If spirit is reality and matter is an illusion, why is there the illusion in the first place?

This is one answer to a set of questions recently asked by a new student of Christian Science on a Facebook page.  it is continued in another blog entry.

Some questions: If spirit is reality and matter is an illusion, why is there the illusion in the first place? Why do I have senses or a body or why does this universe exist? Isn’t the universe and all the things in it also ideas in God’s mind? How do you heal something that doesn’t exist? Maybe that’s too much, but these are all questions I ponder in light of Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings

Answer:  I recently made some observations which have made the answers to your initial questions more clear to me.  I discovered them independently of your questions.   I hope this short discussion might add some insight to your analysis.  Science and Health is the clear and complete presentation of Christian Science, but it only opens the door to the perception of infinite possibilities by each one of us.  It takes slow and careful deliberate logical analysis.  Deep thought, reading a lot of material on Christian Science, and prayer have led me to the following ideas:

With every truth (and God is the source of all truth) there is carried the implication of its supposed opposite, the lie about that truth.  The truth resides in the infinite realm of spiritual validity, and so necessarily excludes the lie from Truth’s infinite and valid realm.  That valid realm is divine consciousness, and is the real and valid consciousness of God’s man.   The lie is only a mental concept.  It is the negative representative of any truth which resides in the infinite and exclusive realm of God, divine Mind.  God, Mind, who knows these truths, knows Himself as the spiritual man’s consciousness.  The implication of the lie always exists, even to truth – but only in a supposed and invalid mental realm.  The lie must also reside only in a supposed mental realm, and never in an actual mental realm, for the lie is excluded by the infinitude of the one realm of divine Mind.

So by such logical analysis we can see more clearly what Mrs. Eddy meant by saying the God is the only reality and the only consciousness, while matter and error seem to be present to oppose spiritual truth..  The suppositional nature of the lie is the key to understanding why matter and error appear to exist in human consciousness alongside the valid.  The supposed is always a conscious possibility, and it supposedly exists as a result of the existence of its valid opposite, the truth.  But it does not really exist.  It is only falsely entertained in mortal and human consciousness.  This realm of the suppositonal negation of truth can also only be supposed in nature, for it entertains thoughts which have been excluded from the one infinite All, God.  This supposed realm is termed in Christian Science, mortal mind.  It is the invalid but supposed realm where invalid and false thoughts are entertained.  The human mind is the mental realm in which real consciousness is divinely based, but mortal mind is also mistakenly entertained. As a result, the human mind is confused and mistakenly takes the false supposed presentations of mortal mind to be as equally as valid as the presentations of divine consciousness.

As a result of this basic philosophical fact, that every truth has associated with it its corresponding suppositional but invalid opposite, the lie about it, limited and material presentations appear in human consciousness.  Regardless of our level of awareness of our real consciousness as the reflections of the divine, the possibility of the supposed opposite of truth, the lie, will always exist in a suppositional invalid context.  Spiritual understanding causes us to learn to distinguish between the valid and the invalid presentations that come to human consciousness.

I hope that added more clarity rather than muddying up the waters more!  God bless you in your continued studies of Christian Science, which is the final explanation of Truth.



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One comment on “If spirit is reality and matter is an illusion, why is there the illusion in the first place?

  1. Aten /Egyptian God/was the king of kings, needing no goddess as a companion and having no enemies who could threaten him. In effect, this worship of Aten was not a sudden innovation on the part of one king, but the climax of a religious quest among Egyptians for a benign god limitless in power and manifest in all countries and natural phenomena.

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