Hate Groups Denounced and Defeated – Call to Action

Just this morning I learned about the planned presence of the Westboro Baptist Church  at a funeral of a fallen soldier, to be held at Pentecostal Holiness in Licking, MO on April 14, 2012.

The date of this post is April 13th.  Would anyone be interested in holding an impromptu prayer meeting at a to be determined place somewhere here in south central Missouri to address this subject in prayer on Saturday morning, April 14th, the day of the funeral? Or this evening? I would be happy to open the meeting with the following, and invite other concerned Christians to join in and to participate in carrying out the defeat of evil. Please contact me by PM on Facebook if you are interested or can donate an appropriate central meeting place.

Effective prayer involves deep mental confirmation of God’s all-presence, all-power, and all-goodness. As Christians, we each  can do this, and we can all defeat every attempt of evil to stir up hatred. Hatred, as Jesus so many times proved, is powerless in the face of the recognition of God’s love. The affirmation of God’s infinitely powerful love brings our natural harmony to human experience. It dispels the myths of evil until they literally melt from our lives. In this mental light, let us affirm some related facts about God upon which all (true) Christians should agree (hate groups excluded!).

God is good, God is Love, God is omnipresent, and God is omnipotent. Good, love, IS the very foundation of our being. God, good, love, is all-powerful.
ALL POWERFUL! Contemplate this. NOT partly powerful and not with any exceptions! There exists therefore nothing to even stand in the way of Love, Christ. When we insist that there can be a second power named evil, either sanctioned by God, or that God somehow “allows” evil, this admission indicates that evil has successfully accomplished its goal of persuading man to believe evil’s own lie. Evil’s lie is that omnipotent God can have an opponent, such as a hate group. The only author of this lie must also be a liar. Would not the very presence of an opponent to God remove the truth that God cannot be opposed? Would not the presence of an opponent to God REMOVE the meaning of the word “omnipotent”? God is ALL and omnipotent, and therefore the supposed opponent IS powerless! Our job in prayer is to realize this fact and bring it to fruition.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Ex 20). Let us take care not to accidentally treat evil, represented by a hate group, as a god by believing it to have some power which it does not possess. One may ask “What is evil, or the devil? Why is this hate group powerful and stirring up hatred, if evil is really nothing? What is this thing calling itself evil?”

The opponent, called evil, the devil, Jesus clearly told us is “a liar and the father of it”. The father, the origin of the lie which the devil tells, is in Jesus’ own words, also a LIE. Therefore, according to Jesus himself, evil is pure deception, pure delusion, a lie and a liar. God is not and cannot be the author of deception, the author of hatred, or of anything which is the opposite of His own loving and all-powerful nature. Jesus taught us in this statement about evil, that the source of what feels like evil, is lying to us! We must not believe the lie. The presence of this hate group, is, in God’s eyes, actually only a deceptive lie about God’s perfect children.

Within God’s kingdom of goodness, nothing unlike God exists against which to fight. The battle with evil has already been won there. We are assured in the book of Revelation that in the kingdom of God, the angels of Satan have already been cast to earth, into the vacuum of nothingness. This battle appears to be one happening in Licking, Missouri. Is this really where it is taking place? Spiritually viewed, this is not a battle with an external force of evil in a physical place, but a spirutal battle which has already been won in the kingdom of God. It is a humanly mentally internal battle which each of us must fight mentally through prayer. We each can each cast the angels of Satan out of our OWN consciousness and thus find the kingdom within us. When we each find and confirm our presence in the kingdom of God, which Jesus assured us resides within us, we can then be assured of being in that realm in which no evil resides. We are then assured of our isolation from evil, and of the isolation of all other men from evil. The battle with evil takes place in man’s own thought – not in the kingdom of God, and not on the parking lot at Pentecostal Holiness Church in Licking, Missouri.


God includes us in a realm separate from the earth, a separate, spiritual, and all-inclusive infinite environment of protective love, isolating us from all which is unlike Him. This is where we must remember we are truly residing. Our weapon is omnipotent God, goodness. We fight evil by mentally putting on the impervious armor of God, knowing and declaring Him to be ALL, in heartfelt prayer and gratitude for all His good, and by affirmation of His omnipotent goodness. Such prayer brings the realization that there is not really an opponent! The opponent is only the lie, and a lie is never sanctioned by, nor originated in, God. We have only to have faith and to understand the truth that God is indeed ALL – Not ALL sometimes, or with exceptions to certain rules, but always, omnipotent, and exclusive of evil.

