How Do We Heal Spiritually?

Christian Science teaches us to absorb and to live the understanding that there is only one divine consciousness.  This means that, contrary to our human education, there are not minds many, each one supposedly thinking and acting on their own, and somehow, in some unexplained way, deriving their intelligence from God.  There is only one consciousness, the consciousness of divine Mind, which is infinitely individually expressed as generic man.  Generic man is not many men, but is the sum total of the infinitude of the representation of the individuality all of God’s ideas, seen consciously as man.  Each of us lives that same divine consciousness of the same Mind  — as one of Mind’s individualizations.  In the divine sense, we are not separated at all  –  we are, rather, individually conscious via the one divine consciousness.

It takes only one individual, being completely conscious of perfection as this perfect individualized generic man, to heal any imposition of error.  The imposition of error does not belong to anyone.  When we pray for another, when we administer Christian Science treatment, we do not treat the thought of the patient, rather we treat the imposition of mortal mind.  Just as there is only one Mind, likewise is there only one false concept called mortal mind, which is said to entertain false, negative, supposed inversions of Truth.  It is the mental negation, the inversion of the one immortal Mind.  There are not mortal minds many, said to belong  to various separated individuals and supporting personal errors.  Error is impersonal.   Because there is no separation of individuals in consciousness, there are likewise not separate mortal minds.  Mortal mind is a false lying concept, not a substantial entity.  Thus, we treat mortal mind, not the mind of the patient, by stripping it of its pretensions.  How do we do this?  By being and living and breathing our spiritual Christ identity, the I AM, which is the very consciousness of God Himself.  When we do this, with no trace of belief in the impositions of error, such impositions are lifted.  When we are praying for another along these lines and we see clearly that the imposition is lifted, the receptive patient  experiences the presence of perfection, which  appears humanly as healing.

One might ask:  “Why does the healing effect appear to be manifest only upon the individual for whom the treatment is being applied?  If a patient is suffering from a fatal disease and it is lifted by such prayer, why then is not that fatal disease not removed from all of mankind? “   It is because there is a universal belief in many mortal consciousnesses.  The imposition has only been lifted from the individual who is prepared to relinquish his false beliefs.  This is why Jesus did not heal every single person he encountered, and it is why he always asked the sufferer if he were willing to be healed, or if he truly believed that he could bring about the healing.  Those who were not mentally prepared to be healed would be less likely to have been receptive to Jesus’ healing thought.

A classroom example is a good analogy.  Imagine a teacher in a classroom teaching abstract mathematics.  Only a small proportion of the class will easily and quickly grasp the complexities of mathematics presented by the teacher.  Some may seem never to understand, regardless of the quality of the teaching. Yet, every student in the class is equally capable of comprehension.  Why are some not capable?  Those who understand are receptive.  They are striving to understand, and they believe themselves capable of so doing.  Those who fail are ether looking out the window and do not care, or they have already decided that they are incapable of grasping the new ideas and inwittinglt resigned themselves to failure.   The same behavior will be found true regarding the healing of, for example cancer.  The receptive patient understands the truths made apparent to him through his realization of his natural divine consciousness, and he experiences healing.   Like the inattentive students, those sick who are either convinced that mental factors have nothing to do with their health, or who are simply not interested in this subject, are completely unaffected by the work of the Christian Science healer.



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  1. Stirling, in the case of those who are either unconvinced or uninterested, of course we do not pray for them without their permission (which they would probably give with equal lack of interest anyway!). But it is right, isn’t it, to pray for our own thought, to know that we are not taken in by the claim that there’s a mind unreceptive to God?

    • Ye, Erin, thank you for bringing out that perspective. This is a point which I described only with respect to the patient, and I failed to bring it out clearly with respect to the rest of the inattentive mortal world.

      We only manifest in experience our own beliefs. The non-receptive person, whom we know to be impossible in Truth, is presented to us in human consciousness for a good and valid reason. First we must know and understand the invalidity of that claim. What we are seeing is not an actual non-receptive person. Then we must know and understand that what we are seeing is only the presentation of God’s man in a reversed, erroneeous, suppositional context, and in seeing that illusion we are presented with the world’s acceptance of it. We must not take part in that.

      As each apparently inattentive or unwilling individual also becomes willing to reject that illusion, such as our patient is willing, then the claim vanishes from all sight. But, as long as an individual does not reject it and does not desire to do so, we will continue to see a representation of his false acceptance of it. Our continuous job is to un-see that lie for what it is, at the only place over which we have control, namely, at the door of our own individual consciousness. That door is the window to the one complete divine consciousness.

      Such correct seeing is not at all an individual intrusion. it is simply the rejection of a claim of mortal mind. It is in fact the very basis of healing to affirm that there is no man who is non-receptive, patient or not. One individual, the practitioner, realizing that truth for the receptive individual, as well as for himself, is all it takes. The truth is not owned by anyone, And error is not owned by anyone because,neither is mortal mind personal.

      Healing is the action of Mind being demonstrated over the supposed and invalid lies entertained in mortal mind. The error of belief of a non-receptive individual does not belong to anyone, neither practitioner or patient. ALL error, most especially the error of acceptance of the existence of a mortal person, must be stopped inits tracks at the door of our own individual consciousness. Maybe I repeated myself there. There is error treated and mortal mind handled, as there is no place or thing to be handled. There is no person, place, or thing. Only consciousness.

      If that discussion muddied any waters or seems to contain any metaphysical point overlooked or mis-seen, please do comment!

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