Interesting Current Events in the Realm of Spirituality

What does God’s compassion for creation mean for you? Jeff Wilburn explains a revolutionary new view of money that can be proved in our everyday experience. Unseen divine laws have now been summarized, bringing supply in new and exciting forms.  Here is a link to his inspirational new book, “Money – A Sign of God’s Love.  God’s Abundant Supply for Every Need – Explained

The story of the recovery of Representative  Gabby Giffords  of Arizona has everything to do with spiritual attitude and altitude – a realization of the unity of man and God.

Read how a near death experience revealed the reality of Spirit and a real heavenly dimension of existence, and brought about complete healing to a terminally diagnosed cancer patient, Anita Moorjani.

Though she does not come from a Christian background, a video interview with Anita Moorjaniconfirms that she experienced spiritual reality firsthand from the perspective of many contemporary Christian healers.  This experience is inspirational! A second interview with Anita by Bob Olson of After-Life TV, reveals more of Anita’s new understanding of reality. They are all worth watching and listening to with an open mind.  For another third party commentary, see

The author’s view on cases such as that of Anita Moorjani , the Lester Levenson case outlined on Miraclemama, and similar cases are discussed from the standpoint of Christian Science in the blog tab of this website.

View some other personal life stories from those who have been helped and healed through Christian Science.

Christian Science Practitioner and Lecturer Mark Swinney presented a public lecture  for us here in West Plains in June 2012.  Be sure to visit his website!

Visit the website of Dr. Ian Ellis-Jones, called Living Mindfully Now,  for some interesting Christian Science -friendly metaphysical insights.

Bible Study Resources

The following links are just a few of many convenient online Bible concordances and parallel translations of The Bible, essential to finding true spiritual insights and deeper inspirations in Scriptural study.


 Christian Science Practitioner Listings


Spiritual Healing and Christian Science Links

Read some frequently asked questions about Christian Science from the Missouri Committee on Publication.

What does Christian Science say about Jesus and the Trinity ?


You might also enjoy browsing through the following links for general information and inspiration. is a practical Christian Science blog is filled with inspirational resources is our own personal spiritual blog. is another spiritual blog managed by my wife is yet another blog managed by my wife

Miscellaneous Links

If you enjoy inspirational poetry you will surely enjoy this independent site.

SoberNation is a website dedicated to helping people overcome substance abuse and addiction issues.  This practice listed there.  I also will be providing articles there on the subject of prayer as it relates to the healing of addictions.

First Church of Christ, Scientist Athens, GA has a very nice website.  Give them a visit.

This is an interesting blog as well:




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  1. Hi Stirling,

    Thank you for mentioning Miracle Mama on this page. We need to help spread the word when we hear miracle stories from people like Anita Moorjani. By the way, did you have a chance to read, The Miracle of Lester Levenson on my blog. Lester’s story further confirms Anita’s experience and Lester was not in a coma when he had his experience. I’ve heard others who report a similar consciousness. People need to know this stuff. I’m so happy Anita’s book was published.

    Talk soon,

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