Illustrating the Flow of Divine Thought from Mind to Consciousness, Part 6 of 6

The human mind experiences the thought which it entertains

In Section 5 was illustrated how the human mind that is most occupied with knowing its own identity as God’s “I AM” identity , as God’s own awareness of Himself, strengthens and accentuates divine awareness in conscious experience.  Inversely, the human mind which is most occupied with entertaining the mortal realm of thought entertains a relatively weaker sense of positive divine thought, and imagines itself to be remotely connected with God.  That concept is illustrated with this pictogram:

This is not yet a complete illustration.  It is only a stepping stone in seeing a more complex picture of thought flow.

The illustration as it stands might lead to the false assumption that the human mind is capable of producing its own thought.  According to Christian Science, in an absolute sense the human mind is not capable of producing its own thought, yet, from a human perspective, it is.  That might sound confusing.  To clarify, let us expand upon the above illustration.

The human consciousness is an interface between incoming thought and the human experience.  Divine Mind is the source of all thought – even that thought which is pre-conditioned and inverted by human belief before coming to human consciousness.  The diagram as it stands above indicates that the mortal realm of the human mind only believes that it creates its own thoughts.

A fundamental premise: God is the only Mind

If we stay with the fundamental premise that God is the only Mind, the picture must look more complex. The so-called mortal mind is not at all capable of self-created thought.  Mortal mind is only a term used to describe the impossible.   Mortal mind is the realm of ignorant supposition.  All substantial thoughts have their origin in the one all-inclusive divine Mind.  They are positive, real, and substantial because they are included within the only infinity which can exist.  There can be but one infinity.  Whatever is infinite includes All.  That All being goodness, Truth, Love, Spirit,  then necessarily, the opposites of whatever we know to be God’s definition have no real place.  They have a so-called place which we call supposition.  In other words, mortal mind.

Human consciousness supposes the opposites of God to exist because it believes itself, via a belief in mortal mind, to be witnessing them.  But what are these opposites really?  They are only negations of the truth which become presented to our human mind as if they were substantial and real.  For example:  Goodness, Truth, Love, Spirit, the qualities and characteristics of God, are opposed in concept, by evil, lies, hatred, and matter.  Only a few words have been chosen as examples.  God is defined by infinite goodness.  Each and every positive word which can be used to describe God’s reality can also be reversed in supposition, in unreality.  Goodness comprising All, there exists no place for its own opposite within its infinite realm.  This is all very beautiful logic.

Infinite white excludes black.  Therefore infinite good excludes evil

This logical concept is easily illustrated with human mental concepts.  For instance, white cannot contain black.  If black is introduced into a room painted white, it loses its definition as a white room.  To retain a pure white room, the only place black can reside is outside of that white room.  If that room is pure white and cannot be contaminated, and if the dimensions of that room are infinite, then there simply is no place for black.  Following the same line of reasoning, white represents goodness, and black represents evil.  The infinitely large white room represents the kingdom of heaven.   God makes white paint.  Nobody makes any black paint.  It is manufactured outside of the kingdom of heaven.  But how does one get outside of the infinite kingdom of heaven?  The kingdom of heaven has no boundaries and fills all possible conceivable space.  From the perspective of God, or from the understanding of God’s man, the black paint, the evil, can only be supposed.  Mentally residing in the kingdom of heaven, you are not going to be able to get your hands on anything which is unlike your real and eternal spiritual surroundings.   One must mentally reside in supposition to obtain black paint in this infinite kingdom of whiteness That mental residence of supposition is within the belief of mortal mind in the human consciousness.

Then how can we explain the presence of the seeming reality of these concepts which deny God but continue to appear in our conscious experience?  What the human mind sees as the inversion, negative, or opposite of God, must be somewhere reversed before it reaches the human mind, because the divine Mind, God, is the source of All, and that All is never unlike God.  Where does the seeming reversal take place?  It is in human belief.  The depiction below goes one step further:

God, divine Mind eternally emanates truth, and truth is that which IS.  That which is, is made manifest as man.  Consciousness is the interface to man, and serves as God’s evidence that He is expressed.  The human aspect of consciousness complicates the picture.  It depicts truth coming to human consciousness in an undisturbed form via the uppermost link labeled “positive divine truth”.  In the human mind, Truth also becomes reversed by mortal human beliefs, and consequently arrives in an inverted format to conscious thought.  That action is depicted via the second arrow, which indicates positive divine truth emanating from divine Mind, reversed by human belief before it reaches consciousness on the form of “error”.