We might still insist that evil stands on its own. We might ask, “If this is true , then why does evil continue to influence or effect us, even when we admit the truth of this proposition of evil’s nothingness?” As Jesus told his disciples when they failed to cast out a demon, it is “because of (y)our unbelief”. If we are to feel the all-powerful and loving influence of God’s omnipotent love in our lives, we cannot entertain the slightest conviction of a secondary power, or the slightest fear that there exists a power named evil contrary to good. Our mental recognition of evil is the result of human fear, doubt, weak faith, and a lack of understanding and acknowledgement that God, Love, comprises ALL of existence. We experience exactly what we believe in. So, let us choose to believe in an omnipotent God!
In God’s eyes, there is no hate group. There is, to God, no “Westboro Baptist Church” practicing hatred. Let us then, stand with God, manifesting His innate omnipotence in human experience. As His image and likeness, His children, we reflect and can wield that very same omnipotent goodness. This is our divine right! Hate resides only in an empty realm of thought, in a mental vacuum, and is not included in God’s ALL-inclusive infinity. Where could such an empty realm reside where all space is filled with goodness? Only in a fancied mental environment, made only seemingly real by the fact that we experience as humans only what we believe and expect. So, again, let us then choose to expect only good, and believe only the Truth – that God is omnipotent!

Let us remember the words of Psalms 139:

Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.
If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.
If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.
Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.

While remembering that God’s Love is all that is present, let us also recall the words of I John 4:18

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

We are surrounded by Love. No one need fear a hate group, for it has no foundation. Spiritually viewed, it resides in an empty mental vacuum. Evil’s assumed power is only self-assigned, and that selfhood is a liar. We each can remove evils’ supposed influence now, by earnestly praying to acknowledge God’s omnipotent goodness



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2 comments on “Hate Groups Denounced and Defeated – Call to Action

  1. Yes and really, so what? God cteared us with freewill and with freewill there is complete freedom. What other argument do you want? No matter how hard you try or how difficult this is to swallow that is the way it is. We, the creation, can determine what is good or bad for us and we can also discover what is good or bad by the laws God put into place. We, as unique individual self concious beings have the free gift of being individual self counsious beings with free will. That’s very cool! Last comment. Why do you think God must adhere to your definition of good? Who is the creator here? You can rationalize it until you are blue in the face but in the end God is God and you are not. Live with it or choose to live without it. With either choice, you will forever live with it or forever live without it.My rational mind.

    • Thank you for your comment. I must politely but vehemently disagree. That is not my understanding of God and being at all. “The starting point of divine Science is that God is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, –that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle” (Mary Baker Eddy). Perhaps you start from a different starting point. But this is mine. God is Love, and God is omnipotent. That rules out the validity of choosing evil. Period. That’s omnipotence by definition. Here I paraphrase your very question “What other argument do you want?” In my understanding, with which you disagree and misunderstand, there is NOT a free will to choose evil. There is ONLY the freedom to BE God’s creation which MUST reflect His love in an infinitude of ways. Therefore I choose, through the power of the only free will I have, to obey God and God only, to denounce evil and to defeat it by treating it as the powerless nothing that it is, thereby disposing of it. We, the creation, cannot CHOOSE to define what is good and evil. The Creator, God does this, not His creation. What is unlike Him, is evil. Period. And evil is invalid because it cannot stand within His infinite kingdom. His choice is that simple and principled.

      We try repeatedly, as fallen mortal men, to choose what is good and bad for ourselves. But it never works, because that is God’s job, not our own job. Our job is to BE what God does and what God creates – goodness. We must stop acting as the fallen mortal man if we would feel the influence of God in our own life. The creation only reflects the omnipotent Creators action, and has no capability of independent action and thought, contrary in nature to its own source.

      Do rays of light have the “choice” to decide to become darkness after they have been created by the sun? Of course not! They are rays of light forever, travelling through the universe in eternity. Then can God shine forth glorious man, which in turn decides to become evil fallen man? Of course not! Man continues being the perfect image and likeness of His creator in eternity, in spit of what human sense evidences. That which is contrary to God exists only in the realm of fable. It is evil, and we treat evil with the respect it deserves – namely, none. God is the source of all true and valid eternal thought, which fills all possible space for eternity. There exists only the free will to express God and His love. A freedom to choose evil is imaginary and contrary to the very nature of God, omnipotent goodness. Man reflects the Mind of God, spiritually. Your spiritual identity, just as your reflection in a mirror cannot decide to do whatever it wants to, but must mimic your actions, does exactly what God does. It does this in a spiritual realm, invisible to your mortal senses. God’s actions are perfect and loving. The actions of evil are unknown to infinite eternal God, because they are opposite in nature to God. On account of God’s omnipotence, they are simply invalid, having therefore only an imagined entity.

      Your last point. “God is God and you are not” is RIGHT ON, because it is EXACTLY the entire point of Christian Science. Our little mortal ego thinks it can choose evil. But it is a pretending liar, and does not represent God’s man. Our real Ego is the Mind of God, comprised only of, and motivated only by Love. As you also pointed out, God does not and cannot adhere to OUR definition of good. God can only be what God is. Period. Pure goodness and pure Love. If you would like to include evil in your definition of God, then you will have just broken your won guideline – you would be adding things to the nature of goodness which are not there, and thereby insisting that God adhere to YOUR definition of goodness. This is not possible.

      Thank you again for your thoughts.

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