we all partake as individualized representatives of God.  The opening dialog is taken from a recent posting in Facebook, and provides the platform for the discussion about the absolute nature of Truth

Anonynous No. 1:  Truth is relative and people will always sway toward what they think. Sometimes even when facts say they are wrong. I do, however, have a CNN Lies bumper sticker on my van .

Anonymous No.2:  Truth is NOT relative my friend….truth is truth and one of the reasons why we have gotten into the    mess that we have is too many people do not believe in absolutes…

Anonymous No. 1:  Truth is truth? Truth changes with the times, bro. In 1942, I could say Germany is the enemy of the US and that would be the truth. If I said the same today, it would not be. I could fill the page with examples LOL

My response:

Anonymous No. 1, this false view of so-called relative Truth is the foundation of the problems of the human world today.   But the Truth is, that that which is true, REMAINS  true for all of eternity, and that this is the very definition of Truth itself.  That which is temporal  changes, and is the opposite of Truth.  What is it that changes?  It is only human thought which changes.  Everything that does not involve human thought is fixed.  What you are referring to as truth is actually human consciousness and the human acceptance of opinions and observations.  That is what is relative, and which you are mistakenly calling truth. The Truth itself does not change on the basis of human thought. Truth is the one thing which just IS. Here are some Truths, for example:

Let’s start with your first one. “Germany is the enemy of the United States” is NOT an example of a truth. It is a relative statement that was true in a relative sense in 1942, and is no longer valid because human thought has changed it. The statement is human thought, which is always relative, and is not the Truth itself. Relative statements and human observations are quite contrary to absolute Truth. Here is an example of absolute Truth:

Murder is wrong. This is Truth. Is this Truth going to turn around in concept, and possibly murder will be OK tomorrow, because enough human beings support its application?  No.  If extremist Muslims were to take over the world and decide to murder all non-Muslims because that is their law, does that make the Truth into “Murder is good” ? Of course not. Murder will remain wrong. This Truth, because it IS a truth, needs no human being to sanction itself. Here is another absolute Truth:

Stealing is wrong. That is Truth. Is stealing going to become good tomorrow, because a lot of human beings start doing it and approving of it?  “Everybody, get a gun, and go rob your local bank tomorrow.  We are all doing it, and it feels great.  We have all the money we need now!”  Does this point of view make robbing banks good?   No. of course not. Stealing is wrong.  That is a Truth that is solid. It does not require the sanction of human approval to remain true. It simply IS  true. Is stealing going to stop hurting others tomorrow because the belief of the world said so? Of course not. Here is another Truth:

Love comforts human beings. This is an absolute Truth. If an evil force were to take over the world, is Love going to start making people feel bad tomorrow? Of course not. If it did, that would make Truth relative.  But love is love and will remain love for eternity. It does not require humans to approve of it in order to be effective. It is absolute. Popular belief and supported human opinion does NOT constitute Truth.

The Truth IS that which stands on its own, and does not require the approval or sanction of human thought or opinion.  If you or I or the whole world would die or depart into another dimension tomorrow, Truth would follow us, and Truth would also stay here, because Truth is that which is ubiquitous and eternal. Truth is Principle.  It does not need humans to BE.

The belief that we can mold  truth into what best fits us, is the very source of all of the discord in the world.  Your example of WWII is a great one to illustrate that point.  Hitler falsely believed that his relative truth was good for the world.  He imposed it upon us because he thought it was good.  And a lot of people believed him.  Did that make his false idealism true? Of course not. In fact, his belief in his own relative truth resulted in a terrible war and the death of literally millions.

There is today a general lack of understanding that there IS and MUST BE an absolute governing Principle which rules existence, and which constitutes our consciousness.   If you disagree with that, then I do invite you to explain existence and how and why we are consciously here.  This Principle is Truth itself. It is what we DO with this consciousness which is derived from this Principle, how we interpret  the absolutism that comes to us from this source – that is what is relative. We must interpret consciousness correctly. You can dream and sleep all day, and what is going on in your dream has no effect upon and nothing to do with the waking world.
To say that Truth is relative is to say that I can call evil good, and then succeed in my evil because I believe it to be Truth. Human history has shown repeatedly the results of such beliefs.  Every selfish empire falls because it is built upon a so-called relative Truth, supported by nothing but temporal and changeable human thought.


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  1. Thank you, Stirling! It is really great topic! We all constantly need to refresh our understanding and this article is very helpful.

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