God, Mind  is the real controller of human consciousness

God is in the real constant controller of human consciousness, as illustrated by the “real feedback” loop below.  Likewise, the mortal mind realm of human consciousness, the realm of false supposition, is constantly controlled in belief by its own supposed self, its “self” being only a belief residing in the human mind.  That supposed control is indicated as a “false feedback” loop between the human consciousness and mortal human belief.  The false feedback loop mimics the real feedback loop.  Mortal mind believes itself to generate thought.  God’s controlling output is real substantial thought.  But the substance of mortal mind’s output is merely the action of negation, granting to false belief the power to present a negated Truth (a lie) to the human consciousness.

The quality of the activity of the human consciousness is controlled by the relative conscious recognition of the activity of the real and the false feedback loops.  Clearly, as modeled, the elimination of false feedback between false belief and human consciousness results in the elimination of the presentation of negative thought to human consciousness.  Complete elimination of false belief would result in a completely harmonious consciousness devoid of negativity, sin, sickness, disease, and death.  Contrariwise, increasing the strength of the false feedback loop would increase the tendency of false belief to present evil and negative experiences to human consciousness.

Activation of God’s control eliminates mortal mind’s supposition of control

Let us run through that one more time in alternative words.  Picture turning up the volume of the signal from Truth which controls the human consciousness.  In human life practice, this translates to having humble communion with God.  In proportion as this is done, the human consciousness turns down the volume of mortal mind’s false signal which feeds false belief.  In proportion as false belief is starved of its source of power, which is accomplished through the practice of Holy Communion, does the supposed ability of false belief to invert Truth diminish, and correspondingly its replacement of lies presented to human consciousness diminishes.  Purify communion with God, and the human consciousness correspondingly starves false belief until its effect is no longer felt.  Once false belief loses its supposed power to invert Truth, and to present lies to consciousness, it is completely removed from the system picture.

With mortal mind and its effects completely removed from the system, our model becomes once again absolute, having not even a trace of negative or supposed thought.  That would look something like the diagram below:


Inversion fades away

The shell of false belief remains in this stage, as indicated by the box labeled “no inversion”.  Its power source, the signal we called false feedback, has been eliminated.   Such a mental condition represents the ultimate state of human consciousness, perhaps like the state in which Jesus was seen in his last days upon the physical earth, during which he demonstrated complete mental control of all.  Even prior to the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus had demonstrated an ability to perceive consciousness in its purest form by defying physical laws, healing diseases,  walking on the waves, calming the storms, and feeding the multitudes.  In this state Jesus was completely unaffected by material laws.  He was able to appear to the disciples inside a room which had been locked from the outside.  He was able to move from one place to another without the constraints of any physical laws whatsoever, including even the belief of time, appearing immediately where he needed to be.  We might imagine that Jesus still recognized the shell of material belief and its potential inversion, but he never allowed.

Ascension is the ultimate mental state

In the final and ultimate stage of thought, consciousness reaches the divine state in which the suggestions of mortality are no longer supposed at all.  In this frame of mind even the shell of false belief will vanish.  This must be a mental state in which physicality is no longer even seen as a factor.  It is recorded that our Lord and Master Christ Jesus reached an ultimate state, and it is presumed by that author that this was his mental status when Jesus was carried up into heaven and seen no more.  Human consciousness can only imagine how such a state of mind is consciously experienced.





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  1. Hi Stirling !
    Very interesting these teaching series. Very clear and accurate to understanding the concepts “quality of human consciousness” and “human consciousness as an “interface” between incoming thoughts and human experience” . Thank you very much.

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