His Resurrection Should be our Resurrection

Jesus’ resurrection proved that we can be what we aspire to be if that desire is a lofty one. No human will power is involved. On the contrary, a desire to rid ourselves entirely of  human will, of the false objective view that we are influenced by powers not subject to God’s omnipotent principle and love, as Jesus perfectly showed, is necessary. We have only to be what is natural; to replace human will with divine will, as Jesus also did every conscious moment of his human life and in his three days in the sepulchre; like Jesus, we are to put off the old man, to shed him completely, and to put on the new man, and to become our inherent spiritual identity, the Christ-man. The world wants us to deny this and to make this impossible for us. The world also believed that it could deny Jesus of his life, but  he proved by his own resurrection that the world is not power, and that Love is the master of hatred and injustice. Our own lofty personal aspirations also rightfully seek after our natural and real state of perfection and completion: they seek to experience, as Jesus proved, the fact that we are the effect of God’s perfect cause. Thus we naturally aspire to BE the perfect man of God’s creating. Thus we rightfully seek to emulate Christ.

By seeing that we can only be present in the infinitely subjective realm of goodness, the perfect realm and kingdom of God, which excludes all unlike good, we will necessarily also see that residing outside of that realm can only be only an illusory state. Our mortal thought views experience falsely and objectively, insisting that this is where we are. But it lies.  True existence and consciousness can only reside within the all-inclusive and subjective viewpoint of God.  Jesus’ resurrection was the ultimate proof that there is no necessity to conform to, or even the possibility of conformance to, the world’s insistence on imperfection, chaos, hatred, etc. The understanding that God is  infinite presence and omnipotent goodness renders imperfection and hatred invalid.  Jesus’ perfect perception of his oneness with the Father brought this realization to all of human consciousness, and all then beheld the risen Savior, the victor over evil. He thus proved that that which opposes God cannot reside withing God’s own completely and subjective realm of perfection, for in what place could evil reside when excluded by the Allness of goodness?! There is therefore no objectivity;  in other words, nothing in our experience which is not subject to omnipotent God, though human objective thought believes and testifies otherwise There is only perfect God, perfect man, and his perfect universe! Everything else making a claim to existence is an imposter! As this becomes apparent we can and will see present perfection and completion in others under all circumstances. Occasionally, our friends will recognize this in us, and we should also notice their noticing. Thoreau said:

“We are sometimes made aware of kindness long passed, and realize that there have been times when our friend’s thoughts of us were of so pure and lofty a character that they passed over us like the winds of heaven unnoticed; when they treated us not as what we were, but as what we aspired to be.”

Happy Easter.


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