Human Opinion versus Divine Truth

Christian Scientists must get serious and really learn how to recognize and address animal magnetism if we sincerely desire to heal the world.  That is our duty.  The chief weapons of animal magnetism are subtlety and deception.  The last paragraph of my most recent blog post with respect to the Connecticut shootings concluded with the following paragraph:

“Under the influence of mesmeric suggestion has there already been far too much suggestion, even on the part of intelligent thinkers within this movement, that in response to the most recent tragedy, the consideration of well-intended increased legal control of the possession of guns would be a passionate move on behalf of the victims.  It would in fact, as supported by the above, be the very antipode of compassion for the victims.  Nothing could be further from the truth and more aligned with the intentions of evil – evil which is disarmed only by the active operation of the omnipotence by God’s man. “

“The above” is a reference to Mrs. Eddy’s words in Science and Health on pages 104 and 105 quoted in that article.  The previous post was met with a protest claiming “human opinion” with respect to the error and evil of answering this tragedy with even more restrictive gun laws than the state of Connecticut already has.  Let’s examine this issue with a metaphysical magnifying glass, and as thinking Christian Scientists, let us really determine what is going on beneath the surface of human belief subtly influenced by animal magnetism.

From whence does a gun derive what some humans regard as an apparent power to kill?  From whence does the supposed power to kill come at all?   Does a power to kill even exist in the infinite universe of eternal Life?  It does not.  Divine substance is eternal and indestructible. The belief in the ability of a gun, or a knife, or even a bomb, to kill, comes to human experience only through false belief which can only be entertained by mortal mind.  It must come from nothingness appearing and claiming to be something.  Nothingness claiming to be something is false belief.

In other words, evil itself is as powerless to operate through a gun, as it is to operate through God’s man.  Evil appears and operates through the shadowy inversion of the spiritual man, the unreal man we know in Christian Science as mortal man.  In seeking to find the responsibility for evil acts, we must mentally separate the intent to kill, in this case an intent associated with a gun, from the gun, and from God’s man.

Mrs. Eddy says on page 105 “Can you separate the mentality from the body over which courts hold jurisdiction?”  No.  You cannot, because material body is the manifested appearance of mortal mind.  Likewise, all matter is the appearance of mortal mind’s misconception of reality.  When we speak of mortal mind we must take care to always remember that it represents the realm of nothingness and non-existence.  Therefore, reality being in Spirit, no real power can be associated with any material object found in human experience.  The only power possessed by any material object, or body, is a seeming power believed by the mortal mind, which is but the supposed inversion of man’s real appearance as the child of God.

To know reality we must then separate the evil mentality from the man.  Mortal man, the supposed expression of mortal mind, kills.    Killing might be motivated by a variety of evils. Among them might be for instance, hatred, revenge, self-importance, etc.  These are the motives for crime.  There is nothing material about the motives for crime.  They are pure evil, and are sanctioned by nothing more than hypnotic belief in the unreal.  When a crime is committed, the evil motive is the culprit and the perpetrator, never man.  When accepted and entertained by mortal mind, evil motives suggest their control over man.  In proportion as human consciousness misinterprets these evils as man do they appear in human experience.  Mortal man entertains false suggestions, suppositions.  In fact, mortal man is incapable of accepting or entertaining Truth, because he is nothing more than its supposed antipode.  The false suggestions of evil are both his motive and are also the very perpetrator of the act.  Why?  Because the liar is the father of the lieThe liar is the father of the wicked act.

So, what role did the gun play in committing this atrocity?  Mortal mind (and keep in mind what mortal mind is [not]), decided to choose a weapon with which to carry out its motive to destroy and kill.  So let us ask, “would the elimination of one of the many choices of a method of destruction erase the motive to kill and destroy?  Did the presence of a tool with which to kill influence that mortal mind to kill?  Does the gun, or any material weapon, possess a mentality that somehow transmits itself to mortal mind, which is dead set on destroying and killing?”

The scientific statement of being assures us that “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter.  All in infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all”

So, is God All-in-all to you, the Christian Scientist?  Or is the inversion of your real identity ready to entertain the notion that a material thing called gun can exert its evil influence upon you or anyone else, making them inclined to kill?  Are we Christian Scientists going to allow a false belief in a lying mental suggestion which seemingly operates on our fellow man and animates him to commit an atrocity?  Similarly, are we Christian Scientists going to allow a false belief in the supposed evil of a material object, gun, which exerts influence over the image and likeness of God, man?

As Christian Scientists, it is our duty to deny such suggestions.  In The Manual in Article VIII Section 6 we are told  “It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.”  Is not the suggestion that evil resides in a material object called a gun an aggressive mental suggestion?  Is not the suggestion that God’s man is susceptible to and commits evil acts of destruction an aggressive mental suggestion?  Is not to believe these lies an affront to God and to mankind?  To assign influential power to the gun, or to the man, is to allow the suggestion of the valid empowerment of evil.  Evil is nothingness, the shadow of reality, and as such it can neither empower man nor a material object.

It is only and always the evil suggestions entertained in the false identity called mortal man which is responsible for the appearance of any supposed evil occurrence in our lives.  In proportion as we disarm evil by the conscious affirmation of man’s identity as the very consciousness of God, do we eliminate evil.

I politely invite a challenge to the logic in any of the above statements, for as a practicing Christian Scientist, I seek not to forward a human opinion, but the absolute Truth which brings healing to human experience.  I am therefore open to corrections in logic.



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